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Let’s talk about Fall rugs! Rugs can be a good base in a living room to set the tone. Different colors, textures and patterns can give room character. Fall rugs can range from earth toned patterns or solid colors of wool texture. Find rugs that suit any home style this Fall season below.

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Patterned Rugs

Patterned rugs are perfect way to add some flare and character to a mainly neutral and/or solid living room.

Fall Living Room Inspiration

Solid Rugs

Solid colored rugs are always in style. Different textures can to add a cozy feel to the space which is certainly fitting for Autumn.

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Quality bedding can be pricey, especially luxury bedding. With the chirpyest browser extension, cash back is always an option. While shopping at partner brands, the browser extension will automatically activate your cash back. It’s super simple, easy and free to use!

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Memory Foam Matress

Gel memory foam creates an ultra plush comfort when sleeping.

Latex Mattress

A classic made of soft organic cotton and wool.

Temperature Responsive Mattress

A thermic cooling cover and smart flow air layer creates the ultimate breathable mattress.

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Sateen Sheets

For a thicker and soft feel, snag a sateen sheet. Known for being buttery soft and silky this sheet set is perfect for the upcoming colder months to snuggle up against.

Linen Sheets

100% linen is a classic when it comes to sheets, simple yet effective.

Percale Sheets

A light-weight and crisp material, percale sheets are ideal for those who run hot. Soft and breathable with the look of a luxurious hotel sheet set.

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Flannel Bamboo Duvet

A bit of a twist on a flannel duvet is adding bamboo to the mix. This duvet is made out of not only breathable cotton but also rayon from bamboo.

Italian Duvet

For the smooth and silky feeling, Italian sateen is the clear way to go to bed.

Cotton Duvet

Perfect for a beach house bedroom, or anyone who loves a classic preppy look and 100% cotton feel.

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Let’s dive deep into our chair round up for some Fall interior inspiration! From warm hues to cozy textures we are going to help get into the Fall mood. Accent chairs in your living room can be the perfect base to decorate around. So be cautious when choosing the perfect chair to to add to a Fall living room.

We have curated a collection of fabulous Fall chairs from Lulu & Georgia, and when you shop with chirpyest you can get up to 5% cash back!

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Greens for Fall

Green chairs are definitely more of a bold and broody choice for the Fall season. We love a chair with character, and if that’s your jam then definitely grab one in green.

Textures for Fall

Keep the color neutral this Fall when pairing with colored decor. These cream colored chairs will pair nicely with any color. A fun and cozy twist to these chairs are they upholstery. Both extremely soft and adds a bit of a cozy texture to bring on the Fall feels.

Warm Tones for Fall

A classic go to color palette for fall are warm tones. From rustic reds and oranges to a classic brown. Mix it up with a velvet or leather chair, both perfectly suitable Autumn attire.

Let us know your favorite piece from our chair round up below!

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fall decor

Who’s ready for some cold weather and all things pumpkin spice? Prep yourself for this year’s fall home decor trends. Stay up to date and learn what’s in and what’s out!

With the help of Chirpyest, you can give your home that “cozy feeling” and makeover it deserves this fall season!

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Earth Tones

Don’t turn your home into a pumpkin!

Try to shift away from the classic jack-o-lantern orange tones and create a home with natural Earth tones. This will incorporate an autumn with a color palette of warm browns, taupes, and greens. With Boll & Branch you can find the perfect organic luxury bedding and bath essentials.

Blanket | Bedding | Diffuser

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Pumpkin Art

Pumpkins give the meaning of the fall season, they’re too cute to pass on! One trend that will be is the gallery wall. You can recreate a wall full of art from Kirkland’s Home with what you think will look good together. At Kirkland’s Home you can also find grass dried arrangements and kitchen sets. Tell me these pumpkin bowls aren’t perfect to use this fall?

Kitchen Set | Wall Art | Arrangement

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Faux Decor

Sometimes the real deal can be a total mess! Dead flowers and rotten pumpkins are not part of this fall trends. Faux decor at Home Depot, can give your home the perfect fall aesthetic all season without any maintenance to clean! You can find pumpkin flower arrangements for centerpieces! A harvest candle holder to place your favorite autumn scent! Or even place some velvet pumpkins to give some texture in your home!

Arrangement | Candle Holder | Faux Pumpkin

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fall decor
Tank | Skirt | Sunglasses | Bag | Clogs
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Emma here again, this time sharing my kitchen essentials you should stock up on! The apartment shopping feels like it will never end, but I am loving picking out items and earning cash back with chirpyest when I do so!

I am trying to be “that girl” or I guess I should say “that adult” and completely organize my kitchen. I am also trying to limit my waste, so I have included some of my zero waste food storage options.

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Pots & Pans

Our Place pots and pans are amazing! I recently got the Perfect Pot and I am in love!! There is a built-in strainer, roasting rack and it’s free of chemicals! I am also in love with their color choices!

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Zero Waste Food Storage

I have been slowly trying to become zero waste with my food storage. This means getting rid of ziplock bags, tin foil and so on. The reusable food storage bags take the place of ziplock bags and can be run through the dishwasher. The lid huggers will conform to any type of dish so you can store it in your fridge. These are my favorite because I do not need to dirty another dish to store the item!

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Food Containers

Recently I purchased these storage containers and I am loving them! I might have just purchased two more sets…lol. I am trying to become the type of person that has their pantry completely organized with containers and labels for everything. It looks so aesthetically pleasing.

