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It’s officially the last day of 2022, and we are here to share what trends we predict for 2023 – along with which ones we plan to leave behind. This year a lot of trends were discovered and influenced through social media. Platforms took over the shoe game and who wasn’t wearing a mini-skirt this summer? It was also a year for comebacks from brands like Coach and Ugg.

We have asked some of our favorite creators what they think the hottest trends of 2023 will be, and what trends they plan to leave behind in 2022.

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Bethany’s 2023 Predictions

What to say hello to in 2023: “Lots of sheer outfits, big tulle silhouettes, and more Barbie pink!”

What to leave behind in 2022: “Ballet Flats”

Favorite Look of 2022

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Tiffany’s 2023 Predictions

What to say hello to in 2023: “Whether we’re into platforms or not I definitely see them being a big trend all 2023! The colors of 2023 I predict are shades of green and blue. P.S. I’m not complaining because these colors make me happy, it gives me a vacay kind of vibe and I love it!”

What to leave behind in 2022: “I’m leaving behind, but only for a bit are Skinny Jeans! Give me all the baggy denim jeans because I truly am loving them right now. I’m not saying I’ll completely throw out all my skinny jeans, but I will be moving them to the back of my closet for 2023.”

Favorite Look of 2022

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Tomar’s 2023 Predictions

What to say hello to in 2023: “A trend I am really starting to see come back are neck accessories beside necklaces (skinny scarves, rose chokers, pendant chokers) these have slowly crept their way in during 2022 but I feel like they are going to become a lot more popular in the new year!”

What to leave behind in 2022: “A trend I am leaving behind in 2022 is micro mini skirts. Personally, they are not very wearable and not very comfortable to do anything other than take pictures in.”

Favorite Look of 2022

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What are your 2023 trend predictions? Let us know in the comments!

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Ready to find out the best-selling items of this year? If you still need to re-up your wardrobe this year, here are some items you could complete it with. This year we saw a lot of popularity with chic neutral fashion pieces, along with dewy skincare and luxurious accessories. Here is our round-up of the hottest selling trends from 2022!

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These are some of the best-selling shoes of 2022. Loafers have been a go-to in shoe fashion this year along with all things platform.


From simple gold jewelry to claw clips, these accessories were must-have best sellers in 2022 and are not going out of style.

selling items
Flap Bag | Ring | Crossbody Bag | Necklace | Robe | Bow | Claw Clip | Hoops | Bucket Hat
+ up to 11.25% cash back at Anthropologie


Beauty butter is all the rage with essential skincare products being so trendy right now, and we can’t about the dewy-glass skin look everyone was trying to achieve.


This year we said goodbye to skinny jeans and hello to straight and wide-leg denim. We also can’t forget about how everything was all leather and puffer this fall and winter.

Vest | Bag | Blazer | Leather Pants | Scarf | Jeans
+ up to 9% cash back at MyTheresa

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Looking for a cookware this holiday season? Or need to surprise a friend or family with a special gift? Today’s holiday gift guide is to help inspire gift options for anything kitchen related to last you this whole season long! With kitchen silverware, to the newest pots and pans, we have come up with 11 of the best kitchen staples for the perfect last minute gifts! Follow along to find the hottest cookware to spice up your kitchen during the holidays!

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1. Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set

Have someone who just moved into a new house or apartment? Give them the gift of a nice and new cookware set to add to their kitchen.

Pots and Pans
+ 11.25% cash back at Anthropologie

2. Blender

This modern beast blender is perfect to make smoothies and shakes on the go.

Beast Blender
+ 7.5% cash back at Urban Outfitters

3. Baking Dishes

Always an essential, give the gift of sets when it comes to cookware to create a collection.

Baking Dish Set
+ 0.75% cash back at Kirklands

4. Utensil Set

Cookware can be fun, add some flare and color when it comes to your kitchen utensils.

5. Air Fryer

With so many recipes on TikTok, everyone would love an air fryer this holiday season.

Ninja Air Fryer +
11.25% cash back at Target

6. Dinnerware Set

Dinnerware sets can be something everyone wants but doesn’t want to purchase themselves. Gift this chic dinnerware set for the holidays to someone who loves to host.

