Who Gives The Most Cash Back: 17 Brands That Offer Over 7% Cash Back

by chirpyest

Chirpyest is affiliated with over 850 brands that offer cash back, today let’s discuss which of those offer the most cash back! Any percentage of cash back is a plus, but we want to highlight what brands offer 7% or more.

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1. Free People – 7.5%

Free People’s bohemian fashion is perfect for spring and summer. With bright colors like pinks and oranges, you will feel young and playful. Their accessories are keep up with the trends and are always in style. What’s more… when shopping with Chirpyest you can save up to 7.5% cash back.

2. Naadam – 10%

Naadam brings you the world’s best cashmere from the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Their mission is to design soft knitwear at high-quality. Sustainability and ethics are a big part of their company values. It is refreshing to see a brand so transparent about their social and environmental impact.

3. Adornmonde – 10%

Whether you are just starting your jewelry journey or you are looking to add to your collection, Adornmonde has a beautiful and unique selection to choose from. As the stacked look becomes more popular, Adormonde’s layering sets are a good introduction to this chunky, but elegant style.

Their collections are made from quality materials: 14 karat gold, 925 sterling silver, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals… Don’t forget to download the Chirpyest Browser Extension to earn up to 10% cash back.

4. AnotherTomorrow – 10%

Designed as a wardrobe staple, Another Tomorrow’s collection is full of strong and timeless pieces. Their neutral color palette will last you through each season, and their concentration on proportion and shape will flatter your figure.

5. Adidas – 11%

Yes, it is sportswear, but Adidas is so much more. It is comfort, clean, and strength. With Chirpyest you can earn up to 11% cash back when shopping at Adidas.


6. Anthropologie – 7.5%

Anthropologie is the cool aunt of home decor. She is playful, yet sophisticated. Bold, yet feminine. Anthropologie has every you would need to decorate your home: furniture, lighting, wall art, blankets & throws, vases & knick-knacks…

7. Assouline – 7.5%

The perfect place to shop for a gift: Assouline. Their specialty is books. Culture, fashion, and fine art are found in their collection. They also supply beautiful stationary, candles, and accessories to complete anyones desk or at-home library. Earn up wot 7.5% cash back at Assouline when you shop with Chirpyest.

8. Jamie Young Co. – 10%

Jamie Young Co. is where you go for unique lighting. With such an exclusive collection, Jamie Young Co. offers luxury and quality with everyone of their pieces.

9. Kassatex – 12.5%

Kassatex holds all the essential for a bathroom. Like these pink dyed alabaster bath accessories, their selections are one of a kind. Plus, they always have towels to match. Kassatex is a one stop shop, and you can save up to 12.5% cash back when you shop with the Chirpyest Browser Extension.


10. Tata Harper – 7.5%

Tata Harper products are as natural as skincare comes. With over 300 raw ingredients, Tata Harper believes that women should never have to compromise health for results.

11. Merit – 7.5%

As a fairly new name in beauty, Merit has made quite an impression. Their minimalist style combined with their holistic approach is something new in the beauty community. Not only is Merit vegan and cruelty-free (which is in big demand as of late), but they are every conscientious of how much plastic goes into their products and operations.

Stay up to date with what Merit is going to do next, and shop with Chirpyest to earn up to 7.5% cash back.

12. Clarins – 10%

Clarins is the #1 luxury skincare brand in Europe. With their passion for skincare and trust in the community, they utilize some of the top ingredients for their skincare: black current, ginseng organic California poppy…

13. Malin+Goetz – 12.5%

Malin+Goetz does skin and body care with an emphasis on diversity and inclusivity. They are honest and transparent about the ingredients and formation of their products. Their mission to provide gentle and effective skin and body care for every skin type, tone, and gender.

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14. Clevr Blends – 10%

Clevr Blends supplies the magic of plants and wellness in a mug. Their tea and drink blends support gut health and energy boost.

15. QVC – 10%

QVC has everything you could think of! With on of our highest percents of cash back at 10%, be sure to shop with Chirpyest at QVC.

16. MasterClass – 12.5%

MasterClasss offers online classes for students to learn valuable skills from some of the best instructions around the globe. There are lessons from Bobbi Brown on makeup and beauty, and Lewis Hamilton on the winners mindset. Categories cover anything from wellness to business, music to food, science to sports…

17. Alo Moves – 12.5%

Alo Moves gives you access to thousands of lessons on yoga, pilates, mediation from expert instructors. It is like having your own personal instructor and studio in the privacy of your home. With Chirpyest you can earn up to 12.5% cash back when you sign up for Alo Moves.

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