UCLA Bruins Earn Cash Back As College Students with Chirpyest

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When you’re in college you have a ton of things going on pretty much all the time. Whether you have to study for that huge midterm, figure out what to wear to that date party, or vote on your sorority’s bid day theme, there are a million different things going on in your head at all times. That’s why we teamed up with UCLA to help teach college students about earning cash back to save money. Who doesn’t love to make money just by shopping?

In your college years, everything is expensive… the cup of ramen at your local grocery store seems costly. That’s why we’re here. Looking to make cashback on stuff you get for your dorm? Or everyday outfits to wear to class? Having trouble finding outfits for spring break? Or date party dresses? At Chirpyest, we’ve got you.

Who We Are

Colette Shelton, our founder, started Chirpyest in 2019 after years of having Cococozy, her blog. Chirpyest is a shopping platform on which you can shop from hundreds of brands and retailers. With a membership at Chirpyest, you can spend your money while getting some back, getting up to 30% cash back.

Chirpyest’s partner brands range from beauty to fashion, to home, to lifestyle. With luxury retailers such as Neiman Marcus, and some of your favorite brands such as Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Ulta, Chirpyest has something for everyone.

When you’re a student, there are certain essentials that you can’t live without. Here are some of our favorites

How College Students Use Chirpyest

To get started on Chirpyest you’d first have to make an account by clicking the “Join” tab on the main menu. Once you’ve created your account, you can set it up any way you like.


Once you are logged in, Chirpyest has a Browser Extension that you can download, making money off of your favorite items even easier.

On our website, there are hundreds of brands from different categories that you can browse through with the “Brands” tab on our homepage.

When you click on a product or brand you will go straight to their website but since you’re going to them through us, you’d immediately get cashback when you go to checkout.

You can also create your own shopping boards on Chirpyest through the Your Shopping Board tab. As a result, this allows your friends and followers to see all your favorite items and lets you monetize off your recommendations when someone buys anything directly from your board.

By connecting your PayPal or Venmo to your account, once you’ve made at least five dollars you can cash out!

Every college student’s top priority when they first arrive at college is making their dorm homey. At Chirpyest we offer several brands that will make your dorm the coziest it can be!

UCLA Students

UCLA Students on Campus!

We teamed up with UCLA students to help spread the word about how students can save and earn money. The tabling was a huge success!

Big thanks to the Bruin Media Group!

Everyday College Inspo

Some of the best basics, perfect for your daily strolls across campus!

Want to learn more about cash back? Click here!

We are a new shopping platform that allows you to save $$ and shop from over 850 retailers like Nordstrom, Ulta, Target, Urban Outfitters, Revolve, and MORE!

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