Back to school is swiftly coming around the corner, and we are here to share what fashion trends you should hop. Fill your new school year wardrobe with the latest trends. These trending goodies will definitely add some excitement to your back to school season.

Whether you gravitate towards pastels, the boho chic look or the clean girl aesthetic, there is absolutely a trend for you. One that has you feeling good, looking good, and ready to conquer back to school season.

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White Platform Sneakers

Something that is a must whether you are entering middle school, high school or college is a comfortable as well as super cute pair of shoes. Preferably something that looks good with any outfit and can work for almost any occasion.

Bags and Totes

Now that you have something to walk around campus with, let’s add a bag so that you can carry those books, pencils, pens, iPads, MacBooks and all of the above. Depending on what you carry on a daily basis the size of the bag you need may vary but the cuteness factor will not. Tote bags are definitely the move these days. You can go for more of a luxury look or an earthy vibe but regardless a tote is a must.


A trend that has been zooming through the social media world, that we can absolutely bring into to those first months of school is knits. Florals, pastels, and bring colors all alike.

Wide Leg Pants

That’s right skinny jeans are still out and don’t seem to be coming back any time soon. Stick with the trend that is wide and straight leg pants when it comes to picking out new jeans for the school year.

Oversized Sweaters

Now for the last but certainly not least trend we will touch on today is a classic oversized sweater. No matter what season it is or how you maybe feeling about your last few weeks of summer, a hoodie is always the answer.

Back to School Outfit

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It’s that time of the year again when students go back to school.
You know what needs to happen before school starts? That’s right… SHOPPING TIME!

Are you ready to get back to school? These helpful essentials will make sure you don’t forget anything important.

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1. That Girl Bag Musts

All of your necessities call for backpacks. There are so many different colors and styles available. In these adorable journals, jot down all of your ideas, notes, to-dos, and doodles. A reusable water bottle may be both a necessity for school and a means of expression. To carry your ID and cards with you everywhere you go, a card holder wallet is perfect.

2. That Girl Class Ready

If you want to appear absolutely adorable while wearing something comfortable to class, this outfit is ideal!

3. That Girl Pencil Case

You might find your standard school materials, including pens and pencils, within your pencil case. There is nothing better than using a slick ballpoint pen or a recently sharpened pencil to write on paper. Keep hand sanitizer in your bag so you can clean your hands (and the hands of your pals) when necessary. In addition to your colored post-it notes, highlighters will be useful if you choose to take notes.

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You’ll definitely have a tote bag packed with all of your necessities wherever you go out on a sunny summer day, but how can you pack your beach bag like a pro? Don‚Äôt worry, the Chirpyest team and I have you covered. To have the PERFECT beach or pool day, we’ve listed and included everything you need plus everything you didn’t realize you needed.

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1. The Bag

2. Beauty Bag Essentials

You can locate your necessities more quickly when you need them with a clear makeup organizer. You could use some leave-in conditioner and a detangling hair brush to freshen up after diving in for a swim. Most importantly, sunscreen for your body, face, and even lips!

3. Cover Ups

4. More Bag Essentials

Here are a few other necessities you could consider for the ideal summer day. What is better than relaxing with a good book on your brand-new towel? If you don’t like to read, you can use an airpods and bluetooth speaker to listen to music or podcasts. Use an insulated water bottle to ensure that you stay hydrated and stay energized throughout the day.

5. Hats

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One of the hottest luxury companies to shop from right now is Farfetch. Farfetch is a luxury retail platform that sells products from over 700 companies. This company one of the best ways to get your hands on some of the stylish luxury finds without leaving the comfort of your home. And Chirpyest can give cash back for shopping at a company that you were already going to shop at. You can use these simple steps to get cash back for shopping at your favorite stores.

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Step 1

Add Chirpyest extension to your browser.


Step 2

Once you have successfully added the Chirpyest to your computer, it will direct you back to Chirpyest’s webiste were you can join for free.


Step 3

After you’ve joined for free all you need to do is add your profile pic name and username to complete your account set-up.

Step 4

On Chirpyest’s site you can go under brands and look for any of our 850 brands.


Step 5

After you click on Farfetch, it will automaticaly take to their website where it will tell you that shopping at Farfetch you will get 6.5% cash back from anything on their site.

Step 6

Farfetch has a yellow Dolce & Gabbana long sleeve dress that would be a great statement piece for the summer.

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Tory Burch is a company we love. Especially as retro-style is the new hip, they don’t disappoint! Who said having style had to be boring? With a sweet retro style, you can have unlimited staples to feel and look your best, and save money! From classy white clothes to chic sunglasses for beautiful sunny days. There’s nothing like a blast from the past and we have stunning sportswear within the Tory Burch collection and more!

