Savvy Home Stager’s Favorite Brands To Earn Cash Back

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It is hard to imagine all the possibilities and potential of space without knowing what that is. This is where home stagers step in. 

Home stagers help buyers see the potential in a home. When staging is done properly, the buyer is able to visualize themselves living in the space. With contemporary furnishings and decor, the buyer is longer daunted by the blank canvas of an empty home; instead, they are welcomed into a neutral space where they can visualize all of the possibilities.  

At Chirpyest, we participate with many home decor brands for you to earn cash back. Some of our favorites are Pottery Barn, Soho Home, Sferra, MacKenzie-Childs, and Anthropologie.

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Tips & Tricks for Staging

Professional home stagers bring in furniture, art, and accessories to showcase the beauty and promise of the home. Staging isn’t just about what can be added, but also about what could be taken away. It is hard for buyers to imagine themselves in a home decorated with personal photos, memories, and clutter, so stagers will remove the owner’s mementos to present the home in a clean condition. 

Home staging is all about showcasing the functionality of the home. Using furniture that highlights the movement within the space, the buyers will see the optimal livability of the property.

There are many tips and tricks of staging that help to sell houses, and earning cash back with Chirpyest is a great trick to smoothing out this process.

1. Pottery Barn

Earning up to 5% cash back with Chirpyest, Pottery Barn offers a wide array of quality products from furniture to art, rugs to pillows, and lighting to dining ware. Pottery Barn’s collections are always successful in making a house a home.

It is so important in home staging to create vignettes around the house – groupings of furniture and decor to display the use or function of a room in a homey manner. Focusing attention on happy scenes helps set the mood for the buyers. These do not have to be everywhere, but attention to detail in key locations like the kitchen, family room, and master bedroom could be very helpful.

Pottery Barn’s style and selection are perfect for setting the scene.

2. Soho Home

Soho Home’s in-stock range is ready to ship for US delivery within two weeks and a 3% cash back with Chirpyest. Their pieces show the buyer all the possibilities from comfort to high-end.

The big pieces: the sofa, the dining table, the bed, the dresser. These items take up a lot of space. It is essential that they add to the flow of the house and do not hinder the movement and direction. The big pieces in staging should still allow the buyer to feel the natural energy of the home.

Soho Home has beautiful center-of-attention pieces that are models for any home staging.

home stagers
Sofa | Dining Table | Dresser | Bed
Earn 3% cash back at Soho Home

3. Sferra

Beds and baths are of the utmost importance when house hunting. So of course the bedding and linens must impress the buyer. Sferra offers beautiful and indulgent linens, and with Chirpyest you can earn up to 7.5% cash back.

When a buyer walks into the bedrooms, especially the master, the bed is the focal point. It is key that the bedding and pillows send the right message – clean & comfortable.

home stagers
Ornato Collection
Earn 7.5% cash back at Sferra

Neatly folded towels and linens aren’t just for practicality, they are luxurious. The bathrooms are a place for self-care and pampering, and the decor must say so.

home stagers
Moresco Collection
Earn 7.5% cash back at Sferra

4. MacKenzie-Childs

With earnings up to 7.5% cash back, MacKenzie-Child’s fun kitchen and dining collections are the ultimate staging dining ware.

Setting a proper dining room table is necessary. This may be a time-consuming step, but the warm welcome that a formal table setting gives is unlike anything else. A large vase as the centerpiece to hold flowers and placemats for every seat at the table will make the buyer experience the life of the home.

MacKenzie-Child’s dining ware and place settings have just the right amount of personality for the buyer to see themselves sitting at the head of the table.

5. Anthropologie

Anthropologie – the decor catch-all. Earn up to 7.5% cash back from Anthropologie with Chirpyest.

Their artwork, vases, books just for show, and candles (one’s that smell like freshly baked cookies) are all vital additions to the decorating process. It is crucial that these tiny details aren’t overwhelming, but are frequent throughout the home.

Artwork can add a focal point to a room that may not already have one. Trinkets and vases with fresh flowers bring ease of life to the space. Candles and air fresheners can always brighten a room. These little touches invite the buyers in to witness all of the possibilities that they could not imagine.

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