Essential Items to Keep in Your Handbag

by chirpyest

What are your essential items you keep in your handbag? What’s more important than having a chic purse to match your outfit? The answer is what’s inside the bag. The contents of the handbag for some are their lifeline. Aside from your wallet and keys, you’ll need to grab these must have items to add to your handbag if you don’t already. For those who are always on the go be sure you’re ready for any situation with these essential items to keep in your handbag.


A basic item we always seem to forget whether we are rushing out the door or not. Always keep an extra pair of sunnies in your bag for when the sun decides to pop out, or when you when you want to stay incognito from that nosy neighbor of yours you see at the store.

Hair Accessories

Always keep a hair tie or claw clip in your bag for those stressful errand runs where you just need your hair out of your face. Ideal for those hot summer days, always have some sort of hair accessory on stand by.


Perfume, another item that is forgotten when in a rush to get out the door. An invisible necessity to complete any outfit. Always have a travel size in your bag for after an intense gym session, or just to freshen up in the bathroom on a first date.

Lip Products

Yes that is right we said products, plural, as in you need more than one for your bag. Everyone needs a clear and moisturizing lip balm to reapply regularly. Also make sure to have one or maybe two glosses or lipsticks in different shades for different scenarios. Pack a neutral to reapply at work or errands to add some color, or add a more bold color to reapply after your dinner date.


Always keep an SPF in your purse to reapply throughout the day, especially when out for hours at end. No matter the season take care of your skin now, your future self will thank you later.

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