Mirrored Walls Are Making a Comeback in 2023

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Mirrored walls are making a comeback this year. When it comes to house interiors, the 1970s are making a comeback in more ways than one. Many of these themes take people by surprise. Mirrored walls were a huge component of the 1970s decor, and you might find them in homes throughout the decade, and even beyond. This trend, however, cannot be attributed primarily to the disco and rock n’ roll eras. Mirrors have traditionally been employed in Parisian designs to enhance stylish homes and create a sumptuous environment for people to spend time and enjoy their surroundings. Mirrors can also be used to make a room appear larger and more open.

Check out the benefits of having a mirrored wall and how you can incorporate them into your home below:

Benefits of a mirrored wall

Placing mirrors on walls can open up the room and create the illusion of more space in the home. Mirrors on the walls can also make your ceilings look taller. Another great benefit of mirrored walls is that they can help brighten up your home by bringing in more natural light. No matter the style, size, or shape, the mirrors can all have these benefits.

1. Mirrors Create the Perception of Space

Incorporate mirrors into your décor to create the illusion of more space. Mirrors make a room appear larger. So put a round mirror in your small powder room or cover your living room wall in mirrored paneling to make your room feel grand. Mirrors can also be used to help widen narrow spaces. To make a hallway feel less crowded, place a couple of identical decorative wall mirrors side by side along the wall.

2. Make a Statement With Mirrored Walls

Making mirrors the statement piece in your home can be super easy. Mirrors are an effortless design hack to create a statement wall in any particular space. To draw attention, use huge mirrors, framed wall mirrors, or a gallery wall of decorative wall mirrors to design a statement wall that’s on trend. Place them on the most visible walls or tables to bounce extra light around the room. The statement of the mirror can also distract from other small imperfections of the house. This creates the appearance of a well-designed and put-together home.

3. Mirrors Bring Good Energy to a Room

Adding mirrors to the wall adds visual interest to a room. When you add a good decorative mirror to your wall, it’ll for sure brighten the mood of the room. And maybe even you! That can bring good energy to the room and the house as a whole. Being happy with the decorations in your house is super important for good energy. After all, who would want to live in a home where they dislike all the decorations?

Creating a Mirrored Wall

Decorating with mirrors is super easy. There are many shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from depending on what kind of look or theme you want in your house. The good thing about creating a mirrored wall is that it can fit in any room or space in the house. Check out some of these styles and placement inspiration below.

Square tiles

Photo: @manorofstyle on Instagram

A cluster of square tile mirrors with the dining table against the wall makes the dining and kitchen area seem bigger and more spacious. During the daytime when the sun is out, the mirrors will reflect that light and make the entire space feel warm and familial.

Photo: @mirrorglassprocessing on Instagram

Mirrored walls can be great in the bathroom. Especially when paired with a freestanding tub such as this one. Bathroom mirrors can serve multiple purposes depending on the size. This bathroom mirror for example helps brighten the room. The mirror can reflect the natural light coming in from the window into the rest of the room making for a nice and relaxing bath.

Photo: @theinteriorwanderer on Instagram

This square tile mirrored wall is great for the dining room. Lots of opportunities for making the space brighter and bigger. It’s a great design idea as it balances out the room.

Covering the wall

Photo: @charlottecoote on Instagram

Having a mirrored wall in the office space or bedroom is a great idea. The big mirror panels covering the entire side of a wall create the illusion of the room appearing more spacious and the walls being higher.

Photo: Michelle Missy Lewis Platt on Home Talk

This is another great way to incorporate a mirrored wall into your home. Having your couch against the mirrors frees up more space in the middle. The mirrored wall is also in great placement as it is right across from big windows. This means that the light from outside will hit the mirrors and then reflect back into the living room, making the place brighter.


Photo: @bocadolobo on Instagram

This big circular mirror makes quite a statement on the wall. The gold cracks and outline make the piece stand out and thus, you’re not really focusing on other small components of the house. Statement pieces like this mirrored wall are a great way to distract from any small imperfections in the rest of the house.

Photo: @covethouse_ on Instagram

The backlit round mirrors bring so much good vibes into the space. It helps brighten the room even more. The placement and design help make the wall less empty. The mirrors also reflect light from the chandeliers, brightening the room even more and making the space seem bigger and cozier.

Photo: @rang_de_decor_ on Instagram

This circular mirror designed to look like the sun shining makes a great wall decor piece to put at the end of a hallway. It helps lighten up the mood of the room and it makes for a nice statement piece. Don’t be fooled by the size of the actual mirror, this sun-like mirror with gold linings can make the hallway seem wider and bigger.

Photo: @fedesfotos on Instagram

The leather straps and lining are a very creative way to hang up a small mirror. Mirrored walls don’t always have to be big bold statement pieces. Sometimes they can just be a little wall decor to help accessorize an empty wall. Round mirrors are great decor pieces to add to a home.

Unconventional shapes

Photo: @vanitymirrorinc on Instagram

Unconventionally shaped mirrors such as this one are one way to spice up the room. Who said mirrors had to all be a certain shape? This squiggly-shaped mirror makes for good wall decor and can lighten the mood of the room.

Photo: @saam.inspired.decor on Instagram

This is another squiggly-shaped mirror. The backlit look exudes an elegant ambiance that elevates the look of the room. The placement of the desk in relation to the mirror makes the wall look bigger and higher. All the small lighting sources also help with that illusion. This design creates such a peaceful vibe when looking at it. It is definitely a great design choice to incorporate into your home.

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