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The best way to express yourself is by personalizing your home. Decorating may help you create an unique look that fits your style and personality. Whether you enjoy experimenting with new interior design concepts or simply want to personalize your home.

Deciding which design will suit you the best can be difficult because there are so many options and sources of inspiration, but understanding more about some of the most common decorating trends may help. Here are a few of our favorite styles of apartment decor:

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1. Bohemian

Many are drawn to the bohemian style of decorating because of its abundance of vibrant colors, organic materials, and unique charms.

2. Eclectic

The basis of eclectic design is combining many visual components, such as prints, patterns, and textures.

3. Modern Rustic

An open floor plan, contemporary furniture, and exposed and protected natural building components are the essential aspects of a modern rustic room.

4. Contemporary

A room with contemporary interior design is sleek and simple. Modern furniture typically has exposed legs and simple lines to provide a bright, airy impression. Modern design typically uses neutral color schemes and textured textiles to provide interest.

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Did you choose the dorm life? Or did the dorm life choose you? 

Shopping for your new dorm room, you’ll need to shop for the basic essentials! Like beddings, organizers, small furniture, and cute decor.

We’re here to highlight some of our favorite brands that offer amazing products, for your future dorm.

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Let’s get shopping and go to Target!

You can go wrong with cute items to light up and organize your dorm life, literally.

Desktop Organizer | Lamp | Beauty Organizert

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Next, it’s time to get cozy and get your bedding together!

Dormify is the place to go for any type of bedding you can think of. From prints, to color, and textures.

Don’t forget you can custom your own bedding to your own liking.

Comforter Set | Heart Pillow | Sherpa PillowDuvet Set

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Urban Outfitters

Now, do you want your dorm room feel a certain type of aesthetic? Maybe Y2K, Grungy, or even Hipster Chic? 

Here are some eye catching decor pieces you won’t resist!

Mirrors | Lamp | Throw Blankets

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Okay, where are you going to complete your studies?

I hope you didn’t say your bed! Completing your studies in your bed can lead to deviation of the brain and prone to become a higher procrastinator.

Add a desk to your dorm and bring in a fun color to where you’ll spend your daily studies!


Chair | Desk 

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We may not all be experts at the game of checkers, but we certainly love the checkboard pattern. Interior designers are incorporating checkerboard designs in the projects. And come of your favorite celebrities like Selena Gomez is rocking the checkboard trend in their fashion. If you’re too timid to try the trend for yourself then read our tips below.

Handbag 1 | Handbag 2 | Handbag 3 | Handbag 4
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The key to rocking the trend in your home or in your personal wardrobe is by starting small. The pattern might seem overwhelming at first, but you can play with checkerboard pattern accessories to ease you into it.

For your home, accessories with stylish vases and candles. If you want something a little bolder then try an ottoman to elevate your living room or bedroom.

Chair 1 | Chair 2 | Chair 3 | Chair 4

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Bar essentials are a must as Summer rolls around and memories are made. So when it comes to having a good time, we know just what you need. Here we have dazzling bar essentials we believe you can’t say no to! Everyone loves a good bar, and a refreshing drink is just the right thing as the heat kicks in!

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Glasses Galore

Bar carts aren’t the same without an array of glasses added! We find these glasses have just the right touch of pizzazz for any day or occasion! Whether a small or tall glass, you don’t want to miss out on these options. Here are some to have on a wine day or a sweet cold beverage!

Keeping it Cool

With every great bar cart, an ice stand or bucket is bound to be nearby! A nice glass of any drink is always refreshing when iced, and we believe these ice containers are just the right ones to use! An iced drink is perfect for a sweet sunny day, or a chill day inside. We want you to feel as relaxed as you can, and with these ice trays or even stands, every drink will be just what you need!

Pitcher Perfect

Here we have pitcher glasses that we adore to enjoy our favorite drinks! Whether you use traditional pitchers for enjoyment or unique glassware, we think you’d love these options. Wanting a sweet treat? You can use Imusa pitchers to make rich chocolate desired by any company you’re around! Bar essentials full of versatility leave you with endless options that create a perfect day!

Bar Gems

When it comes to carts, who doesn’t love a stylish look? Below are our top carts we know you’d love!

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Headboards can be considered the focal piece of the bedroom. You can play it safe with a standard headboard that blends well with the rest of the room. Or make a statement with your bedroom furniture to add some flare. Get inspired below by six headboards that are sure to make a statement.

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1. Carved Wooden Headboard

This all wooden headboard is sure to add some drama with its carved detailing and curved shape.

Isla Bed
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2. Abstract Headboard

A sleek yet soft appearance, this headboard is abstract with its curved edges and striped pattern to contrast.

Clementine Headboard
+ 5% cash back at Lulu and Georgia with Chirpyest

3. Circular Headboard

This curved headboard is mounted on top of wooden spheres. A unique piece that will be sure to make a statement in the bedroom.

Amery Bed
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4. Velvet Headboard

While the color may be neutral, velvet is not the most common when it comes to headboards. Having this texture will be sure to give it a little edge and difference without overbearing the rest of the room.

Marcella Velvet Bed
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5. All Black

Make a bold statement with an all black headboard. Simple enough to pair with other neutrals and colors but different enough to stand out.

+ 3% cash back at Horne with Chirpyest

6. Mixed Textures

The padded tan leather setting against the cream frame really makes the headboard pop without being too loud.

Cambria Upholstered Headboard
+ 4% cash back at Burke Decor with Chirpyest

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