The Chirpyest: Emma’s New Apartment Essentials

by chirpyest

Emma here, Community Coordinator here at chirpyest! I am moving to a new apartment in another state in just one week! (I am super excited but super stressed out lol) But, I wanted to discuss some of the items I will be purchasing or have already purchased for my new apartment!

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After signing my lease, the first item I started looking for were barstools. I spent HOURS looking at barstools online and finally found the perfect one. The black on this chair will flow perfectly with the black detailing that is on the cabinet handles and appliances of my apartment. I was also pretty adamant about finding stools that had a modern yet boho feel. I think the black legs and cane detailing accomplished that goal.

Kitchen Accessories

The next dilemma I faced is that our sink is in the middle of the kitchen island. I did not want a drying rack placed on the counter simply for aesthetic reasons. My solution was this drying rack I found. You can place it right over your sink and it fold it to the side when you are done using it. Is it weird that I might be the most excited about this?

Bowl and Plate Set
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The next essential was finding a bowl and plate set. These simple white dishes with the little bit of details will be perfect.

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I am also in need of a wood cutting board. Here are a few that I’m looking at!


I need a bathroom refresh and I am loving yellow accents lately. This shower curtain has a simple grey stripes and I love the fringe on the bottom. The bath mat has a braided look and all the reviews say it is an extremely comfy material. The hand towels are the closest color match I could find to the bath mat…but I may keep looking for that perfect color match.


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I currently have a white bedspread and I love how it looks, but I am a huge late night snacker and am obsessed with keeping my comforter white, so it is not the best combo. Above are a few comforters that I am loving lately, I just cannot decide!

P.S. I will share photos once I have officially moved in and settled!

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