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Summer scents are flooding our shopping carts right now. With the season in full swing, we need new fragrances to match. Whether you prefer citrus or coconut we have something for everyone.

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Beachy Scents

If you like scents that remind you of the beach, here are some of our go-to fragrances. If you like a more powdering smell that reminds you of the ocean then Beach Walk is for you. Like more of a coconut musky scent? Then you should try out Soleil Blanc. And if you like coconut mixed with florals than try out Hibiscus Palm.

summer scents
Hibiscus Palm
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Citrus Scents

Another popular type of fragrance for the summer is citrus scents. Skylar offers an array of options to choose from. Isle Escape is exactly what it sounds like – the smell of an island with citrusy bergamot, orange mist, and sandalwood. Pink Canyon has a mix of citrus and florals, including grapefruit, lemon, and magnolia. Lastly, Capri Summer is the perfect blend of blood orange, neroli, and teakwood – to make you feel as though you are on the European Coast.

Pink Canyon
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Sweet Floral Scents

If you love sweet and fruity florals, then this section is for you. Grab Dylan Turquoise for a fragrance filled with jasmine, guava, and lemon. For a more creamy but sweet scent, try Sun Fruit with notes of fig, jasmine, and vanilla. And if you want to feel like you are at the Amalfi Coast, snag Acqua Di Parma – to smell of grapefruit, fig nectar, and pink pepper.

Sun Fruit
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Let’s talk skincare to achieve that summer glow, this season we want that lit from within glow on our face. Today we are shopping for skincare products that give you that look before applying any makeup.

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The first step into achieving that summer glow is to make sure you cleanse your skin! Whether you wear makeup or not, your skin gets dirty. Make sure to find a cleanser that suits your skin type while getting the job done of removing any excess dirt or oils.


Hydration is key when it comes to creating a glowy base, hyaluronic acids are a go to serum to help lock in moisture (even if you have oily skin). Chose a serum with tons of hydration and radiance benefits for a plump lit from within look.

Vitamin C

PreVitamin C not only has anti-aging benefits, but also instantly brightens and plumps the appearance of your skin.


Arguably the most important part of skincare is moisturizer. No matter your skin type you need to add hydration. Whether you prefer a rich heavy cream or a light water based gel, it is always a must. Not only is it an anti-aging benefit but is a big step into getting a sun-kissed summer glow base. For even extra glow, take it a step further with a face oil.


And finally for the last step for the ultimate glowy base, add your SPF. Aside from it’s traditional benefits of protecting your skin, sunscreen can help you achieve the ultimate glow and make your skin look like a glazed donut.


Don’t neglect your body, it wants to glow in the summer too. Skincare doesn’t stop at your face and neck. Follow up with moisturizing your body and adding an oil to help make it shine and glow this summer.

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Bianca here with all of my beach beauty essentials that you should have too! Summer is around the corner and that means sunny beach days are upon us. The main and most important theme in any beach beauty product is drum roll please…SPF! To nobody’s surprise I will be suggesting many products that are sunscreen related. Today I am going to share with you nine beauty essentials everyone should have in their beach bag.

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Facial SPF

Always wear sunscreen on your face! Not only will it help protect those rays from burning you but is also a great preventative for wrinkles. Find an SPF that works best for you skin type but this one by elta MD is seemingly a fan favorite for all skin types.

EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46
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Tinted Moisturizer

Have some blemishes or complexion issues and want some light coverage? Well I’ve got you covered with what may be my favorite tinted moisturizer that I’ve tried. It lightweight and moisturizing and creates a seamless skin-like finish – plus it also has more SPF!

Body SPF

We don’t want to just protect our face from those UV rays but our bodies as well. Trust me you will still get a tan even with sunscreen. This one by Neutrogena is an easy spray on and doesn’t leave that greasy film on your skin.

Refreshing Facial Spray

Now this may be considered an unnecessary or such an “extra” type of product to have but I don’t care because I am extra when it comes to beauty. This Grape Water spray is so refreshing and moisturizing. Perfect to spray if you start to over heat and don’t have a tiny fan with you.

Caudalíe Grape Water
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Lip Balm

We can’t forget to moisturize those lips – bonus points if it’s tinted or has SPF. This on by Kosas contains hyaluronic acid and comes in multiple shades.

Kosas Sport LipFuel
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Scalp SPF

That’s right I’m not done talking about SPF! The scalp is not the first place you think to put sunscreen, or the second or even the third. However I find that personally I tend to burn on the top of my head which then leads to looking like I have dandruff when my scalp peels. Protect yourself from that embarrassment and discomfort with an SPF spray for your scalp.