7. Multi-Purpose Pan

Our Place has been trending on social media, and for good reason. This multi-purpose pan is great for cooking any meal, plus they have so many fun colors to pick from.

Always Pan
+ 7.5% cash back at Our Place

8. Hello Fresh

Give the gift of a meal delivery subscription this season. Hello Fresh is perfect for someone who loves to cook but doesn’t have the time to constantly go grocery shopping. These meals are quick, easy and delicious.

Hello Fresh Subscription
+ $15.00 cash back

9. Wellness Supplements

Another vital thing that everyone needs but doesn’t want to buy themselves. Gift these supplements from HUM to someone who loves to stay healthy and glowing.

10. Insta Cart

Another fabulous subscription for those who always have a jam packed schedule. Insta cart is perfect for busy moms or for the average dad who needs a little extra time to figure out exactly what he’s getting. All at the comfort of your own home.

Subscription to Insta Cart
+ $15.00 cash back

11. Peppermint Creamer

Tis the season for holiday flavors such as peppermint. Gift your coffee loving or protein shake obsessed friend with this fun holiday flavored creamer.

+ $10.00 cash back

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We have accumulated some of the best holiday cookbooks for you this season. There is no need to search the internet for holiday recipes this year! With these 13 holiday cookbooks, you can prepare for this year and future holidays to come! Whether baking or cooking, you can look here for holiday cookbook inspiration.

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Holiday Cookbooks

Board for 13 holiday cookbooks
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Everything you need for the perfect meal, mocktail, or holiday dessert can be found in these featured holiday cookbooks! It would not be the holidays without a yummy home-cooked meal.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Do not worry about figuring out what to cook this holiday season! These 13 holiday cookbooks are everything you need for a successful holiday meal, drink, and dessert with options for the winter and fall holiday seasons.

Kitchen Essentials

We are putting the spotlight on kitchen essentials as well! It is never too late to stock up on kitchen must-haves that you will never run out of use for.

Board for kitchen essentials
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

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This holiday season we have created a gift guide for her or to be specific, for the many different “hers” you might have in your life. Whether you are looking for a gift for your girlfriend, sister, or friend we have a guide for her so you can get her a gift tailored just for her. It doesn’t matter if she’s a fitness girlie, cool girl, beauty/fancy girl. At Chirpyest we have a specific guide to help you shop stress free!

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Fit Her

We all have a”that girl” in our life that wakes up at the crack of dawn to head to her pilates class. Or the girl who gets in her daily greens in with her beloved celery juice! If this is you or someone you are gifting, below is a perfect gift guide for her, who loves all things health, wellness, and fitness!

Cool Her

Everyone has that one girl in their life who is just too cool for school. So, this is a guide for the girl who is always ahead of fashion trends and who could look trendy even if she was in a trash bag. Check out the guide below for inspiration on what to buy for this fashion forward girl!

Beauty Her

Last but not least..this is the guide for the fancy pants girlie girls who are obsessed with everything beauty related and luxurious! Whether it is a designer bag or the new Charlotte Tilbury makeup palette, this type of girl loves it all! Below is a round up of different products you can for the best deals through Chirpyest!

Gift Guide For Her (Home)

You can never go wrong with gifting her something for her home. Think about some of her favorite spots in her house. Maybe she would enjoy a cozy blanket to read her book with. Or maybe she loves hosting parties on the weekends and would adore a new set of martini glasses! If your looking for something to wow her, below is a mood board for more inspiration!

Gift Guide for Her (Lifestyle)

Here is just a general guide for some trending products to surprise your girl with this holiday season! Whether she loves fitness, beauty, wellness, or just needs a new pair of ear warmers for this season, we found something for everyone!

Hope this “Gift Guide for Her” helped you narrow down your search for the perfect gift for the girls in your life! If you enjoyed this guide, look here for more blogs in the Chirpyest blog section!

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Shopping for that trendy friend or family member this holiday season but not sure what to get? Shop beauty, wellness and fashion for the friend that gives “that girl” energy. Someone who is always on the latest trend, and loves to be luxurious. We have curated some of our favorite brands to shop that are always cool and in style.

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Adwoa Beauty

Adwoa Beauty has something for all hair types and has been trending at Sephora. This clean brand has amazing haircare products and a cute aesthetic to fit on “that girl’s” vanity.

