The Chirpyest: Everyday Casual Fashion Must Haves

by chirpyest

Community Contributor: Eileen Nguyen@eileennng_

As someone who enjoys creating everyday outfits for every single scenario possible, (grocery shopping, getting coffee, etc.) I mainly get items that are practical to my everyday life. There are so many options to choose from, but which everyday items are actually worth it and last? Keep reading to find out!

“For all the sneaker lovers reading this, this is your sign to get this shoe.”

Converse is a sneaker staple that just never goes out of style. It goes with just about anything, and the Run Star Hike is no different. The chunkier platform helps a petite girl like me have some height so I can’t complain about that. The ridges at the bottom actually make walking easier (as strange as that may sound). Basically, it’s not completely flat so it gives you some kind of balance.

 “Because you can never have too many cozy sweaters!”

You can never go wrong with a good crewneck sweater. This Beige Oversized Fleece Sweatshirt from Nike is a closet staple and the fleece inside makes it feel like you’re constantly getting a warm hug. The color also lets you easily pair it with just about anything too.

“Yes, this bag is worth it.”


This bag has been seen EVERYWHERE. I will admit, when I first saw it I was a bit skeptical. However, as I continued to browse and do my research on the tote I found myself itching to get it myself. Given the fact that I also needed a bag that would be good for holding my laptop and essentials for working at cafes and what not. Now that I have the Marc Jacobs Tote Bag, I literally share and tell everyone that this bag is worth every penny. It has a lot of pockets and it can fit so much inside!

You can get these items directly off of my shopping board.

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