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Only recently could you find clean beauty products outside of health food stores and farmer’s markets. Clean products are now available everywhere, from your local drugstore to the fanciest shops.

We know that “clean” is largely a murky marketing term, so to thoroughly evaluate these claims in beauty products we focused on products that live up to their promises in formulation, packaging, manufacturing processes and ensure the products perform well independently of their clean formulations. Here are some of our top clean beauty brands:

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1. Youth To The People

A Sephora aisle classic with a huge fan base, the vegan, unisex, minimalist collection emphasizes superfood ingredients like kale and spinach. In addition to being focused on social impact, Youth To The People also supports nonprofit leaders in the fields of climate change, gender equity, racial equity, and human rights through their own Good To The People Funds.

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2. Summer Fridays

The central goal of Summer Fridays is very similar to that retreat into beauty. It is effective, clean skincare that was created for the community of people on-the-go. In addition to using clean chemicals in recyclable packaging and vegan components to take your skincare on a beautiful journey, Summer Fridays wants their products to feel like a short vacation.

3. Tata Harper

The aroma of the items is fresh and lively, coming from bergamot. Tata Harper products are produced on a farm in Vermont using fresh, all-natural ingredients that are fresh, non-artificial, and non-toxic.

4. Honest Beauty

Honest produces natural cosmetics free of irritant phthalates and sulfates using a secure formula and ingredients sourced from the natural world. The Honest Company began by focusing on household products and baby items with an emphasis on clean ingredients.

5. Bare Minerals

Mineral-based skincare and cosmetics company. This company develops non-toxic solutions to address common skin issues like acne and aging using natural, skin-loving components and cruelty-free procedures.

6. Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty is renowned for its plant-based cosmetics and for working closely with leading scientists to create safe and efficient skincare products. To produce extremely effective, clinically verified results, Juice Beauty’s chemists start with an organic botanical juice foundation (aloe, jojoba, grape seed, shea, blended with citrus juices) then add potent age defying or blemish clearing components.

7. Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees has a straightforward guiding principle: “What you put on your body should be made from the best nature has to offer.” Burt’s expertise as a beekeeper and the fact that honey is the foundation of their products give this approach real relevance.

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