Spring Cleaning for the Soul: How The Container Store Can Help

by chirpyest

Spring cleaning is for the soul! Yes! Did you know that getting organized can help improve your mood? Spring is all about cleaning and organizing for a fresh start in a new season. Let’s organize with the container store for ultimate storage and spacing in your home. The container store is the holy grail brand for all things organization. When you shop online with Chirpyest you can earn 7.5% cash back at the container store.

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Organize Your Bathroom

Keep the place that’s meant for getting clean, refreshed, and organized. A messy bathroom doesn’t set the tone for a relaxing shower. Here are some simple and easy ways to keep your bathroom clean and de-cluttered.


Nobody likes to constantly bend down to grab your products in the shower, or always knock them over accidentally. This shower shelf is perfect to stand up all your shower goods, and hang up your loofahs. As a bonus, it comes with a detachable mirror!


Ladies if you don’t have a makeup organizer already for the vanity or bathroom, then this is a sign. With the beauty market booming and trending on TikTok, a storage organizer for makeup is definitely a must-have.


Perfect for drawers, under the sink, or in the bathroom closet. These drawer organizers are the perfect tool to keep any extra bathroom tools or skincare neat and prevent decluttering.

Organize Your Closet

A classic spring cleaning staple is always a closet. Spring cleaning for the soul can start with the closet. Out with the old clothes and in with the new ones. A big part of spring cleaning is getting rid of an overflow of clothes. While some people may have too much, others just simply don’t have proper organization so it looks like too much. This spring organize your belongings prior to just throwing things out to create more space.

Shoe Organizer

Shoes can take up a lot of closet space, especially on the ground. Save that space for tall boots, or other storage supplies. An over-the-door organizer is perfect for keeping your shoes on display, while also keeping them clean and out of harm’s way.

Add Bins

Have a lot of accessories like scarves, small bags, or hats? These bins are the perfect aesthetic way to keep things organized in your closet while also acting as a little closet decor.

Jewelry Organizer

Something that gets easily tangled and cluttered is jewelry. Get a stackable compartment to store in neatly and place on a closet shelf.

Organize Your Kitchen

Organizing the kitchen can seem like a real hassle, but the container store has great sets for “beginners” if you will. Canisters and bins to help organize the fridge, pantry, and more.


Eliminate the bags and boxes and create a pantry worth looking at. With a tight seal, these canisters will be sure to keep your food fresh and organized.

Under the Sink Storage

Probably the most cluttered space in the kitchen is under the sink. Cleaning products, extra sponges, and towels just shoved underneath. A pull-out cabinet is a perfect solution to declutter all those extra supplies kept under the sink.


Creating space in the fridge can be as simple as adding storage bins to help contain produce and drinks. This set is perfect for those who want to organize but don’t know where to start.

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