Community Contributor: Ariel Green – @naturally_mermaid

With Earth Day falling on April 22, it‚Äôs a widely recognized time to consider your impact on this planet and make changes towards being a better citizen and consumer. 

One of the first steps we should take as conscious consumers is to reduce the amount of waste that we are creating by buying less and replacing disposable or single-use items with reusable alternatives. We know that money equals power so it’s important to support eco-friendly brands that also care about their impact on the planet.

This guide will help you get started on your sustainable journey.

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Water Bottle

Ditch the plastic bottles and opt for a reusable bottle

Grocery Bag

Say no to the plastic grocery bags and keep a stash of reusables for store runs

Produce Bags

Eliminate the single-use plastic produce bags and switch to cotton produce bags


Reusable Sandwich Bags

Store sandwiches, snacks, produce, or use these reusable storage bags to organize toiletries for vacation

Silicone Baking Mat

Bake your favorite treats while reducing waste with a reusable silicone baking mat

Compost Bin

Reduce the amount of food going into the trash and save fruit & veggie skins to turn into soil


Reusable Cotton Rounds

Try reusable cotton rounds to apply toner, remove makeup, and more

Shampoo Bar

Switching to shampoo bars rather than using bottles will reduce the amount of waste you’re creating on a regular basis

Bamboo Toilet Paper

Give the trees a break and switch to a toilet paper made from bamboo


Menstral Cup

Stop buying tampons every month and swap to a menstrual cup that’s better for your wallet and body

Period Panties

Period panties are a great alternative to pads Рthey’re easy to wash and are so comfortable to wear

Biodegradable Vibrator

Knowing that this toy will biodegrade at the end of its life will almost please you as much as its multi-speed settings


Refillable Dish Soap

Pairing a refillable dispenser with an eco-friendly dish soap in recyclable packaging will cut back on plastic waste

Refillable Hand Soap

Another refill option to help reduce buying disposable plastic soap bottles every month

Wool Dryer Balls

Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil and these dryer balls will replace single-use dryer sheets

Take your time to decide what will work best for your lifestyle, and use up what you have before buying anything new. 

Remember that sustainability is a journey, not a destination.

Happy Earth Day!

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Today’s essentials is all about what you need for the perfect picnic. Spring means more outdoor activities including a classic picnic. Whether you are setting up for a romantic date or just for some self care time – we have all the essentials you need for a picnic.

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Baskets & Bags

Let’s start with the obvious – you will need some sort of basket or bag to carry all the goodies you plan to eat. Go classic with basket or a more trendy market bag.

+ 5% cash back at Urban Outfitters with Chirpyest

Picnic Blanket

Another no brainer – you will need a blanket to set up. Find one that is not only comfortable but fashionable as well. After all it is the base of your picnic ambiance.

+ 7.5% cash back at Free People with Chirpyest


Take it a step further when setting the mood. Bring some cute pastel candles to have a nice aroma or if you know you will be staying past sundown for some light.

+ 5% cash back at PacSun with Chirpyest

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

+ 6% cash back at MyTheresa with Chirpyest


If your treating your self to some “me time”, bring a nice read to keep yourself busy once your done eating.

+ 4% cash back at Target with Chirpyest

Fun Glassware/Dinnerware

Because you always need cute glassware when getting that Instagram worthy photo.

+ 7.5% cash back Anthropologie with Chirpyest


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – ambiance people! Spring has sprung, and what better place to bring a fresh bouquet to than a picnic?

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

+ 3.5% cash back at SSENSE with Chirpyest

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Now that Spring has here; it’s time to start getting in shape for the summer months ahead. Leggings, bike shorts, and stylish matching sets are vital players in a modern wardrobe, whether you use them for a workout, errands, or chill time. Here are some of this season’s trending workout attire:

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These shorts are a staple to add to your collection, whether you’re seeking for lightweight, breathable material or skin-tight stretchy bike shorts.

Workout Sets

Sets are here to solve the problem of trying to seem put-together while exercising. Finding a set that fits your workout style is crucial to building a reliable athletic wardrobe.


A sports bra top with built-in support is essential for keeping you comfy and supported during a workout.


