Winter Travel: Chirpyest Picks our Top 5 Places

by chirpyest

Having trouble deciding on a winter trip? Chirpyest has got your back! We’ve picked our top 5 places for winter travel! Whether you like bundling up in the cold or would rather relax in a tropical paradise, our winter travel list will not disappoint. Safe travels and happy holidays!

New York City

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New York City is a beautiful destination for winter travel. The city is lively and looks like a winter wonderland when it snows! Enjoy fun activities like ice skating in beautiful Central Park.



Another gorgeous winter wonderland in Amsterdam! This city is filled with culture and amazing winter activities. Enjoy bright Christmas lights, ice skating, cozy pubs, and warm Dutch meals. Definitely a sight to see!



If you aren’t into the cold weather and are craving a more tropical escape, why not go to sandals? The beaches and water look so inviting, it seems impossible to resist. Plus, Michael Scott really enjoyed his trip here, so we’re sure you would too!


University of Glasgow

If you are one for chilly weather and beautiful scenery, Glasgow may be your perfect place for winter travel. Here you can enjoy museums, art galleries, and beautiful buildings that are older than you can imagine. Did we mention the shopping you can get done as well?

The Bahamas

If you’re still looking for that perfect tropical winter getaway, why not visit The Bahamas? Located off the coast of Florida, this country has perfect warm weather year round. Enjoy the sun and beautiful beaches and forget about the cold winter at home!

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