Can we talk real quick about the stress of holiday shopping? Sometimes during the holiday season, we have such little time between our busy schedules to cram in shopping. Sometimes holiday shopping slips our minds altogether during this time of year! We have compromised a last minute holiday gift guide for ideas to inspire you for the final touches on your holiday checklist!

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Perfume is a simple but priceless gift that keeps giving with every spray. You can never go wrong buying a pretty packaged perfume with an even better scent! Here are our go-to perfumes for a fancy occasion or an everyday scent to smell good no matter what the event!


Another last minute holiday gift that keeps giving is candles! There’s nothing better than receiving a fresh-scented candle to enhance every room you walk into. Some of our favorites are Jo Malone, Republica, Boy smells, and more listed below!


When you are in your last minute holiday rush the best gift to throw into the mix is jewelry. Gold hoop earrings are always a gift that can be used daily for various tasks or events. But if you are looking for something more luxurious we also included some splurge worthy last minute gifts like our favorite Tory Burch bracelet!


Nothing sounds better than getting on a cozy pair of slippers and sipping hot chocolate by the fire. Or cuddling up with a loved one with a warm blanket. Here is an easy guide for last minute gifts that are always a hit during the colder winter months!

Hope you enjoyed this accessories guide for last minute holiday gifts! You can get cash back with all these finds by using the Chirpyest search engine on your computer!

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Let’s discuss fashion and beauty items that will make the perfect gift! Time to fill in your cart with beauty and fashion essentials. Skincare kits are perfect for that special someone who is all about beauty wellness. And neutral accessories are always a go to fashion gift. Find the perfect holiday gift for your fashion or beauty obsessed friend below!

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Beauty Gifts

For the beauty lovers in your life, shop these gift must-haves. There is so much you can choose from skincare to hair products for your beauty-loving friends.

Fashion Gifts

Products like sherpas, leather pants, basic tanks for layering, and loafers are so in and never leaving. It’s time to let your fashion style shine. This outfit board features fashion items perfect for a winter fit!

For Her

Stay warm and stylish when you shop our fashion and beauty gift recommendations; from beauty staples to fashionable items for a wardrobe upgrade.

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Time to fill your cart with trending Christmas fashion, beauty must-haves, and home essentials! It’s time to refresh, rearrange and spice up your life with the latest fashion beauty and home trends!

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Christmas Fashion

It’s time to transform your wardrobe into cozy, Christmas mode. This Christmas we’re stocking our closets with the latest fashion trends!

trends fashion beauty home
Bag 1 | Bag 2 | Bag 3
Shoe 1 | Shoe 2 | Shoe 3
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As we transition into colder weather, it is important to have not only fashion trends on deck, but all the beauty essentials for your skin too! Here are some recommendations of beauty trends worth trying!

Home Inspo

It is always fun to update your place with the latest home decor trends!

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Although we would all like to spend money on luxuries, not everyone can. Not to fear, we have the ideal substitutes for some of the most sought-after luxuries. We can help you switch from designer to knockoff in the areas of clothing, beauty products, and home goods. Find all the perfect dupes you need to purchase this fall season by reading on.

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Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is great since there are so many different types to select from, and they go with everything!

Cashmere Gloves

Soft cashmere gloves are unmatched in terms of comfort, making them the top choice when it comes to luxury.


Right now, loafers are really popular, and for good reason: they’re stylish, classic, and incredibly comfy.

Leather Trench Coat

Trench coats are terrific jackets to wear in the fall because they are lightweight and ideal for layering.


Not sure the pricy tag is worth the sneakers? Not to worry because this dupe is nearly identical to the real thing.

Bottega Veneta Bag

Financially not ready for the splurge on a designer purse? Not to fear, not everyone can afford thousands on a bag. Get this look a like for a lot less but still get a trendy and stylish bag.



Has e.l.f. come out with an exact dupe to the original flawless filter? That is what people have been saying about their glow liquid filter. But try it out yourself and see if it lives up to the Hollywood filter’s hype.

Chestnut Lipstick

I think it’s safe to say that every drugstore brand has a dupe for the luxury brand shades. Need a chestnut shade for fall? These two right here will give you the perfect pout, now just decide how much you want to spend.



The “it” mirror in home design right now is the one from Anthropologie. This mirror with a vintage feel is available in a variety of sizes, from a wall hanging poster size to a huge floor mirror version.

Duvet Cover

Bedding can be controversial when it comes to saving or splurging. Do you splurge on the comfort and or name brand or can you find a nearly identical one with the same feel?

Let us know your favorite dupes for fall in the comments below!

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Let’s learn how to shop and save on our fav fall beauty products! During the fall makeup is a huge part of pulling a outfit together. Coming from the hot summer months where we usually go without makeup having to restock on beauty products can be overwhelming. We’re going to put you on to some of our favorite beauty products while learning how to get cash back with Chirpyest!

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Self-Care Sunday’s

Messy Hair, Don’t Care


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From there the extension does all the work for you, be sure to pin it to your tool bar. When you see the bird turn black with an orange dollar sign you then know you can earn cash back.


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Let’s talk all things Fall beauty – specifically eyeshadow palettes perfect for that Autumn look. Say goodbye to bright shades and hello to muted earth tones. I know I am going to miss summer, my the weather is changing and so are the colors we are wearing, and the vibe we are giving. So here are some palettes filled with warm reds, oranges, browns and more for you to fall in love with.

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1. PurePressed Eyeshadow Palette

This nearly all shimmer palette has a butter like texture. And these colors are exactly what you would imagine a tree to look like during the Fall season. Perfect to make any look into an Autumn glam moment.

