17 Thanksgiving Kitchen Finds Currently Trending

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s time to stock up on all the kitchen essentials for this holiday season. Here’s a sneak-peak into 17 Thanksgiving kitchen finds currently trending this season; with Chirpyest, you can earn up to 30% cash back on home appliances using our browser extension!

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Cast Iron Dutch

This Dutch oven comes in a variety of colors and is multifunctional for all of your cooking needs. Selling for $148 at Anthropologie where you can also receive 7.5% cash back using the Chirpyest browser extension.

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Wooden Cutting Board

This wooden cutting board is suitable as a cutting board, charcuterie board, or a placeholder in your kitchen. Durable, firm, and smooth; this can be found at your local Target for as low as $20.

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Matte Black Dinner Plates

Matte black dinner plates create a sophisticated, clean aesthetic for the dinner table. Dine this Thanksgiving and make a statement with these chic dinnerware plates.

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Gold Rim Stemless Wine Glasses

Suitable for not only Thanksgiving, these stemless wine glasses also add a classy feel to the holiday. Whether for serving wine, sparkling cider, or a nice Thanksgiving cocktail, these glasses are essential to have on your Thanksgiving table this year.

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Wine Chiller

This trending kitchen find is perfect for Thanksgiving as a gift to the host or as a staple in your home. While preparing your meal, ready wine or bottle of your choice using this wine chiller.

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Condiment Set

This condiment set can also double as an appetizer serving set and is very suitable for hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

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Cookware Set

A cookware set is something everyone needs ready and accessible this Thanksgiving. Shop the latest cookware sets via Chirpyest for cash back!

Roasting Pan

Great for your Thanksgiving turkey and useable for year-round meals. A roasting pan is exactly what you need to roast the perfect Thanksgiving turkey.

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Potato Masher

This potato masher is a classic appliance essential for Thanksgiving.

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Baking Sheets

Out of all the Thanksgiving kitchen finds currently trending, this one will definitely never go out of style. Be sure to have your baking pans ready this Thanksgiving.

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Measuring Set

Whether baking or cooking, a measuring set is a Thanksgiving meal preparation need.

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Carving Fork and Knife

This carving fork and knife is a must-have for efficiently sharing Turkey at the dinner table.

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Ceramic Casserole Dish

A ceramic or glass casserole dish is a Thanksgiving kitchen must-have. This dish will help keep casseroles warm and shaped.

Pie Dish

It would not be a holiday without pie, so why not bake in style? The clean and frilly appearance of these pie dishes makes them ten times more tempting to buy.

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Rolling Pin

Whether smoothing out dough for pies, bread, or Thanksgiving day pastries, a rolling pin is what you need.

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Stylish Apron

Thanksgiving is by no means a clean holiday. When cooking, an apron is your best accessory to avoid damage to your holiday outfit!

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Oven Mitts

With the constant opening and closing of the oven during Thanksgiving day, oven mitts are a staple. Spice it up and get oven mitts to match your stylish apron!

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