Chirpyest Spotlight: Check Out Madi Kahn

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Meet Madi

The Chirpyest Spotlight is featuring Madi Kahn known as @madiizk. A digital creator based in New York, Madi loves sharing all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. As a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, Madi has since taken on many roles. Not just as a content creator, but also as a podcaster and an assistant buyer. Madi is fascinated with understanding how consumers think and what compels them to add-to-bag and complete a purchase. She shares her daily outfits on her Instagram in hopes of inspiring others to play around with their styles and express themselves.

Q&A with Madi:

Who is your fashion role model?

I have so many fashion role models! I get a lot of inspiration from social media, from my friends, and from NYC street style. 

What is your favorite brand?

I have a ton of favorite brands, a few that I love are Glassons for basics, Revolve for occasions, and Farfetch for unique designer pieces.

How would you describe your style in three words?

In 3 words, my style is bold, colorful, and expressive.

What is your dream item that you wish you could add to your closet right now?

My dream item would be a Chanel bag. I am currently saving up to purchase my own, they are such great investment pieces so I am really excited when the day finally comes!

What is one item that you would wear for the rest of your life?

One item I could wear for the rest of my life is flare jeans. I LIVE for flare jeans and can see myself wearing them forever no matter what fit is trending.

What is your goal as a blogger and/or influencer?

 My goal as a blogger / influencer is to hopefully create my own brand one day (TBD as to what that brand will look like) but I am excited for what the future holds!

Madi’s Favorite Things

Check out Madi’s website here!

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