13 Chic Sunglasses to Add to Your Collection

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Looking for a casual everyday pair of sunglasses? Are you looking for sunglasses for a day out on the town? What about a pair for just about anything and everything? No matter the occasion, it is essential to have a quality, chic pair of sunglasses for protection from the sun’s UV Rays– and for fashionable reasons of course!

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1. BV1012S Sunglasses: $440

These sunglasses by Bottega Veneta are the definition of edgy luxe. They are a classic aviator style with a twist, making you feel like you just stepped out of Top Gun Maverick. You can also get these super slim sunnies with a prescription as well!

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Quay Australia

2. Narrow Down Sunglasses: $85

chic sunglasses

These elegant, cat-eye-shaped sunglasses will spice up your look. The Narrow Down Sunglasses are polarized, which helps reduce eyestrain and also helps protect from the sun’s UV Rays. Great for casual everyday wear, more dressy occasions, and everything in between.

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3. Vibe Check Sunglasses: $75

chic sunglasses

This pair’s narrow, bold shape, adds an excellent attitude to any outfit. The Vibe Check Sunglasses are also polarized, an added plus to an already perfect pair of sunglasses. These are a must-add to your collection.

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4. TTYL Sunglasses: $85

chic sunglasses

These gorgeous square frames are a must-have for a day in the city, on your tropical vacation, and anything in between! Its adjustable silicone nose pads allow for maximum comfort. Once again, these are polarized – score!

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5. Hyped Up Sunglasses: $65

chic sunglasses

The 90’s inspired geometric shape of this pair will instantly transform your outfit. Add a pop of color to your look. The Hyped Up Sunglasses are eccentric and unique but are also very practical – perfect in every way. You need these!

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6. Triomphe Oval Sunglasses: $510

chic sunglasses

The Triomphe Oval Sunglasses are everything you want and more. The neutral color allows for practical usage for any and every occasion. Its oval shape is giving: retro- adding the perfect touch to any outfit. Also, they are 100% UV protection!

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7. Kiliane Sunglasses: $151

The Kiliane Sunglasses are perfect for any occasion. Its modern shape can be dressed up or dressed down- whatever you desire! A must-have. 100% UV protection!

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8. Navigator Sunglasses: $151

You will be obsessed with these Ray-Bans. Their retro style gives off a vintage vibe– unique and fashionable! The Navigator Sunglasses are made of acetate- an extremely durable material. Just perfect!

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9. Julie Sunglasses: $163

These 80’s inspired sunglasses give off an edgy, vintage vibe. The Julie Sunglasses came straight out of Ray-Ban’s archive! Perfect for any occasion. Also- the adjustable nose pads allow for max comfort. A must-have.

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Fifth & Ninth

10. Taya 53mm Polarized Oval Sunglasses: $49

These oval-shaped sunglasses are not only fashionable but extremely affordable! They are the perfect addition to any outfit, no matter what, because of their neutral tone. The Taya Oval Sunglasses are polarized– offering full eye protection from the sun’s UV Rays. Perfect in every way!

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11. Dolly 68mm Oversize Polarized Oval Sunglasses: $49

Once again- affordable and fashionable! What more could you ask for? The Dolly Oversize Oval Sunglasses have an oversized-oval shape, adding a unique touch to any outfit they are paired with. 100% UV Protection!

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12. Loewe Oval Sunglasses: $310

These funky, unique sunglasses are the perfect addition to your collection. The Loewe Oval Sunglasses will be the focal point of any outfit you choose to pair them with. Its acetate material holds great durability. A must-have.

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13. Rectangle Sunglasses: $433

The Prada Rectangle Sunglasses are giving: model off-duty. This pair of sunglasses is the perfect, chic pair you must add to your collection! I am obsessed.

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