Get Inspired: Girls Weekend Essentials

by chirpyest

One of our favorite ways to reset and relax is with a good old girls weekend getaway. Whether it’s local or international nothing beats a girls trip. We’ve listed a few essentials everyone needs for their next trip with the girls.

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Travel Essentials

Since it’s a girls trip, we need all things pink and girly. Always travel with cute and fun luggage – not only to get in the spirit but to help differentiate your stuff from others. Always have a disposable camera to capture memories. And be sure to bring a game and microphone to add to the fun.

Fashion Essentials

When it comes to a girls trip you have to dress to the nines. Doll yourselves up for insta pics or just memories for years later. Always have multiple shoe options for both comfort and style.

Beauty Essentials

Depending on where the trip is taking place you may need to tan beforehand with self-tanner. Always pack sunscreen for your face, lips and body. Don’t forget to moisturize as well. Since we’re hanging with the girls that means we need to dress up – highlight your face, create a bold eye look and always smell dreamy for a night out.

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