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European summers are all the rage right now, and we’ve got you covered with the perfect hotel and pieces to bring Europe home. Located in Greece is Hotel Aristide, a restored mansion in the heart of Hermoupolis. This place is certainly a gem with unique charm and character. The hotel’s attention to detail is remarkable, allowing the personality of the space to shine through. Despite its modern features, the dramatic jewel-toned furniture, beautiful crown molding, and intricate tile add to the building’s rich history. Every corner of the hotel is carefully curated, creating a sense of artistry that is both inviting and inspiring. The Hotel Aristide is truly the perfect destination filled with inspiring designs to bring into your home!

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Dark and Moody Foyer

European Greek Hotel Lobby
Photography by Hotel Aristide

The entryway of the Hotel Aristide is absolutely breathtaking. At first glance, the antique architecture is hard to miss. The rich molding and intricate ceilings are unreal. But, when paired with modern touches, this space is the epitome of sophisticated fun. The midcentury accents are hard to miss, from rich jewel-toned velvet seating to playful light fixtures.

Greek Inspired Accessories

Something the Hotel Aristide does perfectly is accessories. Scattered throughout the lobby of the hotel are these quirky Greek busts, painted in dark greens or black and gold. With these unique and artistic sculptures in place comes a touch of whimsy and intrigue to the space. Therefore, creating conversation pieces that intrigue and delight guests. The combination of traditional coastal European with a contemporary color palette gives a fresh and unexpected twist to the overall ambiance. Each detail is truly curated with a traditional touch, making the lobby an unexpected space of luxury. Drum Coffee Table | Green Velvet Couch | Black & Gold Chandelier | Tufted Velvet Chair

Atmospheric Office Area

European Greek Hotel Room Office
Photography by Hotel Aristide

The office area of a hotel is oftentimes a neutral space, but Hotel Aristide makes them the focal point of each suite. Each room has its own funky art piece above the desk, and unique accessories accenting the area. From the gold coral, to the miniature black bust and the sleek black mushroom lamp, this space is eye candy in a nutshell! The most eye-catching element is the black chandelier. It perfectly complements the mood of the room while adding a pop to the mid-century modern furniture. Of course, the jewel tones continue into the guest rooms, whether they are rich greens and blues or exciting pinks. This creates a cohesive hotel, that still has a different personality for each room.

Small Details Elevate Spaces

By infusing the office area with major attention to detail, Hotel Aristide has transformed it into more than just a functional space. The interiors obviously focus on the little things, transforming the room. Through these small details, the office morphs into a place where work seamlessly merges with art through the surrounding aesthetic. The thoughtful curation of art pieces and accessories ensures that elevates this office nook beyond the ordinary!

Bright Bedroom

European Greek Hotel Pink Mid-century guest room
Photography by Hotel Aristide

Talk about a breath of fresh air! This guest room is simplicity at its finest with its minimalistic interiors. Although the room is simple, it does not lack in design or architecture. The built-in mirror above the bed frame is a classic element to this stark and modern room, while the pink theme adds a fresh touch. Like every room in Hotel Aristide, the design details are what makes the space! This room is no exception, especially considering that breathtaking gold lamp. The round brass detailing adds shape to this overall angular space. So unique and fun!

Mid-Century and Chic

Another standout feature of the guest room is the tufted velvet headboard. A nod to mid-century design, this luxurious piece adds a touch of retro charm to the contemporary space. Its unique height creates a focal point within the room, drawing attention while adding an element of visual interest. The plush velvet material invites guests to indulge in comfort and relaxation, providing a cozy and inviting space for a peaceful night’s sleep!

Ornate Bathroom

European Greek Hotel Bathroom
Photography by Hotel Aristide

This ensuite bathroom at Hotel Aristide is truly stunning, and it captivates guests with exquisite design and thoughtful details. The standout feature of the space is the standalone tub, an elegant centerpiece that invites relaxation. As you step into the bathroom, the vibrant and colorful tiles immediately catch your eye. With their bright hues and traditional designs, they evoke a sense of European summer, infusing the space with energy and charm!

