Easy Affiliate Marketing: Chirpyest Browser Extension Unlocks Free Tools for Everyone

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Affiliate marketing has never been this easy. Chirpyest is setting new boundaries for affiliate marketing, providing users with free, easy-to-use tools available to all. As affiliate marketing has become popularized with the rise of shopping via social media, it has also become associated with high-profile influencers. Chirpyest strips away the need for an influencer status and makes monetization accessible for all. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when a person earns a commission for promoting or sharing a product. One can use affiliate links to track sales of the promoted product. Affiliate marketing has become extremely popular recently as social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok have prioritized businesses. With that, more influencers have leaned into selling or promoting products or services, often earning a cut of their sales. 

Benefits of the Chirpyest Browser Extension

With Chirpyest, you no longer have to have influencer status to promote a product or service. What sets Chirpyest apart from others is how accessible it is. All you need is access to the internet. Chirpyest cuts out the need for a large following, high-end brand deals, and celebrity status and brings affiliate marketing right into your hands. All the tools found on Chipryest are entirely free to everyone; all you have to do is make an account. Creating an account and accessing the countless tools is super simple from the Chirpyest website. Additionally, the free browser extension makes accessing your affiliate marking tools and savings easier while shopping on other sites. 

How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Chirpyest

Our best affiliate marking tool is our affiliate link generator which can be found under “share with friends” on both the website and browser extension. This makes sharing affiliate links with your friends or followers easier than ever before. All you have to do is open the extension when you find a product you want to share and click share with friends. This will generate an affiliate link for you to copy and share. These affiliate links allow you to track any purchases made and your earnings from that product. The process is so simplified that you can create affiliate links for small things like socks on Adidas to full patio sets on Terrain. From there, these links can be shared through social media, texts, or your shopping board, another great way to monetize on Chirpyest.

easy affiliate marketing

Shopping boards are another free and easy tool found on Chirpyest. These boards allow you to share and organize your purchases or recommendations seamlessly. For example, you can create a shopping board with your ‘kitchen must-haves’ by saving items you find on Chirpyest or Chirpyest affiliated brands. On the extension, all you have to do is click “add to my shopping board”. You can share your board so that people have access to your favorite products. Plus, you can monetize from people purchasing items on your board. Shopping boards can act as an Amazon Storefront alternative that provides you with significantly more items and stores to promote.

easy affiliate marketing

Those are just a few ways Chirpyest can help you build your marketing skills. Chirpyest also has blogs and a community site where you can see what’s trending and get inspiration from others. Additionally, Chirpyest offers users cash-back opportunities, which allows users to shop at some of their favorite stores and earn cash back on purchases.

How to Get Started with Chirpyest

Getting shared on Chirpyest is really as easy as it sounds. Start at the Chirpyest website and click join. Creating an account grants access to all the free tools mentioned. Then, if you are looking to download the browser extension, look at the left-hand corner, where you’ll see a link titled “browser extension”. On this site, you’ll scroll down to find a prompt to get the extension. This link will take you to the Chrome Web Store, and all you need to do is click the blue download button. Once the extension has been downloaded, our logo appears in the right-hand corner of your Chrome browser. The extension acts as your dashboard or tool kit as you shop online. With just one click, you’ll have access to those key marketing tools and be notified of cashback opportunities.

Now you have unlimited access to everything Chirpyest has to offer, including the affiliate link generator, shopping boards, and cash-back opportunities. With Chirpyest being a free way to earn money, there is absolutely no reason not to sign up now. Download the Chirpyest browser to take control of your monetization power and start your journey through affiliate marketing.

Start Shopping & Earning Cash Back!

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