The final touch on a kitchen after furniture and decor are those kitchen gadgets and small appliances. Small appliances can make a huge difference when it comes to cooking creative dishes and desserts. Having the right kitchen gadgets to fit one’s personal needs can be a game changer when enjoying a kitchen.

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An air fryer has been one of the most recent kitchen item trends. But did you know you could also add a sorbet machine and an indoor garden system to your kitchen? Talk about a healthy and fun way to create meals.

7.5% Cash Back at Anthropologie

Any coffee guru should have both a french press and milk frother on their kitchen counters. Another must have in the kitchen is of course a toaster.

7.5% Cash Back at Target

Slow cookers are essential for hosting dinner parties, and a waffle maker is an absolute must have for a quick and easy breakfast the next day.

5% Cash Back at Overstock

Coffee makers and microwaves are typically standard, but a wine cooler is a luxurious add on that everyone should invest in.

3.5% Cash Back at SSENSE

Try to have gadgets or small appliances in the same color scheme to match the aesthetic of the kitchen. Having items from the same brand always help.

2.5% Cash Back at KitchenAid

What would a baker be without their mixer from KithcenAid? Other must haves are an espresso machine and kettle for coffee and tea lovers to pair with those baked goods.

Want to see more kitchen content? See trending Thanksgiving items for your kitchen here!

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Looking for amazing gifts for an active friend or family member? Here is our fitness, workout, and wellness gift guide. It’s that time of year and we’re all trying to decide which gift to give our loved ones. If you know any fitness and wellness gurus, this is for you. Get some inspiration for family and friends below. Plus, earn cashback shopping at brands with our Chirpyest browser extension!

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Fitness wear has become a fashion statement. As athleisure wear continues to become popular, a bold matching set or one-piece is never a bad fitness gift idea. Being versatile, you could even pair a matching set with a blazer or zip-up post-workout.

Fitness Wear

New and stylish apparel is always a go-to gift for any fitness guru. Whether for working out or just everyday athleisure wear.

Workout Sneakers

A new pair of stylish sneakers make for amazing gifts for your fitness friends!

Wellness Gifts

Wellness is all about practicing healthy habits. These gift ideas are the perfect options for the wellness guru in your life!

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Let’s save money when shopping at travel brands. Looking for a getaway or just need to update your travel bags? Containers for travel come in all shapes, sizes, and occasions. No matter where you’re going, you’re likely going to bring along some sort of mini containers for travel. Whether this is travel-sized toiletries or food or water containers, check out some of our best containers for traveling here! Shop and save on your next trip with Chirpyest. Earn cash back when shopping for suitcases or booking your flight and hotels!

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Sign Up & Add Browser Extension

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Earn Cash Back When Booking Trips

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+ 3% cash back at Travelocity

Bigger Containers for Travel – Luggage & Organizers

Save when shopping for luggage and organizers. Suitcases and travel organizers are one of the most common and obvious types of containers for travel. They can also get pretty expensive so make sure it’s good quality and earn cash back on those hefty prices.

Storage containers are one of the most convenient forms of containers for traveling. They help keep your little accessories all in one place and untangled. It’s also great for packing shoes. You wouldn’t want its dirty soles touching your clean clothes. Storage cubes are the way to go when packing for a more extended trip. Keep everything organized while you’re out enjoying your vacation. Cosmopolitan mentions various types of packing cubes you can use for traveling on many occasions. Packing cubes can be super versatile and a must-have for traveling if you like being organized.

Travel Necessities and Smaller Containers for Travel

These items would be great necessitates for travel. Lip balms and hand sanitizer sprays are essential things to bring to any trip or vacation. They’re small items that can fit into any container for traveling such as a toiletries bag. Another useful thing to also bring with you in a toiletries bag is travel-size shampoo and conditioner containers. If you’re not a fan of the shampoo and conditioner provided by hotels or Airbnbs you can totally bring your own. They are great mini containers for travel. The 3 oz. limit gets you through TSA and it is a good way to save money while also being eco-friendly according to Gravel Travel. Speaking of mini containers for travel, bringing along a little baby snack container can be pretty helpful. If you’re out for the whole day, you might get a little hungry. That’s where the mini snack containers come in handy, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of extra money on a whole meal. A water bottle is another fantastic item to bring with you when traveling. Especially a leakproof one. It helps keep you hydrated so you can relax on your trip and not have to worry about accidental spills.

Duffles & Backpack Storages for Travel

More of a light packer when traveling? Totes, duffles, and backpacks are the perfect overnight or weekend storage containers for travel. Although they are smaller in size compared to a suitcase, that doesn’t mean you still can’t pack a lot into them. Some duffle and tote bags even contain a bottom compartment for shoes and toiletries. That way your clothes will have no chances of being ruined by shoe prints or spills and leakages. Since these bags will tend to be lighter, they’ll be much more convenient to take with you for shorter trips.