Quirky Wood Detailing

Furthermore, the wood detailing in the bathroom adds warmth and a natural element to the overall design. The blending of styles, from traditional European to midcentury, and of course modern contemporary, makes this bathroom a standalone work!

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It is hard to imagine all the possibilities and potential of space without knowing what that is. This is where home stagers step in. 

Home stagers help buyers see the potential in a home. When staging is done properly, the buyer is able to visualize themselves living in the space. With contemporary furnishings and decor, the buyer is longer daunted by the blank canvas of an empty home; instead, they are welcomed into a neutral space where they can visualize all of the possibilities.  

At Chirpyest, we participate with many home decor brands for you to earn cash back. Some of our favorites are Pottery Barn, Soho Home, Sferra, MacKenzie-Childs, and Anthropologie.

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Tips & Tricks for Staging

Professional home stagers bring in furniture, art, and accessories to showcase the beauty and promise of the home. Staging isn’t just about what can be added, but also about what could be taken away. It is hard for buyers to imagine themselves in a home decorated with personal photos, memories, and clutter, so stagers will remove the owner’s mementos to present the home in a clean condition. 

Home staging is all about showcasing the functionality of the home. Using furniture that highlights the movement within the space, the buyers will see the optimal livability of the property.

There are many tips and tricks of staging that help to sell houses, and earning cash back with Chirpyest is a great trick to smoothing out this process.

1. Pottery Barn

Earning up to 5% cash back with Chirpyest, Pottery Barn offers a wide array of quality products from furniture to art, rugs to pillows, and lighting to dining ware. Pottery Barn’s collections are always successful in making a house a home.

It is so important in home staging to create vignettes around the house – groupings of furniture and decor to display the use or function of a room in a homey manner. Focusing attention on happy scenes helps set the mood for the buyers. These do not have to be everywhere, but attention to detail in key locations like the kitchen, family room, and master bedroom could be very helpful.

Pottery Barn’s style and selection are perfect for setting the scene.

2. Soho Home

Soho Home’s in-stock range is ready to ship for US delivery within two weeks and a 3% cash back with Chirpyest. Their pieces show the buyer all the possibilities from comfort to high-end.

The big pieces: the sofa, the dining table, the bed, the dresser. These items take up a lot of space. It is essential that they add to the flow of the house and do not hinder the movement and direction. The big pieces in staging should still allow the buyer to feel the natural energy of the home.

Soho Home has beautiful center-of-attention pieces that are models for any home staging.

home stagers
Sofa | Dining Table | Dresser | Bed
Earn 3% cash back at Soho Home

3. Sferra

Beds and baths are of the utmost importance when house hunting. So of course the bedding and linens must impress the buyer. Sferra offers beautiful and indulgent linens, and with Chirpyest you can earn up to 7.5% cash back.

When a buyer walks into the bedrooms, especially the master, the bed is the focal point. It is key that the bedding and pillows send the right message – clean & comfortable.

home stagers
Ornato Collection
Earn 7.5% cash back at Sferra

Neatly folded towels and linens aren’t just for practicality, they are luxurious. The bathrooms are a place for self-care and pampering, and the decor must say so.

home stagers
Moresco Collection
Earn 7.5% cash back at Sferra

4. MacKenzie-Childs

With earnings up to 7.5% cash back, MacKenzie-Child’s fun kitchen and dining collections are the ultimate staging dining ware.

Setting a proper dining room table is necessary. This may be a time-consuming step, but the warm welcome that a formal table setting gives is unlike anything else. A large vase as the centerpiece to hold flowers and placemats for every seat at the table will make the buyer experience the life of the home.

MacKenzie-Child’s dining ware and place settings have just the right amount of personality for the buyer to see themselves sitting at the head of the table.

5. Anthropologie

Anthropologie – the decor catch-all. Earn up to 7.5% cash back from Anthropologie with Chirpyest.

Their artwork, vases, books just for show, and candles (one’s that smell like freshly baked cookies) are all vital additions to the decorating process. It is crucial that these tiny details aren’t overwhelming, but are frequent throughout the home.