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Sweet Skirts

Tory Burch has some retro-style musts, such as these amazing tennis skirts! Whether wearing these skirts to play tennis for a sweet day out, we believe a classy white or a pop of color can glamorize any casual day outfit.

Beautiful Tops

Here we have what we call our preppy, yet fashionable top that’s perfect for any workout outfit! From a luxury inspired brand, to a beautiful dupe right next to it we adore the way it looks.

Stunning Sunglasses

You can never have to many shades and we love these so much! Stylish, yet chic, we know you’ll draw the best attention when out and about! Not only will you keep the haters, but you’re blues too! These are just the right touch to spark the final glow to any dream look your desire.

Inspo Board

Want a stunning fit after a sweet workout? Nothing says style like in a retro point of view! We love the latest trends, and with the fun inspirations, you can put a twist to make them unique to you! Where there’s beauty, there’s style, and what better way to express yourself than through your favorite outfits.

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It’s brunch time!

The term “brunch” is a combined word of breakfast and lunch together. To assemble that perfect brunch outfits it is important to remember to stay comfortable, yet fashionable! Shopping for those incredible pieces to create your best stylish look for your next brunch date.

We’ve created 4 different looks to style around your favorite brunch drink!

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Mimosa Babe

You’re as classy as they come!

You love to socialize, spend your day in the presence of others, and love seeing the brighter side of any situation. You’ll need a classic day look and minimalist accessories to pair the look with.

Top | Bag | Sandals | Earrings | Pants

+ 2% cash back at Nordstrom Rack with Chirpyest

Peach Bellini Diva

You know the true meaning of wine and dine!

You love to take a new approach when it comes to a brunch date. Ordering wine at brunch can let others know that you’re living that lavish life. Here is a chic and elegant look to showcase your outing.

Dress | Earrings | Bag | Sandals

+ 7.5% cash back at shopbop with Chirpyest

Bloody Mary Baddie

Providing spice and everything nice!

You own all the power to you for being so bold and unique! You are considered the sarcastic individual that everyone needs in their lives. With an eye for experience, you need the biggest and baddest statement pieces to complete your look.

Dress | Sunglasses Bag | Sandals

+ 2.5% cash back at lulus with Chirpyest

Sunrise Tequila Gal

Fun, Flirty, and Thriving!

You are the one with the most daring personality. You love to take any risk and give it your best shot, regardless of the outcome. A pretty well-rounded gal needs to be paired with the cutest color block outfits.

Top | Skirt | Earrings | Bag | Sandals

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One of the biggest sale events of the year is here! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Woohoo! Who doesn’t love saving money on trending designer items and high-end makeup? Before you start shopping, we wanted to remind you to activate the Chirpyest browser extension. You can earn 3.5% cash back from Nordstrom while you shop the sale. That means EXTRA savings!

The sale doesn’t officially start until July 15th. However, their early access sale is going on right now. Start shopping before your favorite items are sold out!

The browser extension is the quickest and easiest way to earn cash back. Our chirpyest extension will automatically alert you if cash back is available! Make sure you’re a member to add the browser extension. Click here to add the browser extension to your desktop.

How to Add the Browser Extension?

Jeans 1 | Jeans 2 | Leggings
Sneaker | Slipper | Boot
SPF Kit | Lip Kit | Blush Set

Make sure you activate Chirpyest while you’re shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. You can earn 3.5% cash back from your total cart at Nordstrom. Trust me…the cash back adds up quickly! If you’re not already a member, then join here.¬†

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You need to jump on this hottest trend – hot girl walk!

If you’re not already familiar with the “Hot Girl Walk” from TikTok, it is a unique fitness creation, created by influencer Mia Lind (@exactlyliketheothergirls). The walk itself has a combination of positive thinking, doing, and feeling HOT!

It is a great way to improve your intake on fitness and self-esteem, and we have the perfect outfits for your Hot Girl Walk. Not only should you walk the walk, but you should feel yourself while looking stylish.

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Bring the Flare!

Add in some cute movement into your outfit! This will totally give you that Hot Girl look into your walk with the movement of the dress.

Dress | Bag | Shoes

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Green means GO!

You can include positive colors into your walk as well. Wearing the color green can motivate you to keep on walking and do not stop! This look includes the perfect comfort to push through.

Bra | Shorts | ShoesBag

+ 2.5% cash back at Athleta with Chirpyest

Wild with Spirit!

Choose your spirit animal and drive your walk with the wild side!

hot girl walk

Bra | Shorts | ShoesHat

+ 2.5% cash back at Lorna Jane with Chirpyest

+ 1.5% cash back at Nike with Chirpyest

Comfy, Supreme, & Eco-friendly!

Take your Hot Girl Walk to the next level, and shop from a sustainable brand that has a their own environment rating; ‘it’s a start’.

