Trend Alert: 5 Abstract Nails That We Love

by chirpyest

Abstract designs are the latest trend in the nail world, and we absolutely love it! From mixing colors and patterns, there is no right or wrong. Geometric shapes or lines that flow, abstract nails is the perfect funky accessory. Anything goes and you can show off your creative mind when choosing colors and designs. We are showing off 5 abstract nails that we love. Try some of them out next time you are at the salon, or get inspired and paint your own design at home. See below some of the abstract nails we love!

Abstract Pastels

Can’t decide what color? Not a problem, with this ying-yang like curve you can do multiple colors that compliment each out for the perfect half and half combination.

Minimalistic Design

If you want to ease your way into abstract nail art, then this one is for you. This minimalistic nail color combined with a light design is perfectly pink and chic.

Geometric French Design

Add some flare to a french design with some geometric shapes. Mix and match different colors to make it even more abstract.

Neutral Abstract

Put a spin on the regular french manicure colors by making the lines abstract to give it some flare.

Abstract Marble

If you aren’t into the geometric route, try this marble design to mix colors for a more blended design.

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