Artwork can add a focal point to a room that may not already have one. Trinkets and vases with fresh flowers bring ease of life to the space. Candles and air fresheners can always brighten a room. These little touches invite the buyers in to witness all of the possibilities that they could not imagine.

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Let’s find the best couches and sofas to sit on this 2023. Comfort is always a top priority, however, style is another huge factor. A sofa is the heart of the living room, where guests will sit to relax and enjoy. Couches and sofas can be a big investment so always make sure to pick one that is comfortable, stylish, and durable. Continue below to see the best couches and sofas of 2023.

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For a Modern Style

Emet Three Seater Sofa – The curved silhouette of this sofa creates a feminine and modern look. Both chic and comfortable this sofa looks like it belongs in a luxurious city loft.

Wendall Sofa – This geometrically shaped sofa is the definition of a modern aesthetic. Both youthful and artistic, this sofa is a great modern choice.

Best on a Budget

Wide Velvet Sofa Couch – This sofa is the definition of elegance on a budget. It is soft and sophisticated with its velvet texture and gold accents. The perfect luxury sofa without the hefty price tag.

Atis 90in Boucle 3 Seater Sofa – This plush Scandinavian sofa is both casual and comfortable. Snag this simple yet chic couch for under $1,000!’

For an Eclectic Feel

Kori Modular Armless Sofa – This sectional is the perfect blend of eclectic with a modern twist. The simple modern shape of the couch paired with the color-block hues creates a bold and eclectic feel.

Camila Velvet Sofa – What is more eclectic than velvet paired with a vibrant color? The wooden legs and curved silhouette create a retro look that is truly unique.

Outdoor Sofas

Johanna Outdoor Sofa, Harriet Stripe – Perfect for summertime entertaining in the backyard. The wood and stirpes combinations give off a summer in the Hamptons feel.

Malibu Metal Grand Outdoor Sofa – Cool, modern, and sleek, this outdoor sofa is perfect to sit poolside with a drink in hand on a sunny afternoon.


Emery Leather 84″ Sofa – This clean and classic black leather sofa is perfect to make any living room sleek. This is a great base for a living room as it will pair with almost any style.

Henley Tufted Leather Sofa – This is a sophisticated sofa you sit on after a long day with a book in one hand and an old fashion in the other. This cool caramel contemporary couch is perfect to fit in any study.

To Lounge Around

Kaila Media Lounger – Cozy up on this lounger that is ideal for a movie night. The round shape combined with the puffy cushions makes it perfect to curl up on with a blanket and a bowl of popcorn.

Coburn Six Piece Pit Sectional – Sprawl out on this sofa sectional for the ultimate lazy Sunday. The shape is ideal for laying down or cuddling on a rainy day with a nice book in hand.

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With new technology advancements, where else would it be better to have smart appliances than your home? Vacuums work by themselves, and refrigerators can literally talk back to you. It can be hard to find appliances that fit both your needs and style. Today, we have rounded up the best smart home appliances for every room.

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1. Living Room

Spruce up your living room with these amazing experiential gadgets, from audio to video. Make watching movies even more special with a smart TV, and make hosting even more fun with a karaoke machine.

+ up to 3.75% cash back at Sonos

2. Kitchen

Cooking dinner can be a breeze with these kitchen gadgets. From refrigerating your ingredients to after-dinner clean-up, smart home appliances can be your best friend.

+ up to 2.5% cash back at AJ Madison Appliances

3. Laundry Room

Doing laundry is never fun, make it quick and easy with these smart laundry room essentials. Make the room as effective and enjoyable as possible with a self-working vacuum and automatic air freshener that takes your breath away.

smart home
+ up to 4% cash back at The Home Depot

4. Bedroom

Get a restful night’s sleep using these bedroom smart gadgets. Make your bedroom an oasis with an essential oil diffuser and keep the room fresh with an air purifier. Your partner snores? We’ve got you covered with everything from adjustable mattresses to alarm clocks.