These tracksuits are fantastic for winter warm-ups, post-workout cool-downs, or simply looking sharp on your way to the gym—mix and match from a variety of top and bottom styles to create the ultimate workout appearance.


You never know when a zip-up layer will come in handy. Add a layer of warmth to your workout outfit with a soft pullover or athletic jacket.

Workout Runsies

Onesies are, well, an outfit all in one. Finding the right runsie can be very flattering, and they come in a variety of lengths and styles.

Workout Essentials

Want to see more in our shopping cart? Read 14 Dresses For Spring here!

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This season’s trends have arrived and we are here to give you the breakdown of the best products to fulfill your beauty and lifestyle needs. Join here to shop with Chirpyest to earn cash back all all your purchases this spring.

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1. Signature Scents

Start the season off with a new signature scent. As trends begin to shift, so do the scents we fluctuate towards. This cult favorite from Byredo has notes of vanilla, pine, and juniper berries and acts as the perfect transitional Spring scent. Find Byredo at Neiman Marcus & earn 5% cash back with Chirpyest!

Bring the brightness and life of this floral scent into your rotation this spring with notes of, you guessed it, bluebells, persimmon, and white musk. Find Jo Malone at Bloomingdales and earn 5% cash back at checkout.

2. At Home Skin Care Devices + Tools

Get your relaxation on and create a spa like experience at home. At home skin care devices and tools are all the rage this season and make it easy to achieve spa-like results without leaving your house. One of the hottest trends in skin care is lymphatic drainage, Check out this G.Tox Dry Brush from Goop (7% cash back), this baby exfoliates the and promotes blood flow, leaving you with soft – energized skin.

Jade roller are a great tool to use when applying product, this Skin Gym Jade Roller from Anthropologie (7.5% cash back) is double sided making it ideal for the face, under eyes, and neck. Pro Tip…leave your roller in the refrigerator overnight to maximize coolness and de-puffing abilities!

3. SPF!

The sun is out and its time to add an extra barrier to protect your skin! Trends come and go but SPF is an essential part in any skin care routine. Kill two birds with one stone with the Milk Makeup (2% cash back) Sunshine Skin Tint SPF 30. This skin tint + face oil + SPF offers the coverage of a skin tint with the hydrating benefits of a moisturizer to leave your skin glowing.

Whether you are rushing out the house or headed to the beach, a mineral sunscreen will give you the protection you need without feeling weighed down. The SPF 30 mineral sunscreen from (MALIN+GOETZ) (12.5% cash back) does just that with their clean and cruelty free formula.

4. At Home Workouts

The world may be opening up again, but at home workouts are as trendy as ever! Make at home work outs as effective as possible with the proper equipment. One brand that is crushing it is BALA, available on Goop (7% cash back). The Essentials Kit includes the brand’s signature bangles, bars, and power ring.

Up your home set up with a high quality mat. The Mat 5mm from Lululemon (7.5% cash back) will give you the extra support you need to get a work out in from anywhere!

5. Immunity Support

Our immune systems have been through a lot in the past few years. Give your immune system the support it needs with the proper supplements. Moon Juice (7.5% cash back) offers an array of supplements to meet your needs. Their SuperPower formula includes A clinical strength blend of 4 immune fundamentals to promote balance from within.

To keep your skin glowing and your body strong, check out the Morning skin Superpowder from Goop (7% cash back). This superpowder is the perfect way to start your day with a healthy serving of vitamins C and E and antioxidents.

6. Travel in Style

Traveling is back and what better way then to do it in style. Keep up with this year’s trends and eliminate stress by going into your trip organized with these Translucent Packing Cubes from The Container Store (7.5% cash back), these cubes come in a pack of 3 and are perfect for a weekend getaway or an international excursion.

Try out packing cubes in a new suitcase from Away (3% cash back). This fan favorite travel brand has mastered the balance of functionality and style. Their suitcases offer TSA-approved locks and the option to add a built in portable charger.

7. Beach Days!

It’s that time of the year again! Hit the beach this Spring in style with the Longchamp Le Pliage Filet tote bag available at FarFetch (6.5% cash back). This tote is the perfect size to fit all your beach essentials like the BAGGU Packable Sun Hat available at The Lobby (7.5% cash back). This versatile hat packs up to fit in any bag, gives you needed protection from the sun, and helps you stay on top of the trends.