Conditioner Spray

A leave in conditioner is another product I feel goes over looked. Personally I have oily hair but having that extra moisture is vital when having a beach day. The ocean or pool can really dry out your hair. Leave in conditioner is perfect – it’s lightweight but adds moisture and tames frizz.

Aloe Gel

Such an underrated beauty product in my opinion. Although I do tan easily, my face gets red just as easy. I also have a bit of rosacea so the calming elements of an aloe gel not only help soothe that but will help with any sort of burn you may have gotten from the sun.

Hydrating Aloe Gel
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Last but not least it can never hurt to bring some deodorant to the beach. Whether you are someone who is active on the beach or likes to lounge around you are still sweating and nobody wants to smell that. Always pack some deodorant with you to freshen up.

Kopari Coconut Charcoal Deodorant
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Bag 1 | Bag 2 | Bag 3 | Bag 4
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nail designs

Today we are predicting nail designs we think will be a huge hit this spring season. From classic pastels and flower designs to abstract and edgy. If you are going to chose a solid over a design – make it fun by alternating colors on each nail. Make flowers fun by switching up the color combo. Below we have some options we are predicting will be trending this spring.

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Solids with a Flare

Sometimes you want to add a little flare to a classic color. Nothing fancy but just add a little spice to a solid color. Keep all nails solid but add a design like a heart on just one finger, or alternate solid colors – different on each to keep it simple but slightly different.

Bright Abstract

Abstract is a nail trend that is here to stay. But now we are switching over from neutral and dark tones into bright ones for the spring and summer months.

Dress | Sunglasses | Bag | Heels
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Chair 1 | Chair 2 | Table | Sofa
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What nail designs are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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Blushes are the perfect complement to any makeup look you want to achieve, and highlight as well. Here lie some of our favorite makeup pieces we feel any gal would love to complete her look! Who said makeup had to look boring? From natural colors to bolder ones, we’ve picked just the right items that we can’t say no to!

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Blush Galore

Blushes have many options to choose from, and we know it can get hard to decide, But in a world of fashion and beauty, why not choose to be different? Here we have unique styles of blushes from traditional to liquid. With these sweet shades, we desire to make you feel and look your best self.

Beauty Essentials

As you collect more of your favorite products, having stylish storage pouches is a must to contain them! We want you to feel organized and relaxed as much as you can. Whether it’s for simply your eye makeup, or cute accessories to help you get ready, we think you would adore these options!

Multi-Layer Makeup Bag
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Cow Pattern Makeup Bag
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Highlighter Heaven

Blush isn’t the only delightful pop to your makeup look. We also believe these beautiful pieces will be the “highlight” of your day… or night! No matter the occasion, these highlighters speak volumes through the glitters, and different tones.

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With the warmer weather here – we want as minimal makeup as possible to let our skin breath. Let’s achieve that no makeup – makeup look. The key is to use light weight products and how you layer them.

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Setting a proper and hydrated base is key to a flawless and natural finish. With a good base comes less of a need to pile on a heavy foundation. Always prep with good skincare – a good moisturizer and spf to help nourish and protect your skin. When it comes to primer, find one that fits your needs. A tacky one to help the makeup stick or a pore filling one to blur those shiny areas.

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Face & Cheek

Cream and liquid products are always best when achieving a minimal look because they can blend so easily into the skin and give a dewy finish. Now is not when you use a full coverage foundation. Instead replace that with a light skin tint or even just use concealer in areas you see fit. Stick with cream blush and highlight to give a colorful flush and glow to the face. This will help achieve that natural flushed look.

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Eyes & Lips

To keep a minimal look on the eyes you want to use very little. Stick to neutral shades similar to your skin tone. Add a dark shadow for a liner or a brown liquid eyeliner for a less harsh look. The lips we want to accentuate but nothing too bold. Find a liner slightly darker than your lips to line. Then add a gloss or balm with a slight pink or nude tint to top.

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Feature image Courtesy of Rose Inc.

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This season’s trends have arrived and we are here to give you the breakdown of the best products to fulfill your beauty and lifestyle needs. Join here to shop with Chirpyest to earn cash back all all your purchases this spring.

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1. Signature Scents

Start the season off with a new signature scent. As trends begin to shift, so do the scents we fluctuate towards. This cult favorite from Byredo has notes of vanilla, pine, and juniper berries and acts as the perfect transitional Spring scent. Find Byredo at Neiman Marcus & earn 5% cash back with Chirpyest!

Bring the brightness and life of this floral scent into your rotation this spring with notes of, you guessed it, bluebells, persimmon, and white musk. Find Jo Malone at Bloomingdales and earn 5% cash back at checkout.

