Hotel Aristide – Get the European Summer Look

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European summers are all the rage right now, and we’ve got you covered with the perfect hotel and pieces to bring Europe home. Located in Greece is Hotel Aristide, a restored mansion in the heart of Hermoupolis. This place is certainly a gem with unique charm and character. The hotel’s attention to detail is remarkable, allowing the personality of the space to shine through. Despite its modern features, the dramatic jewel-toned furniture, beautiful crown molding, and intricate tile add to the building’s rich history. Every corner of the hotel is carefully curated, creating a sense of artistry that is both inviting and inspiring. The Hotel Aristide is truly the perfect destination filled with inspiring designs to bring into your home!

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Dark and Moody Foyer

European Greek Hotel Lobby
Photography by Hotel Aristide

The entryway of the Hotel Aristide is absolutely breathtaking. At first glance, the antique architecture is hard to miss. The rich molding and intricate ceilings are unreal. But, when paired with modern touches, this space is the epitome of sophisticated fun. The midcentury accents are hard to miss, from rich jewel-toned velvet seating to playful light fixtures.

Greek Inspired Accessories

Something the Hotel Aristide does perfectly is accessories. Scattered throughout the lobby of the hotel are these quirky Greek busts, painted in dark greens or black and gold. With these unique and artistic sculptures in place comes a touch of whimsy and intrigue to the space. Therefore, creating conversation pieces that intrigue and delight guests. The combination of traditional coastal European with a contemporary color palette gives a fresh and unexpected twist to the overall ambiance. Each detail is truly curated with a traditional touch, making the lobby an unexpected space of luxury. Drum Coffee Table | Green Velvet Couch | Black & Gold Chandelier | Tufted Velvet Chair

Atmospheric Office Area

European Greek Hotel Room Office
Photography by Hotel Aristide

The office area of a hotel is oftentimes a neutral space, but Hotel Aristide makes them the focal point of each suite. Each room has its own funky art piece above the desk, and unique accessories accenting the area. From the gold coral, to the miniature black bust and the sleek black mushroom lamp, this space is eye candy in a nutshell! The most eye-catching element is the black chandelier. It perfectly complements the mood of the room while adding a pop to the mid-century modern furniture. Of course, the jewel tones continue into the guest rooms, whether they are rich greens and blues or exciting pinks. This creates a cohesive hotel, that still has a different personality for each room.

Small Details Elevate Spaces

By infusing the office area with major attention to detail, Hotel Aristide has transformed it into more than just a functional space. The interiors obviously focus on the little things, transforming the room. Through these small details, the office morphs into a place where work seamlessly merges with art through the surrounding aesthetic. The thoughtful curation of art pieces and accessories ensures that elevates this office nook beyond the ordinary!

Bright Bedroom

European Greek Hotel Pink Mid-century guest room
Photography by Hotel Aristide

Talk about a breath of fresh air! This guest room is simplicity at its finest with its minimalistic interiors. Although the room is simple, it does not lack in design or architecture. The built-in mirror above the bed frame is a classic element to this stark and modern room, while the pink theme adds a fresh touch. Like every room in Hotel Aristide, the design details are what makes the space! This room is no exception, especially considering that breathtaking gold lamp. The round brass detailing adds shape to this overall angular space. So unique and fun!

Mid-Century and Chic

Another standout feature of the guest room is the tufted velvet headboard. A nod to mid-century design, this luxurious piece adds a touch of retro charm to the contemporary space. Its unique height creates a focal point within the room, drawing attention while adding an element of visual interest. The plush velvet material invites guests to indulge in comfort and relaxation, providing a cozy and inviting space for a peaceful night’s sleep!

Ornate Bathroom

European Greek Hotel Bathroom
Photography by Hotel Aristide

This ensuite bathroom at Hotel Aristide is truly stunning, and it captivates guests with exquisite design and thoughtful details. The standout feature of the space is the standalone tub, an elegant centerpiece that invites relaxation. As you step into the bathroom, the vibrant and colorful tiles immediately catch your eye. With their bright hues and traditional designs, they evoke a sense of European summer, infusing the space with energy and charm!

Quirky Wood Detailing

Furthermore, the wood detailing in the bathroom adds warmth and a natural element to the overall design. The blending of styles, from traditional European to midcentury, and of course modern contemporary, makes this bathroom a standalone work!

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