College Do’s & Don’ts: A Guide to Dorm Life

by chirpyest

Back-to-school season is approaching, and with that comes college dorm room shopping. Moving into your dorm room for the first time can be so overwhelming. You are stressed with getting all your essentials while also making your space fun and expressive. Making your dorm comfortable and unique can be an expensive challenge, but below are some dorm room dos and don’ts to enjoy the process and save some money along the way.

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Dorm Room Do’s

Do use Dormify and earn cash back with Chirpyest. Dormify is an excellent resource if you are looking for one-stop college dorm shopping. A key to success in college is making your room reflect you and your needs. Dormify can equip you with decor, bedding, and more to make your space special. Not only does Dormify run a ton of summer sales and offer bundles, but when you use the Chirpyest browser extension, you can earn 7.5% cash back on your purchases. Supplying your dorm can be a considerable expense, but making cash back with Chirpyest can help ease the whole process. 

Do get things to keep you healthy and happy. While you don’t need to get this right away, it’s important to remember to bring or get things that will keep you healthy and happy. Living in a dorm is a huge adjustment even for your body – and dorms aren’t always the cleanest. You’ll likely need a Britta to filter the dorm water. Depending on the weather, you may also want to get a humidifier or dehumidifier and possibly an air purifier. 

With that, don’t forget the items you use every day, like your makeup or skin care. Keeping up with your usual routine can make this transition feel more normal. Chirpyest can also be a great resource for your must-haves, with cash back opportunities with companies like Sephora, Tarte cosmetics, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Murad skincare, and more can earn cash back while you shop.

Do find ways to stay organized that work for you. Keeping your dorm clean and organized is super important, especially if you share your space with someone else. Everyone organizes differently, but there are a lot of great ways to organize your desk, clothes, and more. Pottery Barn has a collection called The College Shop, where you can find great dorm essentials and decor. The Mason Desktop Organizing Collection is a fantastic example of something simple and small that can make a huge difference in keeping your dorm organized. 

Dorm Room Don’ts

Whatever you do, do not stress. This is going to be a lot of firsts all at once, and no one expects you to do it perfectly. Prepare for the new environment and changes ahead by making your space fit for you. 

Don’t feel like you need to have everything ready. Soon-to-be freshmen often use preprepared lists to ensure they have everything they may need. But these lists are never perfect, and they are definitely not tailored to your needs. Target can be a savior when it comes to picking up anything extra you may need. With Chirpyest, you can save 4% cash back while shopping for Target products online. A great way to use this is to order your essentials or last-minute needs for pickup at a nearby Target. This way, you can take advantage of the 4% cash back and be able to pick up your items, likely on the same day. Target also has a college collection with tons of essentials, from plates to shower shoes.

Do not get low-quality items. Put thought into what you are getting, how you will use it, and how it may be important in your future. Think about the pillows you are getting. If you get good quality pillows, they will last until you graduate and move into your apartment.  The same goes for bedding, silverware, towels and more. It is always the worst feeling when you have to throw away your towels or bedding at the end of the year because they haven’t held up well. Buying quality items will prevent this, and taking advantage of summer sales or cash back on Chirpyest can help make more high-end items accessible. The best way to think about it is, to get things that are worth keeping.

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong way to decorate or shop for your dorm. Dorm room shopping should be a fun way to gain some independence and learn more about your style. As long as you remember to relax and enjoy the new environment, move-in should be a breeze!

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