The Chirpyest: Bianca’s Beach Beauty Essentials

by chirpyest

Bianca here with all of my beach beauty essentials that you should have too! Summer is around the corner and that means sunny beach days are upon us. The main and most important theme in any beach beauty product is drum roll please…SPF! To nobody’s surprise I will be suggesting many products that are sunscreen related. Today I am going to share with you nine beauty essentials everyone should have in their beach bag.

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Facial SPF

Always wear sunscreen on your face! Not only will it help protect those rays from burning you but is also a great preventative for wrinkles. Find an SPF that works best for you skin type but this one by elta MD is seemingly a fan favorite for all skin types.

EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46
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Tinted Moisturizer

Have some blemishes or complexion issues and want some light coverage? Well I’ve got you covered with what may be my favorite tinted moisturizer that I’ve tried. It lightweight and moisturizing and creates a seamless skin-like finish – plus it also has more SPF!

Body SPF

We don’t want to just protect our face from those UV rays but our bodies as well. Trust me you will still get a tan even with sunscreen. This one by Neutrogena is an easy spray on and doesn’t leave that greasy film on your skin.

Refreshing Facial Spray

Now this may be considered an unnecessary or such an “extra” type of product to have but I don’t care because I am extra when it comes to beauty. This Grape Water spray is so refreshing and moisturizing. Perfect to spray if you start to over heat and don’t have a tiny fan with you.

Caudalíe Grape Water
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Lip Balm

We can’t forget to moisturize those lips – bonus points if it’s tinted or has SPF. This on by Kosas contains hyaluronic acid and comes in multiple shades.

Kosas Sport LipFuel
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Scalp SPF

That’s right I’m not done talking about SPF! The scalp is not the first place you think to put sunscreen, or the second or even the third. However I find that personally I tend to burn on the top of my head which then leads to looking like I have dandruff when my scalp peels. Protect yourself from that embarrassment and discomfort with an SPF spray for your scalp.

Conditioner Spray

A leave in conditioner is another product I feel goes over looked. Personally I have oily hair but having that extra moisture is vital when having a beach day. The ocean or pool can really dry out your hair. Leave in conditioner is perfect – it’s lightweight but adds moisture and tames frizz.

Aloe Gel

Such an underrated beauty product in my opinion. Although I do tan easily, my face gets red just as easy. I also have a bit of rosacea so the calming elements of an aloe gel not only help soothe that but will help with any sort of burn you may have gotten from the sun.

Hydrating Aloe Gel
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Last but not least it can never hurt to bring some deodorant to the beach. Whether you are someone who is active on the beach or likes to lounge around you are still sweating and nobody wants to smell that. Always pack some deodorant with you to freshen up.

Kopari Coconut Charcoal Deodorant
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