Coastal Style Room Breakdown of a Beautiful Seaside Retreat

by chirpyest

Coastal style reflects the easy breezy energy of the sea. To come and go as you please, as if you are moved by the waves themselves. 

Living down by the coast, you want the tides to stretch from the shoreline to your doorstep, and costal style does just that. If you don’t live near the sea, but miss the sand between your toes, then coastal style can bring the waves to you. 

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Coastal Style Colors & Textures 

By mimicking natural seaside elements in colors and textures, coastal style takes inspiration from the sea, sand, surf, and sky. Not to be confused with nautical style, coastal design is warm. It aims for a seamless transition from the outside in. 

Seaside Color Palettes

The natural color palette reflects the treasures you find washed upon the shore. Greens and blues reminiscent of sea glass that have been soften over time by the tumbling of waves, water, and sand. Delicate peaches and pinks like the soft, secret whisper of a seashell. The grains of beige and brown that make up the shores of the coasts. 

Photographed by Eric Piasecki
Crystal Springs | Cancun Sand | Cayman Islands | Soft Shell | Gentle Breeze | Island Getaway
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The landscape of the shore paints a beautifully cohesive color palette, and it is the source of some interesting textures.  

Coastline Textiles & Textures

From the foam of the shores, to the leaves on the palms. There is great movement and touch. It is important to incorporate these textures in costal style decor. Raffias and wickers. Rugs woven of rope. Ferns and palms. Panels built of wood.

These textiles mirror the naturally occurring texture of the seascape offering room for imagination and creativity. 

Costal Style Home Inspiration

This beach haven in Sea Island, Georgia flawlessly captures the spirit of the coastal style. The architect, Stan Dixon, challenged himself to maximize the space and potential for this half-acre lot. The six century-old oak trees that decorate the land reminded Dixon to keep the surrounding nature present in the design. Despite the costal retreat’s size of 5,000 square feet, the natural textures and colors that don the exteriors mitigate its considerable size. The stucco facade, wooden posts, latticework, and accents of its characteristic shade of green on the shutters, windows, and paneling really develops this idea of indoor-outdoor living. This is seen on the features of the interior as well. 

Here is a breakdown of the coastal style of this beautiful seaside retreat and how to recreate this look while earning cash back with Chirpyest.

Photographed by Eric Piasecki

A Sandy Entryway

With lots of warm tones and soft colors, this entryway hallway is the perfect place to park your sandy flip-flops. 

Photographed by Eric Piasecki

A subtle chandelier hangs in the middle of the ceiling centering this long entryway. The natural wood stain on the wide plank flooring and the muted woven rugs work together to create a soft and inviting entrance. Matching wood waterfall tables stand beside another doorway. Each symmetrically decorated with two green vases, large mirrors, and wicker ottomans. 

Palms and plants sit on either side of a rustic sitting bench. A raffia tote waits by the edge of this sitting area for when you are on the go. 

Bar Stocked with Sea Glass

It doesn’t matter if your glasses are crystal or pulled straight from the sea, just make sure the bar is fully stocked. 

coastal style
Photographed by Eric Piasecki

The white lattice work, reminiscent of the home’s exterior, creates three arches in the bar. The middle arch frames the window. This builds a portal between the outside and the inside of the home. The shelves hold interesting and unique glassware. Some specific for cocktails. Others for wine. There is of course, a shaker and stirrer right within reach. 

Large decorative vases housed on the top shelves, mirror the characteristic green of the home. The woven rattan trays and baskets bring a natural material to this scene.  

Bedroom in a Seashell

This welcoming bedroom decorated in pink hues is like stepping into a seashell that washed up on the shore.

coastal style
Photographed by Eric Piasecki

The dainty wall color is the perfect pink for this room. A natural stained four-poster bed dressed with white sheets and comforter. Sea-like textiles are featured on the two rattan nightstands, rope braided rug, and tasseled throw blanket. The matching wall-mounted lamps are the perfect touch of gold in the otherwise non-metallic home. 

The french doors, that lead to a lovely balcony, is beautifully framed by these embroidered curtains. There is even a coastal style outfit laid out on the bed for you. 

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