Amazing Black Authors and Artists to Support

by chirpyest

February is Black History Month, which means we have the whole month to showcase so many wonderful artists, authors, and creators. Scroll down for a list of five authors and five artists that we love and who deserve all the love this Black History Month!

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1. Jessica George is a debut novelist, her novel, “Maame” discusses friendship, love, and self-growth in a fictional setting.

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2. Kristina Forest is a young adult romance novelist and a true storyteller. However, the Young adult genre is made for everyone, check out one of her books “Now that I found You”.

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3. Jennifer Maritza McCauley’s latest short story collection is titled “When Trying to Return Home”. The stories in this collection span a century of Black American, and Afro-Latino culture, in terms of belonging and security.

Black History Month
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4. Krystle Zara Appiah’s book “Rootless” inspects the nature of a marriage in crisis and whether one can continue to create beauty and love in a relationship that is failing.

Black History Month
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5. Joseph Earl Thomas is a debut novelist with his memoir “Sink: A Memoir”. This memoir is a coming-of-age story, describing the struggles of growing up in a toxic home while simultaneously exploring the pleasure of escapism.

Black History Month
“Sink: A Memoir” $14.99 on Amazon


1. Kristen Woollery is a portrait artist from Brooklyn, NY. Through her passion for art and faith. As shown above, she honors the women who raised her in her community.

2. Linda Dounia is a multi-disciplinary artist, who certainly uses many mediums for her artwork. Through her art, Dounia showcases how technology affects injustice in society.

3. Mamus Esiebo is a Nigerian artist who focuses on beauty in everyday life, he creates his art through digital illustration.

4. Azuka Muoh is a Nigerian artist who challenges patriarchy and masculinity through his surrealist pieces.

5. Abe Ogunlende is a Nigerian contemporary artist who creates introspective pieces. Evidently, these pieces are simple, leaving room for a greater understanding of the self.

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