The Ultimate Health and Wellness Spring Cleanse Guide

by chirpyest

When you think of spring cleaning, you probably think of thoroughly cleaning your apartment, closet, or car. But, what if we gave you some wellness tips and tricks for the ultimate spring cleanse, to feel and look your best? Below is our idea of some wellness and health trends that will give you the most amazing glow for Spring and Summer!

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1. Get Inspired

When in doubt, Pinterest is your best friend. Gather some friends and make mood boards with your favorite inspiring pictures of what you want your Spring and Summer life to look like. This can include pictures of places you want to go, recipes and foods you want to try, exercises you want to do, or even activities you want to do with friends! The more the merrier. When you have this inspiration you will get excited for what’s to come and some of the hard parts will seem exciting!

2. Incorporate Healthy Foods Easily

Changing your lifestyle can be hard, especially when it comes to eating right and finding recipes that work for you. There are new and fun ways to incorporate some delicious healthy meals into your life including subscription boxes and recipes from some of the leading brands such as Home Chef, Blue Apron, and Hello Fresh. These boxes make it easy for you to find new recipes you love while eating ingredients that are amazing for you. Your body and your wallet will thank you with these easily accessible boxes to help you on your Spring Cleanse journey.

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3. Make Exercising Fun

Exercising can seem like such a dreadful task. With intimidating gyms or expensive classes, it is hard to find the right exercise type for you. The best thing is to find the exercise types that are fun and exciting for you. This will keep you going back for more, looking forward to every class or experience even when you are tired. Some of our favorite Chirpyest affiliated brands make it easy for you to bring fun exercise to your home. Free People Movement (7.5% cash back) has the cutest workout sets and exercise equipment. For example, Bala bands keep you pumped for the gym! Alo Moves provides online workout classes to make things accessible for you! Activate up to 12.5% cash back on Alo Moves with Chirpyest!

4. Make a Routine that Works for You

Habit stacking is key to making a routine fit into your schedule. The best thing to do to keep you from falling behind on your goals is to make them fit into your schedule. This will feel as if they have always been that way. Forcing yourself to add new goals into your routine with no proper place will lead you to believe they are difficult to achieve. It will feel like you aren’t accomplishing them due to lack of time or accessibility. Once you figure out where they fit, however, you will be able to accomplish them efficiently and see that it works with your everyday lifestyle. Don’t conform to a new routine, adapt the routine to you.

5. Stay Consistent

Lastly, we encourage you all to stay consistent with these goals, don’t keep up too fast. It is hard work to get to the places you want to go, but keeping yourself excited, making it easy for yourself, and staying inspired will keep you going. You will feel like a new person through this Spring Cleanse. At the end of the day, everyone is beautiful, capable, and perfect inside and out!

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