In Our Shopping Cart: 11 Floral Fragrances

by chirpyest

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking”. While Miranda Priestly may not be impressed with floral for clothes – we sure are when it comes to fragrance. Shop 11 of our favorite floral fragrances for spring.

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1. Viktor & Rolf – Flowerbomb Ruby Orchid

The perfect blend of fruit and floral for a sensual smell. With notes of jasmine, ruby orchid and pear – it’s no wonder this new scent has been trending.

2. Parfums de Marly РDelina La Rosée

The ultimate feminine floral scent – Delina has notes of rose, peony and white musk.

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3. Marc Jacobs – Perfect Intense

A more bold floral fragrance – perfect intense is filled with daffodils, jasmine and roasted almonds.

4. Marc Jacobs – Daisy Love Eau So Sweet

If you want a sweet and airy fragrance this one is for you. Filled with daisy, white raspberries and sugar.

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5. Replica – Lazy Sunday Morning

A more fresh and clean floral scent – Lazy Sunday Morning is filled with notes of lily, iris and pear.

6. Replica – Springtime in a Park

The ultimate spring scent in a bottle. The pear, lily and musk notes recreate the memory of strolling through the park on a spring day.

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7. Philosophy – Amazing Grace Jasmine

A blend of coconut water and jasmine, this fragrance has a twist on a classic floral smell.

8. Philosophy – Amazing Grace Magnolia

A light scent that smells like a fresh spring day – with notes of magnolia, violet and bergamot.

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9. Golf Le Fleur* – French Waltz

On the sweeter side of floral – French Waltz is filled with jasmine, mimosa, and sandalwood.

10. BVLGARI – Dolce Estasi

A sophisticated and powdery floral with notes of rose, patchouli and musk.

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11. Urbann Outfitters – Gourmand Eau De Parfum Fragrance

On the fruiter side of florals – this scent is a blend of cherry, peony petals and musk.

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