+ up to 7.5% cash back at Tempurpedic

5. Bathroom

The bathroom may seem like the most mundane room, however, if you add the right appliances it can feel more like a personal spa. Find the right showerhead and add a shower controller to make life easier. Don’t forget to purchase a heated towel rack to keep towels nice and toasty.

smart home
+ up to 6% cash back at Overstock

No matter what room in the house you are looking for, we can help find the perfect gadget for you. Everything these days is smart home applicable, it is just finding the right appliance that works for your home and your schedule so that you can keep your house just the way you like it.

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Moving into a new apartment and not sure how to decorate on your own? A bar cart is one of the best ways to store and organize, while also decorating. Bar cart decor can be styled sleek and chic, or flirty and feminine. No matter your style there are necessities that belong on every bar cart. Below we will show you some amazing inspiration for your next bar cart. 

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No matter the size, shape, or material there is a cart that suits everyone’s style. From a classic two shelves to multi-levels with a wine rack, there is a cart for everyone.


What would a bar cart be without glassware? Be sure to have glasses for every type of cocktail. Martinis, margaritas, and more are a must on a bar cart! Plus always have wine glasses and champagne flutes on hand.


No matter the aesthetic of choice, a candle is always a must when it comes to cart decor. Whether it is scented or simply for decor, candles are a staple when it comes to bar cart decorum.

Florals & Plants

Liven up any cart with some floral decor. Whether it is real or faux, any plant is a perfect decor addition.


Not only will these books add to the ambiance of a cart, but also be the perfect go-to when creating new and unique cocktails.

Bar Cart Inspiration

Wine Glasses | Book 1 | Book 2 | Candles | Vase | Bar Cart
+ up to 7.5% cash back at Anthropologie

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Looking for new home decor can be overwhelming. With so many styles to choose from and so many different brands, where is the best place to start? Keep reading to learn about 23 places that you can check out and some best sellers from each brand!

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1. Anthropologie

Anthropologie carries home goods from furniture to subtle decor accents! Shop Anthropologie for a delicate, boho-chic aesthetic! Check out some of their bestsellers:

Best brands: home decor from Anthropologie
Mirror | Light | Cabinet
+ up to 7.5% cash back at Anthropologie

2. Arhaus

Arhaus is a classic luxury home brand. They carry high-quality furniture and accents! Arhaus has so many different styles of home decor, from modern to industrial to boho!

Best brands: home decor from Arhaus
Candle | Light | Tray
+ up to 5% cash back at Arhaus

3. Annie Selke

Annie Selke is a great brand to shop for anything from furniture to rugs to throw pillows! Refresh your space with some, bright colors! Here are some of their bestsellers right now:

Best brands: home decor from Annie Selke
Mirror | Rug | Table
+ up to 5% cash back at Annie Selke

4. Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman is another amazing brand to shop for high-quality home items! If luxury home is your thing, you’ll find what you’re looking for here! From furniture to accents, Bergdorf Goodman will have anything that you’re looking for!

Best brands: home decor from Bergdorf Goodman
Table | Book | Couch
+ up to 1.5% cash back at Bergdorf Goodman

5. Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale’s is one of the best places to shop for home decor because of the wide range of brands they carry! You can find tons of must-have home goods all in one place at Bloomingdale’s. Love these bathroom pieces!

Best brands: home decor from Bloomingdale's
Ladder | Bathroom Set | Shelf
+ up to 5% cash back at Bloomingdale’s

6. Dormify

Shop Dormify if you’re looking to add some personality to your living space! This is one of the best brands for fun accents like candles and wall art!

Best brands: home decor from Dormify
Drawer Set | Pillow | Neon Sign
+ up to 7.5% cash back at Dormify

7. etúHOME

etúHOME has classic must-haves for the kitchen! Prepare charcuterie on this gorgeous wooden board, or prop your cookbook up to make cooking easier! With Chirpyest, you can also earn 4% cash back at etúHOME!

Best brands: home decor from etúHome
Trivet | Charcuterie Board | Cookbook Holder
+ up to 4% cash back at etúHOME

8. Fete Home

Enhance your style with Fete Home! Shop a collection of classy, timeless pieces. Check out Fete Home for unique accents to add something exciting to every room!

