Ranking Celebrity Makeup Brands: Our Top 5

by chirpyest

With the beauty industry booming, celebrities are jumping on the opportunity to create their own beauty empire. From drugstore to high-end, the range of celebrity makeup brands are endless. With the beauty market so big out there it can be hard to keep up and know which brands are worth the price. The chirpyest team has ranked our top 5 celebrity makeup brands for you to shop if you don’t already.

1. Fenty Beauty – Rihanna

Of course we had to mention Rihanna’s must have makeup line Fenty Beauty. From having a wide shade range to the iconic gloss bomb, her brand is full of quality products that are constantly raved about.

2. Rare Beauty – Selena Gomez

While Selena is newer to the makeup community, many were skeptical if her line would be products that people actually wanted to buy. She put everyone’s doubts aside when she dropped her brand Rare Beauty almost a year ago. Set at a reasonable medium price range, people absolutely adore her products including her very pigmented cream blush.

3. Kylie Cosmetics – Kylie Jenner

How could we not include the youngest and wealthiest celebrity on this list? Kylie Jenner became infamous for her lips and decided to create her own cosmetics line off of the idea. Thus the lip kits were born, and Kylie turned those lip kits into a billion dollar company.

4. The Honest Company – Jessica Alba

Curating both makeup and skincare, The Honest Company by Jessica Alba focuses on clean beauty. She also offers ethical household products to her customers as well. Her 2-in-1 mascara and primer is a fan favorite and something the actress swears by.

5. Flower Beauty – Drew Barrymore

Flourishing since 2013, Flower Beauty is set to bringing quality products at a low price. You can find Drew Barrymore’s brand on your next Walmart run. From full coverage foundation to nourishing lipsticks, this beauty brand is one of the best in the drugstore.

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