Days in the sun can take the turn for the worst without proper hydration, be prepared and bring a reusable bottle. The classic canteen from Corkcicle (1.5% cash back) is insulated to keep drinks ice cold for 25 hours.

8. Cruelty Free Skin Care

Shopping trends have shifted and consumers are looking to make more conscious choices when buying products. Youth To The People (5% cash back) prides themselves in creating clean and cruelty free formulas to keep your skin at its very best. The Superberry Hydrate + Glow Oil is quick absorbing with the benefits of prickly pear and squalane oil to leave your skin hydrated and glowing.

Another brand that upholds high ethical standards is (MALIN+GOETZ) (12.5% cash back) their full range of cruelty free skincare and fragrances are certain to leave your skin happy and refreshed.

9. Spring Cleaning

Spring and cleaning go hand in hand. Keep your house spick and span this season with the products from The Honest Company (6% cash back). Their line of safe cleaning products are made with plant-derived ingredients, offering maximum cleaning capabilities without all the chemicals.

Dyson (1% cash back) has long been an innovator in the appliance field and their range of cordless vacuums are no exception. Clean up messes around the house with ease, without the hassle of a cord.

10. Put Some Records On

You may have heard it before, but I will say it again… everything sounds better on vinyl. With Crosley’s range of record players, available at Urban Outfitters (5% cash back), you can get all the vintage vibes of vinyl with the modern feature of bluetooth compatibility. Check out your local record store, eBay, and Urban Outfitters to start building your collection of LPs.

11. Catch Up On Your Beauty Sleep

Nothing is better than a good night’s sleep. Elevate your sleep this spring by stepping up your bedding game. While linen is expensive it is a worthwhile investment, this fiber gets softer with each wash and is certain to last you for years to come.

Check out these two great options from Cultiver (5% cash back) and Parachute Home (5% cash back) and catch up on your beauty sleep.

Happy Shopping!

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Spring has sprung and Chirpyest is here to help you get the essentials, we have laid out 6 Spring dupes for this season’s luxury must-haves.

Trends come and go and coveted items can be very expensive, dupes are a great alternative to try out a new look or product for less. When shopping with Chirpyest you can earn additional cash back on this season’s essentials. Happy Shopping 🛍

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The Tote Bag, $195
Marc Jacobs

As featured in our 8 transitional bags for spring, the Marc Jacobs Tote is an ultra-versatile piece, perfect for everyday use. This bag comes in an array of sizes to meet your needs. Earn 5% cash back on your purchases from Marc Jacobs with Chirpyest.

BDG Serena Medium Tote, $39
Urban Outfitters

Get the same look with this Urban Outfitters dupe. This bag is a perfect size and the reinforced canvas and strap make this bag durable enough for all your spring excursions. Earn 5% cash back at UO with Chirpyest.

The sun is out and it’s finally time to whip out your funky hats! Crochet hats have been a huge hit and this one from AGR hits the nail on the head. Make sure to use Chirpyest at Farfetch to earn 6.5% cash back.

Hats can cost a pretty penny, but this dupe from Cotton On provides you with a trendy staple for only $24.99. Check out the selection at Cotton On and earn 2.5% cash back when you use Chirpyest!


Supergoop! Mineral Sunscreen, $38 Bloomingdales

Sunscreen is always essential! Protect your skin this spring with this Supergoop! mineral sunscreen. Shop Supergoop! at Bloomingdales and earn 5% cash back.

Dupe alert! Get the protection and benefits of an SPF with this Cetaphil mineral sunscreen. With SPF 50 your skin will thank you! Shop at Target and earn 4% cash back.

The perfect nude liner, Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk is sure to complete any springtime look. This long-lasting formula offers a 6 hour hold without transfer. Find this product at Bloomingdales and get 5% cash back when you use Chirpyest.

What if I told you, you can get the same great color for only $4? That’s right! NYX’s Peekaboo Natural lip pencil is the perfect dupe and won’t break the bank. Shop NYX at your local drugstore or online at Macy’s, earn 1.5% cash back with Chirpyest!


