Transitioning from Dorm To Apartment

by chirpyest

Let’s talk about the monumentous and the exciting transition from a dorm to your first apartment! Here is a guide to help you make this transition swimmingly and save some money along the way.

The hardest part of moving into an apartment is finding the place! Once you’ve got the keys… you open the door to a whole new world. Even though this big change can seem daunting, one thing about a new space is that you get to make it your own!

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What to Keep

Since you are moving from your dorm, you already have some of the key items… so you’re ahead of the game! Keeping essentials like your pillows, laundry bin, and storage cart & containers, you won’t be starting with zero. It is also good to hang on to any rugs or decorations you think would fit in your new space.

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Washable bins allow for an easy clean

Your Favorite Pillow

Everyone has a favorite pillow


Moveable carts can fit anywhere

Romanticize New Beginnings

This is the time to romanticize new beginnings. Fall in love with every moment of moving, unpacking, and decorating. A new space should be filled with hope and promise. Urban Outfitters (1% cash back with Chirpyest) can supply the right items that will help you feel excited for the journey ahead.


Music is a good way to bring life into a space


Fill your new apartment with photos of family and friends


Set good intentions for your new beginning

Build Your Safe Space

With all that is to come, it’s important to build a safe space for yourself. Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Safe from the weather, bad days, and annoying roommates. The energy in this room should be calm and centered. Parachute offers high-quality and luxurious bedding & linens, and with the Chirpyest Browser Extension, you can earn up to 5% cash back.

Bedding & Linens

So soft & comfortable you’ll never want to leave

Ambiance Lighting

Set the mood even if it is just for yourself


Treat this like your bedside sanctuary

Self-Care is #1

You are #1! Moving can be very stressful, so take a moment for yourself. Start this new beginning by treating yourself right. A comfortable robe & slippers and a morning & night ritual are good ways to show some self-care. Tata Harper (7.5% cash back with Chirpyest) has an amazing Cleanse & Strengthen Ritual that will transform your skin.


Treat yourself how you know you should be treated


Give yourself a hug and wrap yourself in a cloud


Recharge your body & soul with notes of Pine & Clove

At the Table

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the dining table is the lifeblood. At the table is where everyone gathers: family and friends, old & new. Set the table for your most important guests even when it’s a party of one – you!

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Linen napkins are a sustainable & cost-effective option


Choose tableware that is timeless and versatile


Try some new recipes and discover your favorites

Make it Your Own

Take creative liberties! Throw caution to the wind! Think outside the box! Don’t be afraid to play with colors and patterns. This is the time to let your imagination go wild. You are creating a world of your own. Download the Chirpyest Browser Extension to save up to 7.5% cash back at Anthropologie.


Decorate your walls like it’s your own personal museum


If you love tulips – cut their stems at a 45° angle


Have a spot for all the trinkets and whatnot you find

Have Fun!

Celebrate your independence! Take advantage of this opportunity to discover new things about yourself and explore your style. Make the most of this time – invite friends over, have parties, sleep in, and make messes in the kitchen… There is no one to tell you what to do! Just have fun!

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