Allbirds includes eco-friendly materials into their products.

hot girl walk

Bra | Leggings | Hat | Bag | Shoes

+ 7.5% cash back at Allbirds with Chirpyest

+ 5% cash back at Adidas with Chirpyest

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Let’s talk summer fashion – luxury vs. dupes. Does luxurious mean better quality and care? Or did we find dupes that suffice? Summer is here and we are ready to help your wardrobe and these summer fashion finds that are sure to make your amazing in the summer sun.

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Maxi Dress

We love a cute and casual maxi dress for the summer. Dress it up for dinner or down for the beach. Check out this pink cut out dress and it’s nearly identical dupe.

Rattan Slides

Rattan is perfect for the summertime, especially when it comes to slide sandals. Would you splurge on the Tory Burch pair? Or would you still feel perfectly beachy in a cheaper pair?

Statement Earrings

Summertime accessories are always colorful. Having a bold statement earring is a must this season – do you think a higher price means higher quality?

Oversized Sunglasses

Block those harsh UV rays with a pair of oversized sunglasses. Do you prefer designer? Or are you someone who is constantly misplacing your sunnies and like a cheaper pair?

Bright Bathing Suit

Stand out this season with a bright bathing, we have been loving all things pink this summer for a fun and feminine feel.

Shoulder Bag

Tiny shoulder bags are back in style and trending. Do you like designer or think almost identical dupes serve the same purpose?

Want to see more luxury vs. dupes? Click here.

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Here are 77 fashion and home online sales that we can’t stop chirping about this week! It’s the peak of summer, which means it’s never too let to discover new summer finds. Check out fashion sales this week at FarFetch, Old Navy, Target, and more! Shop fashion and home online sales below.

