9 Back to School Outfit Ideas for College

by chirpyest

College is where you discover who you are and find your people. One way of expressing who you are is through your fashion choices. Going back-to-school shopping can be challenging as there are so many options and things you want that your budget may not allow. As the fall semester approaches, here are some outfit ideas you can incorporate into your closet for this school year. Check out some of the styles below for inspiration!

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Casual and Relaxed Going-to-Class Outfit

A relaxed fit is great for showing up to class if you’re attending a longer lecture. You could also wear this kind of outfit if you just don’t feel like dressing up too much for class, which is totally understandable as classes can really drain you. Nothing makes a chill fit look cuter than a pair of Aerie crossover leggings and some Air Forces. Though the fit is more on the “basic” side, it’s a popular choice for a reason. They are super comfortable, stylish, and effortless to mix and match.

Dressed Up Going to Class Outfit

This is a more dressed-up version of the casual going-to-class outfit. If you’re feeling energized and excited to take on your day, throw on a pair of flared jeans and platform Converse. They have been super popular recently and a staple in many people’s wardrobes. Add in some cute flower hair clips and your confidence will be boosted significantly.

Athleisure Wear

This outfit is perfect for an on-the-go student. If you’re going to class straight from the gym or vice versa, this athletic fit is perfect. The crossover shorts can be worn in or outside of the gym. The cropped sweatshirt is easy to throw on in class over the sports bra. This is basically like a 2-in-1 outfit. One for the gym, and one for being out and about around campus.

Game Day – Football

Football is the most popular college sport so it’s important that you show up to games with some school spirit, especially if you go to a big football school. Tailgating and booing the other team’s entrance to the stadium is a tradition that every student must experience at least once in their college career. Football games are where you can go all out to support your team. Wearing your team proudly in a stadium of students and fans cheering for their team is a next-level feeling. Since football season starts in the fall, the weather is going to be super warm so make sure you’re wearing something breathable. A clear bag can be super helpful if your football stadium has a strict bag policy. This way, you can bring whatever small things you need into the game without holding everything in your hands or pockets.

Game Day – Basketball

Basketball games are a little more chillaxed. As this is the second most popular college sport, there is also loads of hype around basketball games. Since the games are indoors and you’re not sitting in a stadium with 50,000+ people, the outfits for this occasion is more casual and relaxed. But you still want to show support for your team. A great thing to bring to your school’s basketball games is a collapsable water bottle. Save yourself the time and trouble of waiting in a long line just to pay too much for bottled water. You can fill it up quickly and with much less hassle so you won’t miss important game highlights.

Party Outfit

College is the time to go out with your friends. Whether it’s to house parties or bars, you need an outfit that you can turn up and have fun in. Corset tops are super popular right now and pairing that with a loose pair of pants is a great way to style a college party fit. And to top it all off, you must have your party shoes with you. Most of the time, the party shoes in question are just a pair of dirty white Air Forces. One very useful piece of advice for going out in college is to never wear your nicest pair of shoes. They will get ruined. You should wear shoes that you wouldn’t mind getting a little dirty or stepped on.


Formals are common in college, Whether for a Greek life event or club. A sleek black dress with matching platform heels is a staple. They can be easily mixed and matched to create a new outfit for another event as well. Bringing a small clutch with you to formals can be really helpful. It makes for a nice accessory as well as making it very convenient for touch-ups. The Rare Beauty touch-up kit includes blotting papers and a powder puff to help keep your makeup looking smooth and set in place.

Cozy Study Sesh Outfit

If you’re an avid library go-er, this outfit may give you some inspiration. Studying can be super tedious and tiring so it’s good to dress comfortably. This is the perfect occasion to dress down for. Whether you’re going to study by yourself or with a group, dressing cozy and comfortably can help you focus.

Chilling with Friends

Staying in and chilling with friends is essential. Whether you’re playing games like Catan or Jack Box or watching the College Football Playoffs, staying in with your friends to do something more chill and lowkey can help create stronger bonds and friendships. This is another occasion for which you can dress down. It’s better to feel comfortable in a more relaxed outfit than to feel uncomfortable in a dressed-up outfit. The seamless bodysuit paired with the wide-leg sweats is a great outfit idea. It looks very casual and cozy but still seems like you put in some kind of effort.

Let us know your favorite outfit ideas in the comments below!

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