How to Make Your Own Chirpyest Shopping Board

by chirpyest

Learn how to create your own personal shopping board with Chirpyest! What is a shopping board exactly? That is what we are here to teach you today. Follow below to see how to make your own Chirpyest board if you don’t already.

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What is A Shopping Board?

You can save items to your shopping board to shop later or share with friends and earn cash back for any purchases made from your board! Think of it as a Pinterest board for you to show off your style but you can make money should someone shop from your board. That’s right you can earn cash back on not only your personal shopping, but others as well.

shopping board

Is it Easy to Use?

Absolutely, with the chirpyest browser extension you can add a product directly from that brand’s site. All you have to do is click “add to my shopping board” and that’s it! You can even add products directly from the chirpyest website as well. Make it aesthetically appealing by moving around the order of the products. You can even add photos from your Instagram account to further personalize it!

The Chirpyest

Once you have created your own board you are officially apart of the chirpyest community. On “the chirpyest” tab, you can browse and shop items curated by our very own users. Anyone who creates a public shopping board becomes part of ‚Äúthe chirpyest‚Äù. Shop from your peers and create your own board!

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