Get Inspired: 7 Items That Embody ’70s Revival Trend

by chirpyest

Certainly, with retro style making a revival in pop culture, soon it’ll be in your home! With ’70s fashion on the rise seeing celebrities and influencers adding looks to their wardrobe.¬†The ’70s inspired many interesting styles and patterns. Home d√©cor was also impacted by the ’70s style, the lifestyle of the time was a part of the aesthetic. This style is making a comeback – see some products we would purchase below!

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1. Bean Bag Chairs

The Bean bag chair is a staple of 70’s decor. It was first a limited-quality luxury item made in Italy. When it came to the U.S., it was in most homes. They’re great when hanging out or reading. They make a great bed for pets.

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2. Lava Lamps

The Lava Lamp was created in 1963 by Edward Walker, by accident. The heated mixture of colored water and wax creates an endless moving bubble. This cool light sets the vibes for any environment and has to be mentioned when talking about ’70s decor. Their still popular and you’ve seen them in the background of your favorite shows.

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3. Wicker Wall Mirror

Wicker is one of the oldest materials used in crafts. It’s been traced back to ancient Egypt, being found in the construction of baskets chairs, and shields. Modern wicker pieces, like this mirror, saw a resurgence during the 60s and 70s.In short, they were common in households during this time.

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4. Abstract Shag Area Rug

The 70’s featured creations of bright colors and unique patterns. Rugs like this were common, they could be handmade or found locally. The mixture of swirls and colors creates an interesting pattern, sure to brighten any room. This style of material is called shag, it’s plush and soft. Shag carpeting was popular through the ’70s, fading over time. You can‚Äôt mention the revival of 70’s decor without a little shag.

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5. Jeanne Armchair

Continuing the colors of the ’70s, this armchair features a rustic orange color and a classic suede material. These chairs are featured on tv shows and movies like, ‘That 70’s show, and American Hustle. In short, this comfy chair adds to your retro decor while being a cozy spot for reading or lounging too

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6. Relaxed Sunday Chaise Sectional

This stylish sectional makes a great addition to any home. The natural color gives it a retro feel. It’s sure to add to any room arrangement, bringing both style and comfort.

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7. Targua Moroccan Coffee Table

This coffee table has a cool design, it resembles coffee tables found in the 70’s. Patterns like these were found in most homes either on furniture or other decor. With patterns like making a revival, this table would look great in a living room or an open space. To sum up, Pieces like this always add to the look of the room. 

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