Fall Travel Ideas

As autumn approaches, here are some ideas for what you can do on your trip and where you can go:

Renting out a cabin somewhere in the northeast/New England area gives major fall vibes. The leaves will be extra crispy and orange if you go during October or November. It’ll be chilly enough for sweater weather but not freezing.

Booking a hotel or renting a house in the city during the summer-to-fall transition can give you opportunities to attend many festivals. Cities such as LA or NYC hold many kinds of festivals during the summer to fall period as it is the perfect weather. to do so – it’s not too hot or cold for many people to want to stay outside.

Let us know your favorite travel brands in the comments below!

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Here is our Bloomingdale’s gift guide round up. Find that someone the perfect gift, from skincare to a cozy jacket. Plus earn 5% cash back when you shop at Bloomingdale’s. The holiday season is just around the corner. Get some gift inspiration for family, friends and loved ones below from Bloomingdale’s.

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1. Dr. Barbara Sturm Serum Discovery Set

Discover different skincare products before going all in on one item. A perfect way to introduce skin to a new brand.

2. BLANKNYC Mixed Media Moto Jacket

A jacket where cozy meets edgy. The perfect blend of comfort and style. Made with faux leather and faux fur, this jacket will pair well with both jeans and leather pants.

3. Slip Silk Pillowcase

Who wouldn’t want to sleep on a silky smooth pillowcase at night? Silk pillowcases are known to help anti-aging, fight against bed head, and overall are better for you skin and hair health.

4. Burberry Scarf

A classic pattern everyone is sure to recognize. This oversized scarf is made of soft cashmere, sure to feel warm and cozy.

5. The Lip Edit Gift Set

A fabulous set of lip products to try out before committing to one shade or formula.

6. Zadro Luxury Towel Warmer

Don’t have a heated towel rack? No worries, this towel warmer is perfect to stay warm after a nice steamy shower.

7. UGG Terri Cozy Knit Wide Leg Pants

The ultimate pair of lounge pants. This cozy pair but UGG is both comfortable and cute.

8. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540

This luxurious fragrance is chic and sophisticated. With notes of jasmine and cedar wood, it is a floral and woody blend.

9. Theory Arnauld Half Zip Merino Sweater

A classic quarter zip sweater is always something to have in a wardrobe. This one by Theory is made from wool with a ribbed collar, cuffs and hem.

10. Kodak Instant Print Camera

Small and convenient, this instant camera gives you quality photos in seconds.

11. Diptyque Baies, Figuier, Roses Candle Gift Set

One of the best home warming gifts are candle sets. This luxurious set from Diptyque is filled with fresh floral and fruity scents.

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October is the month of Breast Cancer Awareness. Let’s give back by supporting brands who are giving back to breast cancer awareness charities and research. Shop all things pink this month below.

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Adidas is partnering with both Breast Cancer Now and Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. to help raise awareness. This collection features a variety of sneakers, including footwear for both mounting biking and hiking.

Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott has been partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation since 2017, after a dear friend lost her battle with metastatic breast cancer. Shop any of these items below to support the continuous funding for the BCRF.


Revolve has curated their own pink edit page called “Powerful in Pink”. This page consists of all pink products for you to shop and wear this October. 20% of the proceeds will donated to the Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research.

Pink Accessories

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It is the last day of September, which means it’s time for a brands of the month round up. It’s time to officially transition into Fall mode. We are sharing some of our favorite brands with a focus on home appliances, skincare and more.

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Diptyque Paris

Founded by Art History experts in the 1960’s, this brand oozes such a chic and classy vibe. Their scents are exactly what you would imagine an elegant European would wear. From sweet berries to a classic floral rose, we have loved their variety of scents this past month.

Kora Organics

This clean and organic brand founded by Miranda Kerr had the perfect products to detoxify and nourish the skin. We have been on a skin kick this past month for that refreshed and healthy look.


Yes we will admit that TikTok lead us to discover the amazing beauty products at Merit. With a focus on minimalistic and clean beauty, Merit’s products are perfect for when we want to enhance our natural beauty. They have beautiful earth tone and berry shades that are perfect for this upcoming Fall season.

Our Place

Another up and coming trendy brand seen all over social media, or from Selena Gomez’s collaboration. We love their array of fun and bold colors to add to your kitchen aesthetic.


September was all about transitioning our wardrobe from Summer to Fall. Which for us meant light jackets and neutral tones. We want to neutrals and earth toned clothes this Autumn that are both stylish and comfortable.

Dress | Jacket | Jumpsuit
+ 7.5% cash back at XCVI

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Everything in your house, apartment or dorm should have a place including that stray bobby pin that is sitting on your bathroom sink or the random piece of mail you need to keep that is sitting on your kitchen counter…we are all guilty of it. My organization essentials as below and be sure to join chirpyest to earn up to 7.5% cash back at the container store + up to 30% cash back on other brands!

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Pots & Pans Organization

Pots, pans and lids are normally the cabinet you open and then everything starts falling out or everything is stacked on top of each other and it is impossible to get the item you want. There are solutions for the homeowner and renter below. I am currently using the renter option and it has become an
organization essential for me!