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CHIRPYESTup to an additional 15% cash backN/ANowNever
Boutique RugsFourth of July Sale: up to 80% off plus take an additional 10% with codeFOURTH106/13/227/8/22
Rugs DirectSummer Sizzle Sale! 65% Off!N/A7/7/227/8/22
FarfetchTake an Extra 15% OffN/A7/4/227/8/22
Revolve20% Off SitewideSUMMER207/4/227/8/22
Columbia SportswearUp to 60% off Original PriceFLASH607/7/227/8/22
Old Navy2 Days Only! $8 Jeans for Kids & ToddlerN/A7/8/227/9/22
CVSBuy One, Get One 40% Off Select Neutrogena and Aveeno Facial ProductsN/A7/3/227/9/22
CVSBuy 1, Get One 50% Off Select Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic Suncare ProductsN/A7/3/227/9/22
Zulily15% off on orders of $50+N/A7/8/227/9/22
SSenseTake up to 50% off coveted brands from our Home categoryN/A6/28/227/10/22
Ulla Popken30% off topsjuly22tops7/7/227/10/22
MaisonetteShop up to 50% Off Brands like Maison Me, Angel Dear, Classic Prep & BabyfaceN/A6/29/227/10/22
Yankee Candle30% Off All Full Priced Items!N/A7/7/227/10/22
Yankee CandleBuy 2 Get 3 FREE Original, Signature Collection, and Well Living Collection Large CandlesN/A7/7/227/10/22
TargetSave 25% on college home essentials!N/A7/3/227/10/22
Belk65% off on LuggageN/A7/5/227/10/22
Belk55% off on Home Fragrance/CandlesN/A7/5/227/10/22
OXOSelect Grilling Tools – 20% OffN/A5/22/227/10/22
Mattress FirmPurple Save up to $500 on a Purple adjustable mattress setsN/A6/23/227/11/22
Mattress Firm15% off Purple sheets, pillows and protectorsN/A6/23/227/11/22
CasperUp to $600 off mattresses, plus additional savingsN/A6/24/227/11/22
LeesaUp to $700 Off Mattresses + 2 Free Down Alternative Pillows + 20% Off Sheets + PillowcasesN/A6/28/227/11/22
Rugs DirectSuper Sunny Deals! 75% Off!N/A7/9/227/11/22
FrontgateSave Up to 30% SitewideN/A7/8/227/11/22
Forever 21Weekend Steals: Quilted Jacket 50% OffN/A7/7/227/11/22
Ashley Stewart30% Off Full Price ItemsN/A7/11/227/11/22
Vineyard VinesTake up to 50% off all sale stylesWOAS227/8/227/11/22
Mattress FirmSealy Save up to $200 on select Sealy mattresses + $200 Instant GiftN/A6/21/227/12/22
Mattress FirmStearns & Foster Save $400 on select Stearns & Foster Mattresses + $200 Instant GiftN/A6/21/227/12/22
Mattress FirmSave up to $500 on select mattresses (Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Sterns & Foster)N/A6/21/227/12/22
Mattress FirmBundle & Save Bedding Essentials 20% off 2, 30% off 3, 40% off 4+N/A6/15/227/12/22
Peet’s CoffeeMix & Match – 30% off 3 items or more + Free ShippingMIXITUP7/11/227/12/22
The Home DepotUp to 35% Off Select Vacuums & AppliancesN/A7/12/227/12/22
Blinds.comUp to 40% Off SitewideN/A7/6/227/12/22
The Home DepotUp to 35% Off Select Interior FurnitureN/A6/23/227/13/22
The Home DepotUp to 40% Off Select Mattress ToppersN/A6/23/227/13/22
The Home DepotUp to 25% Off Select Decorative ShelvesN/A6/23/227/13/22
The Home DepotUp to 25% Off Select Artificial PlantsN/A6/23/227/13/22
The Home DepotUp to 35% Off Select Small Kitchen AppliancesN/A6/23/227/13/22
MaytagRanges – Up to $500 OffN/A6/16/227/13/22
MaytagWashers – Up to $300 OffN/A6/16/227/13/22
MaytagDryers – Up to $300 OffN/A6/16/227/13/22
Rugs DirectRug Day – One Day Only! 80% Off!N/A7/12/227/13/22
Murad Skin CareSave 20% off Sitewide!N/A7/12/227/13/22
Petco20% Off Same Day Delivery Orders Over $75N/A7/8/227/13/22
PetcoUp to 50% off Gifts for Pet ParentsN/A7/8/227/13/22
PetcoBOGO 50% KONG Toys & TreatsN/A7/8/227/13/22
PetcoUp to 30% Off Aquatic Decor & SubstratesN/A7/8/227/13/22
PetcoUp to 50% Off Health & Wellness SolutionsN/A7/8/227/13/22
PetcoUp to 50% off Travel GearN/A7/8/227/13/22
PetcoUp to 50% off Dog Beds, Crates & GearN/A7/8/227/13/22
PetcoUp to 50% off Cat Beds & FurnitureN/A7/8/227/13/22
Banana RepublicUp to 50% Off Sale StylesN/A6/29/227/13/22
Banana RepublicUp to 40% Off Select Women’s and Men’s StylesN/A6/23/227/13/22
ZulilyExtra 15% off on Selected EventsN/A7/6/20227/13/2022
Ace HardwareAce Rewards Day – Online Only! 15% off select regular-priced items for Ace Rewards MembersARJUL7/12/227/13/22
Forever 21The Summer Sale 50% – 70% OffN/A7/7/227/13/22
Forever 21BOGO Free JewelryN/A7/7/227/13/22
Forever 2130% Off Dresses, Tops and JacketsN/A7/7/227/13/22
Forever 21Up to 70% Off MarkdownsN/A7/7/227/13/22
Perry Ellis48 Hour Flash Sale + Free Shipping on $50+ Or Free Expedited Shipping on $150+N/A7/12/227/13/22
ChewySave 40% on your first Chewy Autoship Order!N/A7/12/227/13/22
VistaCost20% off All Beauty and Personal Care!ALLBPC207/11/227/13/22
AdidasSave an Extra 25% Off Select Full Price + Sale ItemsSCOREBIG7/11/227/14/22
Ashley Stewart40%-50% Off Full Price ItemsN/A7/12/227/14/22
Frontgate20% Off Sitewide + Free Shipping on Orders $199+N/A7/12/227/14/22
VistaCostGet 12% OFF Your Order!AFFL127/10/227/14/22
Rugs DirectJuly Super Sale! 70% Off!N/A7/14/227/15/22
TargetSave up to 25% on Home DecorN/A7/10/227/16/22
TargetSave 25% on Target-exclusive FurnitureN/A7/10/227/16/22
FWRDSummer Sale: Get 30% Off SitewideSUMMER7/10/227/16/22
Ulla Popken20% off20summer227/11/227/17/22
Rugs DirectWeekend Flash Sale! 75% Off!N/A7/16/227/18/22
Nest Bedding20% Off all Bedding purchases!N/A6/28/227/18/22
Nest Bedding10% Off all Furniture itemsN/A6/28/227/18/22
Elizabeth Arden20% Off Any $100 Purchase + 4 Piece GiftLUXE7/5/227/18/22
KotnBuy More, Save More! Buy 2 Bath Products, Get 15% Off. Buy 3 and Get 20% OffN/A7/14/227/18/22
Chico’sSemi-Annual Sale – Up to 50% OffN/A7/10/227/18/22
FrontgateSummer Sale – Save Up to 75%N/A7/15/227/18/22

Shop fashion and home online sales with the¬†Chirpyest browser plugin¬†is free and makes it easy, by finding savings whenever you’re shopping online.

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