Anima Iris

The perfect gift for the fashionista, Anima Iris is the go to place for luxurious and fabulous handbags.

Chris Collins

Fragrance is always a great go to when gift giving, who doesn’t love to smell amazing? Chris Collins has a great selection of sensual and intoxicating scents that anyone would love to wear.

Pat McGrath Labs

The iconic Pat McGrath is the ultimate luxury gift for any beauty lover. This high end quality brand is always on trend and can never not be an amazing gift.


Anyone who is on the skincare side of TikTok knows about the brand topicals. Talk about a trendy brand, this right here is the go to trending gift for “that girl”.

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Looking for gifts for him? We have got you covered! From everyday wear to statement accessories this season for him, here is our gift guide for you! Plus, earn cashback shopping from our affiliate brands using the Chirpyest browser extension!

When it comes to shopping for gifts for him, it can be hard to know what to get. Whether shopping for a brother, friend, significant other, or relative, this list has you covered! Mix and match any recommendation from this blog to curate the perfect gift for him!

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Lifestyle Gifts For Him

Get him something he can use every day, like a new wallet or cologne!

Fitness Gifts

For the men in your life who are fitness gurus or gym goers, these essentials are never a bad idea to choose from when purchasing a gift.

Accessory Gifts

Men appreciate fashion too! When it comes to buying gifts for him, there is no category off limits. Here are some fashion accessories that could make the perfect gift.

Tech Gifts

Tech gifts are always a great go-to when getting him a gift. Get the latest gadget he has had his eye on, or replace that old electronic with a brand new one.

Apparel Gifts

Guys can always use a refresh on their wardrobe. Help him stock up on loungewear or revamp his winter style with a new coat.

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Serving boards are something every good host or hostess needs in the kitchen. For pizza, charcuterie, or any sort of hors d’oeuvres – today we have a serving board round-up, along with how to earn cash back.

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1. COCOCOZY x et√∫HOME Square Link Handcrafted Reclaimed Wood Serving Board

This heavy-duty board is made of pine wood and is 100% sustainable. Makes for a beautiful base for any charcuterie board display.

serving board
+ 5% cash back at Pottery Barn

2. Marquetry Round Serving Board Large

Everyone needs a large round serving board for those homemade pizza nights.

serving board
Round Board
+ 7.5% cash back at Scout & Nimble

3. Composite Agate Cheese Board

Perfect size for smaller hors d’oeuvres and appetizers. This agate stone will add pops of color to add to your display.

serving board
Cheese Board
+ 7.5% cash back at Anthropologie

4. Farmtable Plank

This large and long board is wonderful to set as both a centerpiece as well a plank to serve food.

Long Board
+ 5% cash back at Lulu and Georgia

5. COCOCOZY Black Charcuterie Board

This small solid black board is the ideal size for an individual charcuterie spread or even to add as decor against your kitchen backsplash.

6. Rectangular Marble and Acacia Wood Serving Board

The best of both worlds with wood and marble. Add this stylish board to your collection for the next time you are hosting.

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Black Friday is officially here, which means it is the biggest times for sales and deals! It is the holiday season, a time for giving. Shop holiday gifts and save with these awesome Black Friday deals. Plus on top of savings you can earn cash back with Chirpyest. Now through 11/30 you can earn 50% more cash back at Chirpyest! Sign up and download the extension for free and start earning cash back on top of Black Friday deals. Find the best deals in beauty, fashion, tech and more below!

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Fashion Deals

Farfetch (7.5% cash back) – Extra 20% off, plus free shipping. Plus, spend $500 and save $40 – Code: 40AFFBF22

Shopbop (11.25% cash back) – 25% off – Code: HOLIDAY

& Other Stories – BFCM: 25% off site

Blank NYC (7.5% cash back) – Black Friday & Cyber Monday! 35% Off Sitewide

Wolf & Badger (7.5% cash back) – Up to 50% off

Crocs (11.25% cash back) – Up to 60% off on select styles

Old Navy (3.75% cash back) – Black Friday Sale! Enjoy 60% Off Deals

Nordstrom (5.25% cash back) – 38% off Alo Airlift High Waist Midi Leggings

Home Deals

Rugs USA (10.5% cash back) – Black Friday Sale – BOGO 50% off – Code: BFBOGO

Parachute Home (7.5% cash back) – 20% Off – Furniture Included

Anthropologie (11.25% cash back) – 30% off Home Decor & Furniture

Our Place (7.5% cash back) – Up to 30% off

Target (11.25% cash back) – Up to 50% off Kitchen Items

Lulu and Georgia – Up to 25% off

Rugs Direct (7.5% cash back) – Black Friday Sale! 80% Off

Nectar Sleep (9% cash back ) – Black Friday Sale! 33% off Everything!