Spice Rack Organization

Organizing your spices will make cooking so much easier! Personally, because of space reasons I selected a turntable. I love that I am able to easily access everything I need without everything falling over as I reach to the back of the cabinet.

Pantry Organization

If I can’t see the food, I will not eat it so my biggest organization tip is making sure you can see everything in your pantry. Put the tallest items in the back and then get shorter in height from there so you can still see what is all the way in the back. Also, purchase clear containers!


Drawer Organization

Putting your items in smaller trays allows you to find items easier than if everything was placed in the drawer without any organization.

Makeup Organization

Throwing your products into a makeup bag seems like a good idea until you decide to put makeup on again. I recently purchased a Lazy Susan and I love how easy it is to find the products I need when doing my makeup.

Let us know your organizational essentials below!

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Office Inspired Outfits You Need here.

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It is officially the first day of Fall, which means it’s time to shop for all things Autumn! When you shop with the chirpyest browser extension you can earn up to 30% cash back. Who doesn’t want to make money when they shop? Our extension makes it super easy to earn cash back when you shop online for Fall.

Follow along below for our top Fall picks of the season including home, fashion and beauty.

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Fall Home Pick – Warm Toned Sofa

A bold sofa like this is sure to add character to any living room during Fall. The warm earth tone is perfect to make a statement while the curved silhouette gives a nice soft feminine look.

Emet Three Seater Sofa
+ 3.5% cash back at Soho Home

Fall Fashion Pick – Prada Loafers

It’s all about loafers this Fall season. Sporting both comfort and style, this shoe is the perfect way to make any look a little preppy and luxurious.

Fall Beauty Pick – YSL Libre

This scent is the perfect mix of luxurious vanilla, lavender and orange blossom. Wearable during the day or night, this scent gives off chic vibes that always get compliments.

How to Earn Cash Back with Chirpyest

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Search for brands like Intermix on our brands list, or shop directly from their site. Either way the chirpyest browser extension will automatically activate your cash back percentage!

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Fall Outfit Inspiration

cash back
Top | Jeans | Sunglasses | Bag | Boots
+ 5% cash back at Intermix and Farfetch

Want to see more Fall interior inspiration? Read our Fall Chair Round Up here.

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Although we would all like to spend money on luxuries, not everyone can. Not to fear, we have the ideal substitutes for some of the most sought-after luxuries. We can help you switch from designer to knockoff in the areas of clothing, beauty products, and home goods. Find all the perfect dupes you need to purchase this fall season by reading on.

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Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is great since there are so many different types to select from, and they go with everything!

Cashmere Gloves

Soft cashmere gloves are unmatched in terms of comfort, making them the top choice when it comes to luxury.


Right now, loafers are really popular, and for good reason: they’re stylish, classic, and incredibly comfy.

Leather Trench Coat

Trench coats are terrific jackets to wear in the fall because they are lightweight and ideal for layering.


Not sure the pricy tag is worth the sneakers? Not to worry because this dupe is nearly identical to the real thing.

Bottega Veneta Bag

Financially not ready for the splurge on a designer purse? Not to fear, not everyone can afford thousands on a bag. Get this look a like for a lot less but still get a trendy and stylish bag.



Has e.l.f. come out with an exact dupe to the original flawless filter? That is what people have been saying about their glow liquid filter. But try it out yourself and see if it lives up to the Hollywood filter’s hype.

Chestnut Lipstick

I think it’s safe to say that every drugstore brand has a dupe for the luxury brand shades. Need a chestnut shade for fall? These two right here will give you the perfect pout, now just decide how much you want to spend.



The “it” mirror in home design right now is the one from Anthropologie. This mirror with a vintage feel is available in a variety of sizes, from a wall hanging poster size to a huge floor mirror version.

Duvet Cover

Bedding can be controversial when it comes to saving or splurging. Do you splurge on the comfort and or name brand or can you find a nearly identical one with the same feel?

Let us know your favorite dupes for fall in the comments below!

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You wanna continue to be that girl throughout the fall? We have a great routine that you can follow to feel your total best while staying bundled up. Being “that girl” means to be fully comfortable with yourself, at your best and your worst. This routine will definitely help you feel like that girl in the fall. These products are very essential to be “that girl.”

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Book Worm

One of the best ways to get into your cozy “that girl” vibes, is by starting a good book.

+ 4% cash back at Target

Nothing Like A Good Boot

Picking the right pair of shoes is a big fall essential and Ugg is always been a “that girl” shoe for any fall routine.

+ .5% cash back at UGG

Oh, Though Smells

Home scents are also a very big essential for the fall. Everyone wants to be welcomed home to very inviting scents.

+ 5% cash back at Bloomingdale’s

Let’s Get Toasty

Fall accessories are the topping on the cake when it comes to creating a look that is comfortable but also fashionable.

+ 5% cash back at Neiman Marcus

Your Natural Glow

+ 4% cash back at Well People

Want to see Neutral Necessities? Click here!

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