Get Inspired: How to be an IT Girl in July

by chirpyest

If you’ve been on social media lately you’ll know that being a IT Girl or becoming one has been a trending topic. This July would be a great time to hop on the trend. And we’re here to help you find ways to tap into yourself with these few ideas. So, here are some brands we think can help you become an IT Girl in July.

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Total Gym

Thanks to Lori Harvey Pilates has been a big topic of discussion. And since some might call Lori an IT Girl we thought Pilates would be a great start. Totalgym has just what you need if you want to start your journey as a Pilates girl but don’t feel comfortable going to an in person class. They have a great Pilates kit that you can purchase for your home.

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The clothing you wear speaks your for before you even get a chance. You want to pick clothing that is comfortable but also flattering. Lululemon is such a great brand for because of how trendy their athletic wear is. It’s great for running errands, going to class, and even getting some with your girls. It’s a great and easy way to transition into this new era.

Home Chef

Probably the easiest and coolest way to become an IT Girl is by exploring and broadening your food palette. Home Chef is a Chicago, Illinois based meal and food delivery kit that delivers pre-portioned and food recipes to your door.

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Glow Recipe

Having healthy skin is a must for any girl but especially for an IT Girl. . Glow Recipe is an skincare brand that specializes in delivering clinical results and sensorial self-care. Glow This brand is amazing for becoming an IT Girl because it helps you glow in the right way.

Chic IT Girl Outfit

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