The Essentials: 7 Cute Nail Ideas for Valentine’s Day

by chirpyest

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we have 7 nail ideas to help get you in the spirit. Paint your nails red and pink to help get in the romantic mood that fills the air.

Before we get into design you have to make sure all your essentials are taken care of. Make sure you’re taking any vitamins necessary to help strengthen your nail beds. Clean up and strengthen those cuticles prior to painting. Have your filers and brushes ready to buff out and smooth any sharp edges.

Follow below to see our essentials and see nail ideas for Valentine’s Day!

1. Classic Red

A classic french but with a twist, make the tips red and add hears on your ring finger for an added Valentine’s spirit.

2. Color Block Hearts

Can’t decide which color red or pink? Not a problem – get inspiration from this design for a cute color block moment with hearts meeting in the middle.

3. Soft French

A classic you can’t go wrong with. Looking for something classic and simple? Always in style, a soft muted french manicure is the way to go.

4. Multi-Colored French

Another take on a classic french, add multiple colors for your tip to add some flare. Pair it with some hearts to feel the love.

5. Abstract Color Block

Who says pink and red don’t pair well together? This abstract color block design is sure to make you feel and look trendy this Valentine’s Day.

6. White with Red Hearts

A more simple but still adorable design. A white base with subtle red hearts is a classic that will go with any outfit.

7. Pink Abstract

A throwback to fun abstract nails but with a Valentine’s twist. If you are looking to be trendy and cute this design is absolutely for you.

Let us know your favorite design in the comments below!

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