Best brands: home decor from Fete Home
Tulip Candle | Box | Lamp
+ up to 5% cash back at Fete Home

9. Horne

Shop Horne for timeless, designer furniture and accents! Their authentic modern furniture and accents will elevate any space!

Best brands: home decor from Horne
Lamp | Dish | Sofa
+ up to 3% cash back at Horne

10. Kirkland’s Home

Kirkland’s Home is one of the best brands to shop for affordable essentials! They have something for any interior design style, from furniture to accent pieces! Here are some of their best sellers right now:

Best brands: home decor from Kirkland
Chair | Pouf | Tray
+ up to 0.5% cash back at Kirkland’s Home

11. Kitchenaid

Pair your stylized kitchen with appliances from Kitchenaid! From espresso makers to mixers and more, Kitchenaid’s products are reliable and high quality. With Chirpyest, you can earn 2.5% cash back on your cooking essentials!

Best brands: home decor from Kitchenaid
Espresso Machine | Mixer 1 | Mixer 2
+ up to 2.5% cash back at Kitchenaid

12. Lulu and Georgia

Shop Lulu and Georgia for a classic and clean home aesthetic! This soft white couch paired with a warm wooden table and a beautiful vase is a gorgeous combo for a serene living room! Shop Lulu and Georgia and earn cash back with Chirpyest!

Best brands: home decor from Lulu and Georgia
Sofa | Table | Vase
+ up to 5% cash back at Lulu and Georgia

13. Mackenzie-Childs

Mackenzie-Childs makes putting together your dining room easy. With so many different collections, you can find sets that match the aesthetic you’re going for. This checkered set will add a little flare to any space!

Best brands: home decor from Mackenzie-Childs
Clock | Dish | Vase
+ up to 8.5% cash back at Mackenzie-Childs

14. Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack has everything you could need for your home in one place! They carry so many different brands, so you can find home decor that uniquely reflects your style! Shop Nordstrom Rack for luxury brands at more affordable prices!

Tables | Candle | Vase
+ up to 2% cash back at Nordstrom Rack

15. One Kings Lane

Shop One Kings Lane for luxury furniture and home decor. Find your style and create your perfect home!

Jar | Chair | Cabinet
+ up to 6% cash back at One Kings Lane

16. Overstock

Overstock has so many different styles of home decor and furniture! From modern to industrial to chic, they have many high-quality options at affordable prices. These are some best sellers now:

Plant | Sofa | Rug
+ up to 6% cash back at Overstock

17. Parachute

Parachute is one of the best brands for bedding and bath essentials. The quality of their products will make you feel like you’re in a spa in your own home. They also focus on sustainability!

Duvet | Waffle Towels | Robe
+ up to 5% cash back at Parachute

18. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is a classic home goods brand with tons of options. They have everything from large furniture to small room accents that will pull any space together! Shop here for furniture, decor, and more, and earn 5% cash back!

Chair | Table | Vase
+ up to 5% cash back at Pottery Barn

19. Soho Home

Shop Soho Home for high-quality furniture, textiles, decor, and more! This beautiful sofa is a best seller right now. Pair it with detailed pieces, like this side table, to add your own style to your living room!

Light | Table | Sofa
+ up to 3.5% cash back at Soho Home

20. Target

Target is a great go-to for timeless and affordable home essentials! Whether you’re designing a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or office, Target will have everything you need. Use Chirpyest to earn 4% cash back while you shop!

Lamp | Chair | Ottoman
+ up to 4% cash back at Target

21. Terrain

Terrain has outdoor furniture that will transform any yard or patio into a serene oasis. They have matching sets, like the one below, or you can mix and match them to create a space that will reflect your unique style!

Table | Bench | Lantern
+ up to 7.5% cash back at Terrain

22. Visual Comfort

Brighten up all of your spaces with Visual Comfort! Shop table lamps, floor lamps, and chandeliers here. Visual Comfort has something for every home design style!

23. Wayfair

Shop Wayfair for all of your furniture and other home essentials! They have beautiful accents, like this sculpture and hourglass! Fun pieces from Wayfair can help you add your own flare to any room!

