Find Your Best Suitcase for Traveling This Summer

by chirpyest

Choosing the right suitcase can be tricky. Many factors go into picking out what kind you may want or need. The mode of transportation can also factor in the type of suitcase you want to have with you. If you’re only going to your destination for a few days, you may not want to bring a massive suitcase with you. Save yourself the trouble (and the money of a checked bag) and get a smaller bag. In this case, small does not necessarily mean you still can’t pack all the outfits, shoes, and necessities you want. We’ve rounded up some of the best bags for traveling based on various occasions as well as how you can make packing easier. Check them out below:

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Carry-On/Small Suitcase

Small suitcases are perfect for short-termed stays. It allows you to travel lightly and hassle-free. It’s especially convenient if your primary mode of traveling is by plane. Most airlines will have the first carry-on bag be free and then charge for additional bags. The price of checking a bag in can also be quite expensive. So, not only are small suitcases convenient to travel with, but they can also save you money. Lugging around a heavy bag is never fun. Especially when you’re only staying at your destination for a short period of time. You have very little time between unpacking and packing up. Might as well make it easier on yourself by traveling light. And, with organizers and mesh travel bags, you can still pack a lot into a small suitcase.

Large Suitcase

Large suitcases are great for longer stays. It allows much more space for packing. Having a larger suitcase also doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t bring it onto a plane as a carry-on. The best part about larger suitcases is that it comes with a roller, so even if you packed it full, you don’t have to carry it and exude all that energy. It rolls. And that can save you so much energy so you can put it all into your vacation.

Hard Shell Suitcase

Hard-shell suitcases are great for protection. They are more spill-resistant and durable. If you have any makeup palettes or pressed powder products, hard shell suitcases can protect those more delicate items from damage in the case of falling over or being thrown around on a plane.

Soft Suitcase

Soft suitcases can also be super convenient for traveling. They’re more flexible in terms of packing since the fabric allows for more stretch. It’s easier to pack more items into a soft suitcase than a hard one. They are also semi-spill-resistant. Although not as much as hard-shell suitcases, soft suitcases do still offer some level of protection.

Suitcase Essentials for Packing

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes come in super handy. They help you stay organized and it helps free up more room in the luggage for other items if you so please. With these bags, you can fit more outfits and clothing options into your suitcase. They can also prevent wrinkling if you’re not the type to fold your clothes before packing them.

Sunglasses Case and Organizer

This roll-up sunglasses organizer and case are super handy and compact. You can store your sunglasses and/or prescription glasses in this organizer to ensure that they won’t be crushed by other items and broken. This 3-storage set can be hung up on a hook for convenience or placed flat on a surface. It also comes with a little pocket for lens wipers.

Laundry Wash Bags

These can be tucked away in a pocket when you’re traveling to your destination as they don’t take up much space when empty. This mesh wash bag is super convenient if the place you’re staying at has a washer and dryer that’s nearby and easily accessible. This way, you won’t have to bring back home a bunch of dirty clothes. It saves you the trouble of having to do laundry after getting back from a trip. It’s also very handy for washing small pieces such as socks and underwear. You would not want to lose those on a trip. Coming back home with missing socks is not fun.

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