8 Fragrances You Won’t Be Able to Stop Spraying this Winter

by chirpyest

Stock up on fragrances fit for a winter wonderland! Today we are showing you 8 fragrances you won’t be able to stop spraying this winter. From warm and cozy to woody and spicy – these scents are sure to make those around you stop and smell.

1. Mumbai Noise Eau de Parfum

Perfect for colder months, this perfume is a rich, warm and has a lot of depth to it. Having top notes of davina and leather, middle notes of tonka bean and coffee. Finished off at the bottom with amber and sandalwood – this scent will make you feel warm inside and out.

2. Starlit Mandarin & Honey Cologne

This limited edition fragrance is the perfect winter citrus. Light with yellow mandarin mixed with sweet honey and the warmth of coumarin.

3. By the Fireplace

The name of this unisex fragrance says it all. This scent recreates the very saying of “chestnuts roasting on an open fire”. With notes of pink pepper, chestnut and vanilla – this scent is the perfect blend of wood and spice you need this winter.

4. Alien Goddess Eau de Parfum

Filled with vanilla and jasmine – this bourbon warm scent is the perfect winter floral.

5. Neon Amber Eau de Toilette

A more sultry night-time scent – this fragrance is filled with creamy tonka and cedar leaf. A bold scent to make you seem warm yet mysterious.

6. Angels’ Share Fragrance

This fragrance is the perfect luxurious winter scent filled with rich and woody notes. Smell cinnamon, oak, cognac and more all throughout this perfume.

7. Black Orchid Parfum

A deep and intense fragrance – perfect for that mystery factor. A blend of floral and woody, this perfume has notes of truffle, rum and patchouli.

8. Libre Intense Eau de Parfum

This long lasting scent is mixed with and essence of lavender, orange blossom and vanilla.

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