2. At Home Skin Care Devices + Tools

Get your relaxation on and create a spa like experience at home. At home skin care devices and tools are all the rage this season and make it easy to achieve spa-like results without leaving your house. One of the hottest trends in skin care is lymphatic drainage, Check out this G.Tox Dry Brush from Goop (7% cash back), this baby exfoliates the and promotes blood flow, leaving you with soft – energized skin.

Jade roller are a great tool to use when applying product, this Skin Gym Jade Roller from Anthropologie (7.5% cash back) is double sided making it ideal for the face, under eyes, and neck. Pro Tip…leave your roller in the refrigerator overnight to maximize coolness and de-puffing abilities!

3. SPF!

The sun is out and its time to add an extra barrier to protect your skin! Trends come and go but SPF is an essential part in any skin care routine. Kill two birds with one stone with the Milk Makeup (2% cash back) Sunshine Skin Tint SPF 30. This skin tint + face oil + SPF offers the coverage of a skin tint with the hydrating benefits of a moisturizer to leave your skin glowing.

Whether you are rushing out the house or headed to the beach, a mineral sunscreen will give you the protection you need without feeling weighed down. The SPF 30 mineral sunscreen from (MALIN+GOETZ) (12.5% cash back) does just that with their clean and cruelty free formula.

4. At Home Workouts

The world may be opening up again, but at home workouts are as trendy as ever! Make at home work outs as effective as possible with the proper equipment. One brand that is crushing it is BALA, available on Goop (7% cash back). The Essentials Kit includes the brand’s signature bangles, bars, and power ring.

Up your home set up with a high quality mat. The Mat 5mm from Lululemon (7.5% cash back) will give you the extra support you need to get a work out in from anywhere!

5. Immunity Support

Our immune systems have been through a lot in the past few years. Give your immune system the support it needs with the proper supplements. Moon Juice (7.5% cash back) offers an array of supplements to meet your needs. Their SuperPower formula includes A clinical strength blend of 4 immune fundamentals to promote balance from within.

To keep your skin glowing and your body strong, check out the Morning skin Superpowder from Goop (7% cash back). This superpowder is the perfect way to start your day with a healthy serving of vitamins C and E and antioxidents.

6. Travel in Style

Traveling is back and what better way then to do it in style. Keep up with this year’s trends and eliminate stress by going into your trip organized with these Translucent Packing Cubes from The Container Store (7.5% cash back), these cubes come in a pack of 3 and are perfect for a weekend getaway or an international excursion.

Try out packing cubes in a new suitcase from Away (3% cash back). This fan favorite travel brand has mastered the balance of functionality and style. Their suitcases offer TSA-approved locks and the option to add a built in portable charger.

7. Beach Days!

It’s that time of the year again! Hit the beach this Spring in style with the Longchamp Le Pliage Filet tote bag available at FarFetch (6.5% cash back). This tote is the perfect size to fit all your beach essentials like the BAGGU Packable Sun Hat available at The Lobby (7.5% cash back). This versatile hat packs up to fit in any bag, gives you needed protection from the sun, and helps you stay on top of the trends.

Days in the sun can take the turn for the worst without proper hydration, be prepared and bring a reusable bottle. The classic canteen from Corkcicle (1.5% cash back) is insulated to keep drinks ice cold for 25 hours.

8. Cruelty Free Skin Care

Shopping trends have shifted and consumers are looking to make more conscious choices when buying products. Youth To The People (5% cash back) prides themselves in creating clean and cruelty free formulas to keep your skin at its very best. The Superberry Hydrate + Glow Oil is quick absorbing with the benefits of prickly pear and squalane oil to leave your skin hydrated and glowing.

Another brand that upholds high ethical standards is (MALIN+GOETZ) (12.5% cash back) their full range of cruelty free skincare and fragrances are certain to leave your skin happy and refreshed.

9. Spring Cleaning

Spring and cleaning go hand in hand. Keep your house spick and span this season with the products from The Honest Company (6% cash back). Their line of safe cleaning products are made with plant-derived ingredients, offering maximum cleaning capabilities without all the chemicals.

Dyson (1% cash back) has long been an innovator in the appliance field and their range of cordless vacuums are no exception. Clean up messes around the house with ease, without the hassle of a cord.

10. Put Some Records On

You may have heard it before, but I will say it again… everything sounds better on vinyl. With Crosley’s range of record players, available at Urban Outfitters (5% cash back), you can get all the vintage vibes of vinyl with the modern feature of bluetooth compatibility. Check out your local record store, eBay, and Urban Outfitters to start building your collection of LPs.