A cult favorite, Diptyque’s Baies offers the tang of blackcurrant blended with the flowery accents of rose. The standard size candle of this classic spring scent comes in at $70, use Chirpyest and earn 5% cash back at Diptyque Paris.

Get the same aromatics for a fraction of the cost with Voluspa’s Jasmine Rosewood Candle. With notes of jasmine, rose, and currants you are sure to be reminded of Diptyque’s signature scent. Find Voluspa’s Jasmine Rosewood Candle at Anthropologie and earn 7.5% cash back with Chirpyest.

6 Spring Dupes
Dunloe Chair, $850

Add a pop of color to your home this spring with statement-furniture. This piece from SoHo home does just that and seamlessly transitions from season to season. Earn 3.5% cash back from SoHo Home when you shop with Chirpyest!

6 Spring Dupes
Effie Dining Chair, $598

The Effie Dining Chair from Anthropologie is a dead ringer for the Dunloe Chair from SoHo Home. This chair will fulfill all your Spring decor needs and save you over $250. When shopping at Anthropologie be sure to use Chirpyest to earn 7.5% cash back!

Which of these 6 Spring dupes is your favorite?

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One of our favorite ways to reset and relax is with a good old girls weekend getaway. Whether it’s local or international nothing beats a girls trip. We’ve listed a few essentials everyone needs for their next trip with the girls.

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Travel Essentials

Since it’s a girls trip, we need all things pink and girly. Always travel with cute and fun luggage – not only to get in the spirit but to help differentiate your stuff from others. Always have a disposable camera to capture memories. And be sure to bring a game and microphone to add to the fun.

Fashion Essentials

When it comes to a girls trip you have to dress to the nines. Doll yourselves up for insta pics or just memories for years later. Always have multiple shoe options for both comfort and style.

Beauty Essentials

Depending on where the trip is taking place you may need to tan beforehand with self-tanner. Always pack sunscreen for your face, lips and body. Don’t forget to moisturize as well. Since we’re hanging with the girls that means we need to dress up – highlight your face, create a bold eye look and always smell dreamy for a night out.

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March has come and gone, and we are sharing some of our top brands this past month. From fashion to skincare check out these brands if you haven’t already.

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Get cute beaded jewelry and accessories – plus 7.5% cash back at AMIClubwear!

Benjamin Moore

Looking to repaint and redecorate? Shop at Benjamin Moore for the perfect spring neutral shades and get 6% cash back with chirpyest.

Dolce Vita

Earn 5% cash back when you shop Dolce Vita with chirpyest. With an endless amount of trendy sandals and heels, this brand is perfect for your spring shoe needs.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

First Aid Beauty

We have to admit that TikTok has inspired many of our purchases this month. Including some of these viral products from First Aid Beauty – which you can get 7.5% cash back at.

St. John Knits

Shop one of our favorite luxury brands and get 7.5% cash back. One of our more recently added brands that we cannot get enough of for chic and elegant outfits.

Let us know in the comments what your top brands were for the month of March!

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We are a new shopping platform that allows you to earn $$ from over 850 retailers like First Aid Beauty, Dolce Vita, St. John Knits, Benjamin Moore, Target and MORE!

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As we start spring cleaning we usually start throwing out the old merchandise that we might not use anymore. The pantry is where we usually start and is probably the most important.

When we’re talking about updating our pantry we’re not just talking about food but the assortment of new appliances. An important reason to update your pantry is it’s way more efficient to prepare meals when everything has a specific place. The Container Store has great appliances to help keep your food neat and tidy. Keeping up with the hottest new pantry essentials can be tough so. Here’s a list of some must-haves from The Container Store, where you get 7.5% cash back when you shop with chirpyest.

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It’s time for your annual spring cleaning session. From throwing out clothes, organizing closets and cleansing your bathrooms. We have curated a list of 9 must have items that will have your home looking and feeling brand new!

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Grove Collaborative

Grove is a Eco-friendly home essentials collaborative company. They specialize in creating home essentials kits for house cleaning, personal care, and pet products. Some of Grove’s best products are their Reusable Cleaning Glass Spray Bottle, Total Clean Dishwasher Detergent Packs and Hydrating Hand Soap.