Hourglass | Sculpture | Sofa
+ up to 3.5% cash back at Wayfair

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Today we are discussing how to light up a room, featuring lighting fixtures from Visual Comfort. Previously known as Circa Lighting you can earn up to 7.5% cash back with Chirpyest!

Don’t forget to sign up and shop with Chirpyest here!

Table Lamps

Lineham Table Lamp – This hefty alabaster table lamp gives off the perfect warm lighting for any desk or side table, all while having a sophisticated and chic look.

Culloden Table Lamp – From a distance, this lamp may appear to be a chic solid grey. But up close you’ll notice the subtle craquelure pattern that adds some texture and detail.

Beaumont Medium Buffet Lamp – For a more contemporary and classic look, go for the Beaumont lamp. Its silhouette and linen shades create a sense and style of timelessness.

Vedra Medium Table Lamp – This glazed finish lamp is suited for a more eclectic look. A standout piece in a neutral room to bring in color and texture.

Dani Medium Table Lamp – This marble piece


Talia Small Chandelier – This chandelier will brighten any room adding a feminine and fun element.

Leighton Large Barrel Chandelier – This piece by Kate Spade is perfect for any eclectic or contemporary setting. The glass flowers add a playful and flirty touch.

Clarice Large Chandelier – A classic chandelier silhouette but with a modern twist. This piece is sure to make an elegant statement in any foyer or entryway.

Jacqueline Chandelier – This elegant, beaded piece is a fusion of the 20s and modern style. Sophisticated and romantic, this chandelier is sure to sparkle in any room.

Lomme XL Chandelier – Perfect for any modern-styled home. With crisp geometric lines and clear glass water droplets, this light fixture is a fabulous focal point.

Floor Lamps

Alma Tray Table Floor Lamp – Both functional and stylish, this sleek modern lamp doubles as lighting decor and a side table.

Aimee Floor Lamp – Simple and sophisticated, this slender floor lamp is both elegant and modern.

Modern Open Floor Lamp – This lamp is the perfect modern piece to accent any room.

Hackney Bridge Arm Floor Lamp – Another classic option that is simple and sleek with clean geometric lines. Ideal to add to any corner to help enhance the room.

Constance Floor Lamp – Where modern meets eclectic, this lamp is perfect to lighten and brighten any room with its stunning silhouette.

Lune Floor Lamp – A piece that you would find on an urban city street, this lamp is fit for a modern loft apartment.

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We are a new shopping platform that allows you to save $$ and shop from over 850 retailers like Visual Comfort, Target, Urban Outfitters, One Kings Lane, Kassatex, and MORE!

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What better way to take advantage of the warmer days than to host a party for your close friends. Show off your hosting skills and the cutest decor with the help of Chirpyest. If you are planning on throwing a party, we have all the essentials you need for hosting down below. Take the stress out of hosting with staple products that we think every hostess should have!

Create a dreamy tablescape using color-coordinated tableware in bright shades and vivid patterns. We love patterned plates, colorful wine glasses, vibrant napkins, and special touches. Choosing a color scheme is a great way to elevate any table look. Pair a vibrant plate by coordinating napkins and silverware for a cohesive tablescape. Napkins, silverware, and plates are a perfect way to use staple pieces to add a personal touch to any dinner party. Having a few fun plates for dinner parties and events is always a great idea! If you are planning on dishing up fun foods, use unique serveware to make your party even more show-stopping. We included some of our favorite staple hosting pieces below!

Don’t forget to sign up and shop with Chirpyest here!


Aside from the necessary pieces like plates and napkins, going the extra mile to add a few touches to your party can make you an even more memorable host. We love adding a colorful tablecloth, outdoor string lights, and comfortable chairs. Making sure there is plenty of seating and a well-lit area are two hosting essentials. If you are going for an outdoor garden party vibe, adding string lights creates an ethereal look. Elevate the traditional party games with updated trivia questions and table topics. Or, opt for a leisurely game of dominoes or pickleball. While people play, others are bound to spend time in your kitchen if they’re not outside. So, why not add a fun dishtowel to add some color?