Beauty Deals

Burt’s Bees (6% cash back) – 20% off – Code: HOLIDAY

Chantecaille (6% cash back) – Black Friday 25% off Sitewide – Code: CYBER

NARS (7.5% cash back) – Get 20% Off Sitewide, 25% Off $100+, Or 30% Off $150+ Plus Free Shipping – Code: CYBER

Tarte Cosmetics (9% cash back) – 30% off everything!

QVC (17.25% cash back) – Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Set, $63, original price: $73

Billie (7.5% cash back) – Smooth Operator Deluxe Starter Kit, $24, original price: $30

Lifestyle Deals

P.Volve ($15 cash back) – 40% off (almost) everything – Code: HOLIDAY

Away (4.5% cash back) – Up to 40% off Select Bags and Accessories

Corkcicle (2.25% cash back) – Black Friday Sale! Up to 50% off

Casetify (7.5% cash back) – BFCM Sale: Buy 1 Get 15% | Buy 2 Get 25% | Buy 3 Get 30%

Walmart (3% cash back) – $81 off Bartesian Duet Premium Cocktail Machine

Tech Deals

Target (11.25% cash back) – Up to 50% off Headphones & Speakers

Dyson (1.5% cash back) – $150 off the Dyson V8 Absolute

Sonos (7.5% cash back) – 20% the Arc Soundbar

Walmart (3% cash back) – $232 off Hisense 75″ Class 4K UHD LCD Roku Smart TV 

QVC (17.25% cash back) – $133 off Xbox Series X with Gaming Headset & Vouchers

Want to gift guides? See our picks for splurge worthy items here!

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As the holiday season is kicking into full gear we created a holiday gift guide of our favorite splurge worthy and designer gifts for 2022. We want to take away any stress you have this holiday season so we made it easier by mapping out all the cash back options that Chirpyest has to offer for your holiday Christmas list. Whether it is a new YSL pair of sunglasses or purchasing the beloved Dyson hair wrap, Chirpyest offers cash back options to make your splurge items more affordable!

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Who doesn’t love designer fashion? Here are the Chirpyest team’s top picks from designer coats to trendy boots.

Coats & Jackets

Whether it is loungewear or a fancy night on the town, Chirpyest has cash back options on all your favorite brands. Shop MyTheresa to find the elegant and luxurious outerwear. During the colder months, there is nothing better than a warm sweater.


These are some of the top trending shoes that you need to add to your Christmas list this year! Loafers has been this fall’s go to trendy shoe, and Chelsea boots are always in.

Boot 1 | Loafer | Boot 2
Boot 3 | Sneaker | Boot 4
+ earn 11.25% cash back at Tory Burch


Elevate your beauty routine this holiday season here is a round-up of our favorite luxury beauty products. Trending products this year have been all thing blush and anything that makes you glow.

Makeup & Fragrance

Skincare & Haircare

Spend an extra penny on your vanity this holiday season by purchasing luxurious skincare and hair tools. The Dyson hair wrap is pricey but guaranteed to give you the perfect blowout look.


In need of a brand new handbag, Chirpyest has got you the best cash back deals. We found the hottest new bags on the market and linked them below. Splurge out on the sparkly Prada bag or rock the streets with a classic YSL pouch purse!


Bag 1 | Bag 2 | Bag 3
Bag 4 | Bag 5 | Bag 6
+ up to 7.5 % cash back at Farfetch and Anine Bing


Shop using Chirypest and you splurge on some of the most luxurious brands. Nothing looks more classy than flexing a pair of YSL sunglasses. Find your favorite pair of designer sunglasses and earn cash back.

Want to see more gift guides? Check out fitness & wellness gifts here.

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