Fall Home Trends To Make a Cozy Home

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We wait all year for those cozy fall days. The days when the sun shines through dancing leaves and your cozy home invites friends in from the crisp fall air. Let’s welcome the romance of autumn with this season’s fall home trends.

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How to Make a Cozy Fall Home

To properly give homage to the autumn season you must reflect on the beautiful characteristics of the environment: the colors, the textures, and the lighting.

Autumn is all about the colors! As the leaves begin to change, we get to see deep plums, bright tangerines, dusty pinks, and nearly every evolving shade of green. We are left with a lovely fall color palette to decorate our homes. Shop for natural materials and textures like woods, sherpas, wickers, and wools. Notice the presence of organic lighting, and create a soft and warm ambiance.

Looking to nature for inspiration will help transform your space into a cozy fall home. We have put together a list of this season’s fall home trends to kindle your imagination.

Colorful Glass

Colorful glass has become one of the most popular fall home trends. Perhaps it is because you are given a chance to show off the magnificent colors of autumn on your glassware, lamps, and candle holders. Just imagine how these beautiful goblets and glasses will catch the light as you toast with friends gathered around your hearth. Not to mention, you can save up to 1% cash back at Urban Outfitters with Chirpyest.

Goblets & Glasses

Table Lamp

Candle Holders

Cozy Seating

The #1 necessity in a cozy home is comfortable seating. Sherpas and boucle fabrics are soft and plushy upholstery choices. Their cream color provides a modern look with a sense of tranquility. Often crafted with natural wood accents, these comfy-chic seatings from Lulu and Georgia invite you to sit and relax. They give you the perfect opportunity to give a splash of color with your choice of throw pillows and comfy blankets.

Imperfect Perfection

Nature is perfectly imperfect. The shapes, sizes, colors and textures found in nature are all organically unique. This fall-home trend is all about embracing the imperfect. Shop for organic and raw pieces that resemble the natural woods of the autumn season. Download the Chirpyest Browser Extension when shopping these charming antique bowls from etúHome to earn up to 4% cash back.

Antique Bowls

Asymmetrical Coffee Table

Found Boards

Lighting for Ambiance

The choices of styles are abundant. There are tassels and fringes for a maximalist look. Then there is a muted and simplistic structure for a modern look. Or a delicate pleated shade with accents of natural unfinished wood for a boho-chic style. Each style would find its place in a fall home, but it’s important to keep the ambiance soft and organic.

A Baker’s Essentials

Chocolate chip cookies… cinnamon pumpkin bread… apple cider donuts… Just imagine all the delicious fall goodies you can make with the KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Don’t forget to shop with Chirpyest and save up to 2.5% cash back at Kitchen Aid. Baking will always be a fall trend, so make sure your home has the essentials.


Must-Have Utensils

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Forest Green

Evergreens stand tall throughout the changing seasons. They are a testament to the power of longevity. Bring that sense of resilience and unchanging beauty into you home. Forest green grounds your energy. Luxuriate in the color that represents nature itself. Utilize the power of the color and play around with fabrics. Try linens, corduroy, and velvets.

Wools & Wovens

Knitwear is not just for your sweaters. This season’s fall home trends include knits and wovens in the decor. Wickers and rattans are a great way to showcase exquisite craftsmanship. Wool throws will not only keep you warm, but offer a new texture in your home. Earn up to 6% cash back when you shop at One Kings Lane with Chirpyest.

Ring Holder

Double Old Fashioned

Champagne Flutes

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