11. Catch Up On Your Beauty Sleep

Nothing is better than a good night’s sleep. Elevate your sleep this spring by stepping up your bedding game. While linen is expensive it is a worthwhile investment, this fiber gets softer with each wash and is certain to last you for years to come.

Check out these two great options from Cultiver (5% cash back) and Parachute Home (5% cash back) and catch up on your beauty sleep.

Happy Shopping!

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“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking”. While Miranda Priestly may not be impressed with floral for clothes – we sure are when it comes to fragrance. Shop 11 of our favorite floral fragrances for spring.

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1. Viktor & Rolf – Flowerbomb Ruby Orchid

The perfect blend of fruit and floral for a sensual smell. With notes of jasmine, ruby orchid and pear – it’s no wonder this new scent has been trending.

2. Parfums de Marly РDelina La Rosée

The ultimate feminine floral scent – Delina has notes of rose, peony and white musk.

Earn 5% cash back at Bloomingdale’s with Chirpyest

3. Marc Jacobs – Perfect Intense

A more bold floral fragrance – perfect intense is filled with daffodils, jasmine and roasted almonds.

4. Marc Jacobs – Daisy Love Eau So Sweet

If you want a sweet and airy fragrance this one is for you. Filled with daisy, white raspberries and sugar.

Earn 5% cash back at Marc Jacobs with Chirpyest

5. Replica – Lazy Sunday Morning

A more fresh and clean floral scent – Lazy Sunday Morning is filled with notes of lily, iris and pear.

6. Replica – Springtime in a Park

The ultimate spring scent in a bottle. The pear, lily and musk notes recreate the memory of strolling through the park on a spring day.

Earn 3.5% at Nordstrom with Chirpyest

7. Philosophy – Amazing Grace Jasmine

A blend of coconut water and jasmine, this fragrance has a twist on a classic floral smell.

8. Philosophy – Amazing Grace Magnolia

A light scent that smells like a fresh spring day – with notes of magnolia, violet and bergamot.

Earn 3% on Philosophy with Chirpyest

9. Golf Le Fleur* – French Waltz

On the sweeter side of floral – French Waltz is filled with jasmine, mimosa, and sandalwood.

10. BVLGARI – Dolce Estasi

A sophisticated and powdery floral with notes of rose, patchouli and musk.

Earn 5% cash back at Neiman Marcus with Chirpyest

11. Urbann Outfitters – Gourmand Eau De Parfum Fragrance

On the fruiter side of florals – this scent is a blend of cherry, peony petals and musk.

Earn 5% cash back at Urban Outfitters with Chirpyest

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In honor of African American Heritage month, we rounded up some of our favorite black owned brands. Taking a look at both beauty and fashion, we are highlighting black owned brands you need to know about if you don’t already.



We love everything about Nancy Twine’s hair brand. Their motto is celebrating everyone’s unique and natural beauty, providing products to help enhance that. With products for every hair type you are sure to love Briogeo.


How could we not mention Queen Rihanna’s brand? The singer originally made this brand in attempt to fill a void for products lacking in shade range and undertones. Now it has taken over the beauty industry, and rightfully so with the number of bomb products they offer.


From smoothies to skincare, Golde is a brand that focuses on superfoods that can help make you feel your best. Both vegan friendly and 100% natural, this is the perfect brand to support for your lifestyle needs.


Designed to help women of color find their perfect nude shade, Mented was born after two women found it hard to find their shade of nude. Since then it has grown from lipsticks to blush and eyeshadows that you absolutely need.

Pat McGrath

As one of the most influential makeup artists, Pat McGrath has created one of the most prestigious and luxurious beauty brands to date. With popular items like her skin fetish foundation and luscious lipsticks, her brand is the perfect way to splurge on makeup.


Anima Iris

A newer high fashion brand that is a blend of modern and luxurious. The founder and Princeton graduate pulls inspiration from African elements such as the geometric shapes of Ghana’s kente, or palm oil reds of Cameroon’s traditional cloth.

Brother Vellies

With the goal of creating one of a kind pieces, founder of Brother Vellies keeps traditional African design practices when creating accessories. We find this brand is unique and something you need to add to your wardrobe.

Farai London

With its debut collection taking over the world by storm, Farai London’s pieces have been worn by thousands including Kylie Jenner. Always colorful and full of designs, this brand is the definition of an “it girl”.


A sustainable brand of resort wear, lemlem has a mission of preserving the local art of weaving in Ethiopia. With colorful and handcrafted patterns, be sure to pick out a few pieces for your next vacation.


Founded by doctors and originally created beauty products, Nubyén has now expanded to athletic wear that we are obsessed with. Another wellness and lifestyle brand we think everyone should support.

Let us know some of your favorite black owned brands below!

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