Outdoor Decor

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It’s time to revamp your home decor for spring! Whether you’re just switching up some wall art or a candle on your side table, on completely redoing a room, spring is a great time for some new decor inspiration!

It can be overwhelming to take on a new home decor project, and it’s easy to feel pressure to fit a certain style. But boho to modern, there’s decor to fit everyone’s aesthetic! Keep reading to find the home decor inspiration that fits your vibe!

Don’t forget to sign up and shop with chirpyest here!


Follow a boho aesthetic for your decor inspiration if you’re a free spirit who loves bright colors! Stick to jewel tones, off-white and wooden or wicker textures to achieve a look like this!

CurtainMacrame ButterfliesLampPouf | BasketCouchRug
+ up to 5% cash back at Arhaus


For those who love the beach and the feeling of a cool breeze, then coastal is the way to go. Lots of rattan decor and accents, on top of deep shades of blue to match the hue of the ocean.

Mirror | Couch | Rug | Hanging Chair | Pillow 1 | Pillow 2 | Baskets
+ up to 5% cash back at Overstock

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is perfect for anyone who loves a subtle, girly touch to their home decor! Fringe, marble, bright whites, and touches of muted pinks come together for a classic, shabby chic look!


Keep things simple with a minimalist aesthetic for your decor inspiration! Neutrals, simple furniture, and candles or essential oil diffusers are great for setting up a minimalist space!


If you can’t seem to land on an aesthetic, go with eclectic! Mix up your favorite styles by using lots of different colors and textures! Eclectic decor inspiration will brighten up the space and make it feel like your own!

Lamp | Cherub Candle | Chair | Flowers | Candle Holders | Rug | Table
+ up to 7.5% cash back at Anthropologie


Modern decor is clean and classic. Pieces with defined lines and angles, geometric shapes, bright whites, and neutrals come together to give the room that modern feel!

Rug | Lamp | Couch | Plant | Pillow | Clock | Candle | Table
+ up to 4% cash back at Pom Pom at Home

Check out the blog post here for more interior design inspiration!

We are a new shopping platform that allows you to earn $$ from over 850 retailers like Arhaus, Dormify, Anthropologie, Kathy Kuo Home, Bloomingdale’s, and MORE!

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It’s time to shop Terrain! We’ve never been more excited to shop for spring. Chirpyest is excited to announce this new brand has been added to our platform, Terrain! Now you can earn up to 7.5% cash back from Anthropologie’s sister company. Stock up on all your spring home decor must-haves like candles, tableware, and planters. Your home and wallet will thank you! Earning cash back while shopping has never been easier. Just shop through Chirpyest, add your favorite items to your cart, and check out – soon you’ll have cash back sent to your inbox! Check out our favorite finds from Terrain to celebrate the spring season below

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1. Fabulous Home Decor

Updating your home with new spring decor pieces can help you embrace the season and liven up your space! Below are some of our favorite home decor pieces from Terrain that you can earn 7.5% cash back on.

2. Functional & Stylish Kitchen Decor

Spring has sprung in the kitchen too, not just outside! We love these kitchen finds from Terrain to spruce up your kitchen and add a few spring-trend pieces. These vibrant kitchen additions will make every day feel like spring, rain, or shine!

3. Spring Forward with Serveware

Shop terrain offers the best serveware for dinner parties and other social gatherings. Their collection of serveware includes pitchers, cutting boards, and serving platters with a spring seasonal twist. So many cute floral patterns and pretty pastels!

Bonus: Furniture Finds!

Sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses… these comfortable furniture pieces from Terrain are a great place to kick your feet up! Don’t forget, shopping with Chirpyest x Terrain means 7.5% cash back – so you can feel better about purchasing a new sofa!

There are so many great springs finds for your home on Terrain. Make sure to shop through Chirpyest to get up to 7.5% cash back on all the items you pick! This is a great way to spruce up your home this Spring!

We are a new shopping platform that allows you to save $$ and shop from over 850 retailers like Anthropologie, Parachute Home, Terrain, SSENSE, and MORE!

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