Creating Content That Will Engage Your Followers

by chirpyest

Are you a creator or small business looking for new content ideas to deliver to your followers? Do you want to inspire your followers? Check out the tips below to boost your presence on social media and increase your sales and get inspiration for content this February! 

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Create Unique Content

1. Remember that your differences make you or your business stand out

2. Teach your audience! – Offer content full of information that they can’t get anywhere else

3. Post behind-the-scenes content to show your followers something new and special

Connect with your followers!

1. Be personal! Introduce yourself to your followers – let them in on your life with little fun facts

2. Interact with your followers by replying to comments

3. Listen to your followers! Create Story polls related to your products or content to see what they like

Post content consistently! 

1. Maintain a consistent aesthetic that represents you and/or your business 

2. Utilize tools like hashtags – create a branded hashtag and use it on every post 

3. Post content often on all of your platforms

Interact with other creators or small businesses! 

1. Support other creators or businesses by liking their content and leaving positive, encouraging comments

2. Reach out to creators or businesses that inspire you for a collab

3. Participate in digital events that are hosted by other creators (like giveaways!)

Make your products accessible! 

1. Post Instagram stories with direct links to your website or products

2. Make sure the link to your website is in all of your bios

3. Create Facebook posts with links to your website or products

Create Festive Content! 

1. Post about festive Valentine’s Day products or events 

2. Post fun options to do with the girls on Galentine’s Day

3. Create posts that inspire winter fashion

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