12 Must-Have Fall Sneakers

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Back-to-school season is in full swing, and with that comes must-have sneakers for fall! From Converse to Adidas and even Ganni, sneakers seem to be the hot-ticket item this season. Whether your taste is classic and refined or following those “It Girl” trends, sneakers are definitely a fall essential. So, we curated must-have sneakers for fall to help you curate an Autumn wardrobe. With a plethora of choices catering to every taste and preference, we’re sure that these shoes will complement anyone’s closet!

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Classic Converse

Converse has been in the closets of many for decades. Of course, the design is timeless, the logo memorable, and they are a shoe that will never go out of style. Recently, Converse has released new designs that are the perfect twist of an old classic, whether that be platforms or patchwork. So, as the seasons change and fashion evolves, Converse remains a constant companion that effortlessly adapts to your individual style. Whether you’re embracing the vintage charm of the original design or stepping into the future with contemporary iterations, Converse remains a shoe that captures the spirit of self-expression and timeless cool!

Platform Canvas – There is nothing better than an elevated classic, literally. A pair of platform Converse is the perfect twist on a classic design, and they add a little bit of height!

All Star Cruise – The sole on these Converse is so unique! These could add an edgy touch to a classic midi skirt or pair perfectly with jeans.

Patchwork Converse – Talk about fun! Patchwork Converse adds a cool addition to the traditional designer, making these fall sneakers eye-catching yet subtle.

It Girl Fall Sneakers

Maybe it was European summer, or maybe the “It Girls” are making a point! Either way, these shoes are here to stay as the perfect fall sneaker. What’s fascinating is how these sneakers have transcended their functional purpose and become symbols of lifestyle and attitude. Much like the “It Girls” who effortlessly exude a sense of chic nonchalance, these fall sneakers carry an air of understated confidence that elevates any ensemble. They’re not just shoes; they’re statements of trendiness and functionality!

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 – These shoes have been blowing up recently, and it’s obvious why. A seamless design that can match a multitude of clothing! Who can resist?

Adidas Samba – The classic Sambas were seen on every cool girl, specifically Bella Hadid. These shoes are a classic style that will transcend their trendy reputation.

Reebok Club C Revenge – Not a fan of the Mexico 66s or Sambas, enter vintage-inspired Reeboks! The Reebok Club C Revenge sneakers are perfect for transitioning from Summer to Fall!

Trendy Dad Sneakers

The dad shoe, worn by models everywhere, and your dad in the backyard! Dad sneakers are always trending, and it’s because of their versatility. These sneakers effortlessly traverse the style spectrum, demonstrating a remarkable ability to pair with a wide range of outfits and occasions. From casual weekend brunches to elevated streetwear looks, these shoes strike the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetic impact. It’s as if they were designed to blur the lines between high fashion and everyday functionality. So whether you’re striding down the runway of life or simply navigating your daily routines, the dad sneakers support you in more ways than one. Their versatility knows no bounds, and their ability to seamlessly blend into any wardrobe is a testament to their lasting appeal. 

New Balance 574 – New Balances definitely popularized the dad shoe, and more styles and colors are added to this trend every season. Of course, always keep it classic with the soft grey suede they are known for!

Asics Gel 1090V2 – These Asics are fun with their bright pop of color and streetwear-inspired shape. The neutral tone allows them to pair perfectly with soft fall colors!

Adidas White Response – Bright white dad sneakers will always reign true, and the Adidas White Response Sneakers are no exception. The perfect fall sneaker to make any look casual and stylish!

Chic Designer Fall Sneakers

Gone are the days of traditional running shoes, and enter designer sneakers for fall. These shoes are not for brisk walks or workouts but are instead a fashion statement in itself. With the arrival of designer sneakers for fall, a new era of footwear has emerged – one where functionality and fashion seamlessly merge to create a statement! These sneakers cater to a diverse spectrum of tastes. Whether your sensibilities lean toward timeless elegance or you’re a fervent follower of the latest trends, these designer sneakers have something for everyone. 

Chloe Nama Stitch – Chloe is the perfect designer for fall, and these sneakers are no exception. The colors just scream Autumn leaves, and will be perfect with any outfit!

Ganni Pink Sporty – These Ganni sneakers are fun, sporty, and chic! The simple design is perfect for a multitude of occasions, and that bright pink will add some fun to the fall wardrobe!

Golden Goose Ball Star – Bama Rush has proved that Golden Goose’s are here to stay! These look like a typical basketball shoe, but are girly with their pastel tones adding a bright mix to the fall wardrobe.

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