The Essentials: Apartment Organization Picks by Emma

by chirpyest

Emma here! Today I am sharing the apartment organization you need! I recently moved into a new apartment and was very excited to begin organizing my new space! There is still a bit to go…I feel like it will never end… but I have gotten a decent bit of the apartment organized.

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Bathroom Organization

First up was the bathroom, which originally was just a mess of bottles and skincare. When I first moved in I put everything in the cabinets not thinking about what was going where, so it was the biggest mess. The first thing I did was lay down a shelf liner. In my old apartment I did not do this and there were rings at the bottom of the cabinet where bottles had sat.

Next was the actual organization and the first thing I tackled was my makeup. For 5 years I have always done my makeup sitting at my desk and now that my desk is located in the living room, I did not want it sitting out and looking a mess. I picked up a lazy susan and smaller stackable storage bins to store my makeup in.

Onto the actual organization in the bathroom! I use these stackable bins to place all the bottles and miscellaneous bathroom neccessities. They were perfect for bottles and other items!

Kitchen Organization

I am still slowly organizing the kitchen…the pantry will always be my nemesis, but it is getting there. I purchased a lazy susan to store my spices and this pan and lid rack really organized all my pans, lids and cutting boards. The is one of my favorite purchases and is definitely apartment organization you need! That cabinet is no longer a death trap! I also picked up this box organizer that easily stores your tin foil, press ‘n seal and zip lock bags. It is perfect for the space I have it in!

Below are a few other items I have picked up for my apartment recently! A decor update is coming soon…!

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