11 Weekend Travel Bags For This Summer

by chirpyest

Planning on going on vacation this summer? Maybe you want a little weekend getaway. No matter what your plan is for traveling this summer, packing is an important aspect. Leave your big and chunky suitcase behind! Don’t let that break your arms when you can bring a light little weekend bag and move things with ease. Without a good and handy travel bag, your trip can become very chaotic. Traveling in style definitely helps with the dreaded packing. And, you can even feature them on your social media! Tired of your boring old duffle bags? Here are some travel bags that will get you excited about packing for the summer:

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1. Pink Sparkly Tote Bag


If you like the color pink, this weekend tote bag will suit you perfectly. The nylon interior and exterior with gold accents complement each other perfectly and will definitely get you some compliments. This tote is big enough to store your makeup, skincare, and other beauty/self-care products. You may even have extra room for a pair of shoes or some clothes.

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2. Black Sparkly Duffle Bag


This is another Stoney Clover travel bag that uses gold accents to accentuate and elevate its base colors. You can never go wrong with black and gold. The adjustable straps and handles make it super easy to carry around in any way. You’ll have more than enough room in here to pack for a weekend getaway.

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3. Black Travel Tote Bag


Looking for something more basic and casual? This Tumi tote bag is perfect if you’re bringing along a carry-on on a plane. Or maybe you just need a place to store your shoes or beauty products that is separate from your clothes. The pockets on the side are perfect for storing any electronics or accessories such as phone chargers, air pods, extra hair ties, and maybe even a water bottle.

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4. Mauve Travel Cross-Body Duffle Bag


If the previous Dagne travel bag is too small for your liking, here is Dagne’s larger duffle bag! It includes a laptop sleeve and is highly durable, so don’t worry about any electronics being broken. This weekend travel bag is a perfect pack-and-go. You will have plenty of room to pack for a weekend. And, this light pink/mauve color is great for summertime if you’re not too keen on the brighter colors but also don’t want something too plain.

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5. Purple Overnight Travel Duffle Bag


Looking for something a little more vibrant and summery? This Mali + Lili leather overnight duffle bag in the color eggplant with flower-patterned straps will make you feel like summer every day! And don’t worry, the leather is vegan. This is another spacious travel bag that will make packing for a short trip easier.

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6. Floral and Beige Tote Travel Caddy


If you haven’t already heard of this brand from TikTok, Béis has gone viral for their travel bags, and for good reason. This tote bag caddy is in collaboration with Elsa Hosk and is especially handy for those who are new parents. However, that’s not the only use this travel bag has. The pockets on the inside and outside of the bag make it super functional and organized for any traveler. This is the perfect summer travel bag for keeping all your small essentials and necessities in one place.

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7. Nude Pink Weekend Leather Travel Bag


If the previous Mali + Lili bag wasn’t quite up your alley, maybe this will do. The light pink and gold duo is exactly what you need for traveling during the summer. This travel tote bag includes a shoe and/or toiletries compartment at the bottom. It is super spacious on the inside so don’t worry about not having enough space. Also, this bag is also made from vegan leather, so it’s great for everyone!

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8. Mini Luggage Cross-Body Travel Bag


Don’t want to bring your big hefty suitcase with you? How about this mini shoulder bag? It also doubles as a cross-body bag if you’re too tired of carrying it by its handles. The brown and nude color palette makes this travel bag a great summer accessory. The cross-body strap is also detachable so you can style this bag in so many ways and make your summer trips your personal fashion show!

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9. Green Travel Duffle Bag


This green duffle bag with golden accented is great for summertime when the trees and flowers are in full bloom. If you’re not a fan of pastels and would like something richer in color, look no further. This forest green travel bag is super handy, spacious, and extremely stylish. If you’re taking a trip somewhere with lots of scenery, this green will totally match the vibes. And, you may even get some good pictures out of it too!

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10. Light Blue Mini Tote Bag


This light blue mini tote travel bag is perfect for going on short trips during the summer. It also includes a laptop sleeve and is spacious enough to pack all your essentials. This Stoney Clover mini tote is great for traveling lightly. You no longer need to lug around a big and heavy suitcase around for a little weekend trip.

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11. Large Mauve Travel Backpack


Looking for a cute and efficient travel bag? This Dagne backpack is great for flying. It features a luggage-handle sleeve so you can move through the airport swiftly. The greatest thing about this travel backpack is that it is water-resistant! This makes for a great carry-on bag when everything is hectic and spills are prone to happen.

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