9 Budget Friendly e.l.f. Dupes and Their Luxury Counterpart

by chirpyest

When it comes to makeup, luxury brands are always at the forefront. Their innovative designs, formulas, and packaging can draw just about anyone in. However, these luxury brands are known to break the bank. Thankfully, the drugstore brand e.l.f. has become renowned for creating practically flawless budget-friendly dupes of the trendiest luxury items. So, we rounded up 9 budget friendly e.l.f. dupes that compare to sought after makeup and skincare so you can have the luxury look without the luxury price tag. From mascara to skincare essentials, we’ve got you covered!

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Sunscreen has quickly become the #1 must-have skincare product. Everyone is searching for the perfect formula that not only protects from the sun but also leaves makeup dewy and bright. The Supergoop! Glow Screen has hit waves this summer, but the $38 price tag can seem like much for an everyday item. The e.l.f. Suntouchable! Whoa Glow is the perfect dupe of this product. Priced at just $14, this gem offers the same flawless results for your skin, whether you prefer a light or heavy makeup look. Moreover, it doubles as a primer, making it a multitasking essential on top of its protective SPF 30!


The Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer made waves in 2020 and won the Allure Best of Makeup Award. The formula is tacky allowing the makeup to really cling to the skin. Plus, the overall finish of the product is clean. The e.l.f. Power Grip Primer offers a formula that is practically identical to its high-end counterpart but comes with a significantly lower price point. Priced at just $10, this primer dupe is an obvious choice for budget-conscious beauty enthusiasts. Not only does it provide the essential base for a flawless makeup look, but it also serves as a fantastic low-budget option.

The beauty community can’t stop raving about the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter, a beloved product priced at $49. It’s hailed as the ultimate dewy base for both light and heavy makeup looks. The only downside? It’s always out of stock! Luckily, e.l.f. has come to the rescue with its perfect dupes. The Halo Glow Liquid Filter is priced at just $14 and is nearly identical to the Flawless Filter. The similarities between these two products are striking. They both boast a light and creamy formula that feels luxuriously soft and buttery on the skin. Whether you opt for the Charlotte Tilbury or e.l.f., both deliver a flawless finish that smooths imperfections seamlessly. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to spot any difference between the two!


Concealer is easily a makeup essential, and the Tarte Ultra Creamy Shape Tape is a favorite when it comes to natural looks. The formula is full-coverage but it leaves an effortless finish without creasing. Although this product is fabulous, its $31 price tag can be a lot. So, e.l.f. came out with the Hydrating Camo Concealer. When putting these products side-by-side it is easy to see their identical nature – and hard to miss the $24 price difference!

YSL Beauty is underrated in the luxury realm. The designer label is full of brightening products that leave the skin looking youthful. Of course, designer labels come with a designer product but luckily we have e.l.f. dupes! The Flawless Brightening Concealer comes in at $6 and is loved by many. Not only is the formula flawless, but so is the packaging. The two products share the same applicator tip allowing the concealer to go on flawlessly!


The Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand has become the holy grail of beauty products, thanks to its impeccable finish. This coveted contour stick effortlessly blends into the skin, providing a natural and radiant glow. However, with a price tag of $42 and minimal product in the tube, it can leave you wanting more. Fortunately, e.l.f. has come to the rescue with its own version of this sought-after product. The e.l.f. Halo Glow Beauty Wand Contour, priced at only $9 is an excellent budget-friendly alternative. This product performs on par with its Charlotte Tilbury counterpart, delivering stunning results. From seamless blending to a flawless finish, the e.l.f. Halo Glow Beauty Wand Contour is a game-changer!


Benefit Roller Lash mascara has gained a dedicated following for its ability to deliver long, lifted, and curled lashes with its unique wand. However, with a price tag of $28, it may not fit everyone’s budget. Luckily, e.l.f. has come up with an amazing alternative: the e.l.f. Lash ‘n Roll mascara. Priced at just $6, the e.l.f. Lash ‘n Roll mascara provides comparable results to the Benefit Roller Lash. Both mascaras feature innovative wands that separate and lift each lash, creating a wide-eyed, voluminous look. The formulas of these mascaras are designed to lengthen and curl lashes, giving you that coveted fluttery effect!


Every IT girl in the beauty world is rocking Laneige products. From the iconic overnight lip mask to the coveted Lip Glowy Balm, Laneige has become a staple in every collection. But the price of Laneige products definitely adds up, which is why e.l.f. dupes are essential! The e.l.f. Squeeze Me Lip Balm is the perfect alternative to the Lip Glowy Balm, and is only $4! This product hydrates and restores lips leaving a glossy finish. The e.l.f. Squeeze Me Lip Balm ensures your lips stay moisturized and luscious without breaking the bank!

Makeup Remover

Makeup Cleansing Balms have become a must-have product for effectively removing makeup while leaving the skin moisturized and ready for the next step in your skincare routine! One classic and trusted option is Clinique’s Take the Day Off, which has stood the test of time. However, with a price tag of $51, restocking it in your makeup cabinet can be a tough decision. Thankfully, e.l.f. comes to the rescue with their Holy Hydration! Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm, priced at just $11. This budget-friendly balm performs the exact same job as its high-end counterpart, making it a fantastic alternative. In fact, the formulas of the two products are incredibly similar, ensuring an effective and nourishing makeup removal experience!

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