Realtor’s Guide: How To Make Passive Income with Chirpyest

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Selling or buying a property is already a difficult task, but it’s especially hard right now. Realtors make money by earning commissions based on the percentage a property costs. However, did you know there are ways for realtors to make even more money through Chirpyest? That’s right, with the help of Chirpyest tools, realtors can earn passive income! 

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Earning More with Shopping Boards

Chirpyest is more than your favorite blog and shopping platform, it’s also a monetization tool. We like to give every Chirpyest member the opportunity to feel like an influencer and have their money — make money! When people are in the process of buying a new home, they often shop for furniture and decor as well. Chirpyest offers high cash back percentages at popular home retailers like Pottery Barn, Lulu and Georgia, Home Depot, AJ Appliances, and more! Using the Chirpyest shopping board feature, members can curate shopping boards for items that they recommend for homeowners. Or better yet for realtors, items that are shown in their listings. 

Acme Real Estate not only shows their listings on their website but links what furniture and decor are used as well. This is a huge game-changer for realtors! Linking back to their shopping board with your personal share links, that way when someone makes a purchase from their recommendations.

Still confused? Well, check out these listings from one of our favorites in our Chirpyest family, AcmeRealEstate. AcmeRealEstate’s shopping board is packed with chic and trendy home needs from retailers such as One Kings Lane, Overstock, Lulu & Georgia, and more. For example when someone purchases a product from the board, thanks to the power of affiliate links, they earn 5% cash back! They get passively paid just for having good taste. Isn’t that easy? 

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Earning More with Affiliate Links

Posting your shopping boards on Pinterest and Instagram can not only earn you more money but encourage potential clients to trust your taste! But there’s more than just the shopping board. Chirpyest offers a free share link tool that converts standard URLs into custom tracking links called affiliate links. Similarly to the shopping board, when you share that link and someone buys something through it, you earn cash back! Adding Chirpyest links to your company website is a great incentive for clients to shop your recommendations while you sit back and earn cash back!

You don’t have to be an expert realtor to benefit from Chirpyest. In fact, you don’t have to be a professional realtor at all! If you’re someone who loves real estate, home decor, or just someone who wants to share their finds. Chirpyest rewards you for your style. And the best part of it all? It’s free to sign up! What are you waiting for? 

Want to learn more about earning passive income through Chirpyest? Check out this blog here!

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