2. Toasted Eyeshadow Palette

With both matte and metallic shades, this palette is full of warm neutral colors. Perfect for the everyday fall look, the toasted collection is the definition of a warm fall color palette.

3. Major Dimension Eyeshadow Palette

With an ultra creamy formula, this palette is perfect for day and night. With warm browns and beiges, along with cool toned pink and berry shades. Create a light everyday matte look or a darker sultry and sparkly glam look for the evening.

4. Get It Together Palette

Want more of a sultry cool toned palette? This one is for you – filled with shades that are perfect for a fall smokey eye. With both mattes and shimmers, this palette can take a look from day to night.

5. Soft Glam Palette

For those of you who like a little bit of everything, this palette is for you. IT has both matte and shimmer – warm and cool toned shades. Create a cool toned plum look or a classic warm tone to match the Autumn leaves.

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Time to fill in your basket with fall beauty essentials! Yes that’s right fall is just around the corner, so it’s time to re-stock on beauty goodies for the cooler season.

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Say goodbye to your fruity and floral scents, and hello to cozy and woody! This fall we are stocking our shelves with fragrances with notes of vanilla, amber and sandalwood. Embrace your more musky and spicy side this season.

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For fall makeup I am all about neutral browns and berry tones. A good deep brown terracotta or plum screams fall. While matte skin has yet to make a comeback we are going to strive for a soft matte finish on the face (also known as a satin finish).

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As the weather gets cooler our skin gets dryer. Make sure this fall to stock up on a thicker moisturizer and lip balm for extra hydration. Vitamin C works even better in the cooler months, and don’t forget that SPF is a year round product! Don’t neglect your hands and body – make sure to be diligent with body care this fall.

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Do you know of luxury beauty items worth the hype but still having a hard time when it comes to clicking that order button? Not to worry because with chirpyest you can earn cash back when it comes to luxury purchases. When you shop with our browser extension you can earn cash back just from your regular online purchases!

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Sign Up & Download for Free

Signing up and downloading the browser extension has never been easier. All you have to do is add the extension from your chrome web store and create a profile with your email and you’re ready to go shop and save!

luxury beauty
luxury beauty

Shop Brands like Neiman Marcus

Browse brands like Neiman Marcus for luxury beauty items, or search for hundreds of others brands to shop.

Shop and Earn Cash Back

The browser extension does all the work for you. Shop as you normally would and the extension will activate your cash back percentage at the top right. You can earn 5% cash back at Neiman Marcus.

Luxury Beauty Finds

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You’ll definitely have a tote bag packed with all of your necessities wherever you go out on a sunny summer day, but how can you pack your beach bag like a pro? Don‚Äôt worry, the Chirpyest team and I have you covered. To have the PERFECT beach or pool day, we’ve listed and included everything you need plus everything you didn’t realize you needed.

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1. The Bag

2. Beauty Bag Essentials

You can locate your necessities more quickly when you need them with a clear makeup organizer. You could use some leave-in conditioner and a detangling hair brush to freshen up after diving in for a swim. Most importantly, sunscreen for your body, face, and even lips!

3. Cover Ups

4. More Bag Essentials

Here are a few other necessities you could consider for the ideal summer day. What is better than relaxing with a good book on your brand-new towel? If you don’t like to read, you can use an airpods and bluetooth speaker to listen to music or podcasts. Use an insulated water bottle to ensure that you stay hydrated and stay energized throughout the day.

5. Hats

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Only recently could you find clean beauty products outside of health food stores and farmer’s markets. Clean products are now available everywhere, from your local drugstore to the fanciest shops.

We know that “clean” is largely a murky marketing term, so to thoroughly evaluate these claims in beauty products we focused on products that live up to their promises in formulation, packaging, manufacturing processes and ensure the products perform well independently of their clean formulations. Here are some of our top clean beauty brands:

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1. Youth To The People

A Sephora aisle classic with a huge fan base, the vegan, unisex, minimalist collection emphasizes superfood ingredients like kale and spinach. In addition to being focused on social impact, Youth To The People also supports nonprofit leaders in the fields of climate change, gender equity, racial equity, and human rights through their own Good To The People Funds.

Serum | Mask | Cream | Cleanser
+ 5% cash back at Youth to the People

2. Summer Fridays

The central goal of Summer Fridays is very similar to that retreat into beauty. It is effective, clean skincare that was created for the community of people on-the-go. In addition to using clean chemicals in recyclable packaging and vegan components to take your skincare on a beautiful journey, Summer Fridays wants their products to feel like a short vacation.

3. Tata Harper

The aroma of the items is fresh and lively, coming from bergamot. Tata Harper products are produced on a farm in Vermont using fresh, all-natural ingredients that are fresh, non-artificial, and non-toxic.

4. Honest Beauty

Honest produces natural cosmetics free of irritant phthalates and sulfates using a secure formula and ingredients sourced from the natural world. The Honest Company began by focusing on household products and baby items with an emphasis on clean ingredients.

5. Bare Minerals

Mineral-based skincare and cosmetics company. This company develops non-toxic solutions to address common skin issues like acne and aging using natural, skin-loving components and cruelty-free procedures.

6. Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty is renowned for its plant-based cosmetics and for working closely with leading scientists to create safe and efficient skincare products. To produce extremely effective, clinically verified results, Juice Beauty’s chemists start with an organic botanical juice foundation (aloe, jojoba, grape seed, shea, blended with citrus juices) then add potent age defying or blemish clearing components.

7. Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees has a straightforward guiding principle: “What you put on your body should be made from the best nature has to offer.” Burt’s expertise as a beekeeper and the fact that honey is the foundation of their products give this approach real relevance.

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