Blueland: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Blueland is a everyday Eco-friendly cleaning supply company that helps you save money and space without the toxic plastic waste. Sop some top sellers like the Glass & Mirror Forever Bottle & Tablet, Bathroom Tablet Eucalyptus Mint, and their Foaming Hand Soap Forever Bottle & Tablet.


Cleancult is a cleaning company that specializes in the use of real, powerful indigents. The is to create a new way to clean. Three of our favorite products are the Dish Soap Glass Bottle, Bar Soap, and the Liquid Hand Soap Carton Refill.

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We are just days away from warmer weather and we have some spring finds under $99 that you need to get your hands on this season. From all things fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle. Save this spring with these finds all under $99 below.

Fashion Spring Finds

1. Floral Dress

What is spring without a go to floral dress? Dress it up with sandals or down with sneakers and a denim jacket.

2. Denim Jacket

Another classic item you’ll need for the spring weather. It’s still a bit chilly and pairs well with any outfit.

3. Sandals

The perfect casual sandal – dress up or down with this neutral block heel shoe.

4. Romper

Everyone loves a good romper – the perfect spring day time attire.

5. White Sneakers

While it may be considered a “basic” item, it is definitely popular for a reason. This season spice up your all white air forces with this pair that adds a pop of color.

6. Tote Bag

A bigger bag is essential once spring rolls around. Everyone is out more than not – get this nude tote perfect for any outfit and can hold all essential items.

7. Colorful Sunglasses

We all need a fun pair of sunnies to wear for spring, why not this pastel pair?

Home Spring Finds

8. Colored Glassware

Bring some color into your kitchen accessories with these mint colored glasses.

9. Faux Flowers

While a real bouquet is always ideal, make sure to have a faux set to always have the ambiance of fresh flowers.

10. Bright Art

Add vibrance to your home with a bright art piece.

11. Pastel Candles

May the scent be sweeter and the candles brighter as we enter this spring season.

12. Rattan Baskets

Rattan is always on trend in the spring and summer months – add to you home with these cute and useful baskets.

13. Assorted Pillows

Have a neutral colored couch? Brighten up your living area with some colorful decorative pillows.

14. Flower Shaped Lamp

Make your decor fun and quirky this spring with a flower shaped lamp.

15. Vases

We want everything pastel in our home for spring.

Beauty Spring Finds

16. Spring Scent

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream is the perfect feminine scent for spring. With notes of blackberry, grapefruit and jasmine pick up this rollerball – perfect to fit in your purse.

17. Bright Blush

This spring we aren’t going to be so subtle with the colors on our cheeks – grab this bright pink to add a nice flush to your cheeks.

18. SPF

While you should wear SPF year round, the sun is back out to play – make sure you always protect your skin with sunscreen.

19. Rosy Eyeshadow Palette

Full of neutrals and rosy pinks to channel your inner feminine spring eye-look.

20. Purple Shampoo

With warmer weather comes lighter hair – if you are someone who gets highlights or goes blonder come the spring be sure to maintain that color with a purple shampoo.

21. Floral Lotion

Lather up with this floral scented lotion – with notes of white rose, peony, and blonde woods.

Lifestyle Spring Finds

22. Hydro Flask

Always stay hydrated no matter the season – this spring update your water bottle to a fun bright color.

23. Mini Polaroid

A cute and easy way to take pictures – tiny enough to fit in your bag to capture memories everywhere you go.

24. Wrist Weights

Now that spring has arrived that means summer is right around the corner. Whip yourself to get summer bod ready and add these weights into your routine.

25. Portable Blender

Be mindful of your health and blend your juices on the go.

26. Record Player

Put the windows down, play music on this cool record player and dance around while enjoying the sunshine.

27. Diffuser

Add spring aromas to the air like eucalyptus and lavender.

28. Manifesting Journal

Only good and positive thoughts will be put out this spring – always manifest and write your thoughts down in this journal.

29. Pastel Travel Bags

It’s time to travel and make sure your bags are pastel – not only for spring but it also makes it easier to find.

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Feature image courtesy of @brittanyperez_

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