24 sorority-rush-ready brands: Start shopping for rush here!

by chirpyest

Sorority rush season is nearing, and it’s time to find those show-stopping eye-catching outfits. Everyone’s rush experience and styles are different, but we’ve compiled a list of 24 brands to help you find the perfect outfits, accessories, shoes, and jewelry. Plus, when you sign up for Chirpyest, you can earn cash back at all the sites below.

Adornmonde – 10% cash back

Adornmonde has lots of fun yet sophisticated jewelry to make any rush look pop. They just released a stunning neon collection that would be perfect for any day of rush. 

Anthropologie – 7.5% cash back

Anthropologie has many sweet dresses and tops that are super colorful and expressive. They also have fun shoes and accessories to add to or make your outfit complete.

Bebe – 5% cash back

Bebe has a lot a variety of styles. Similar to other stores, everyone can find something at Bebe. They also have a good selection of rompers and jumpsuits to give a powerful first impression.

Betsey Johnson – 1.5% cash back

Betsy Johnson features excellent jewelry, shoes, and accessories to add some creativity to your rush look. From sparkly cowboy boots to funky earrings, Betsy Johnson has it all.

Designer Shoe Warehouse – 5% cash back

Designer Shoe Warehouse is the best place to find a variety of affordable shoewear. During rush, you’ll likely want several pairs of shoes to match outfits while also ranging in style and comfort. DSW has it all.

Dress Barn – 6.75% cash back

Dress Barn has been iconic for years. Known for their more modest dresses, they are a great place to look if you go to an SEC or Southern school. They have a lot of dresses at really reasonable prices without sacrificing fun styles and colors.

eBay – 2% cash back

eBay is a great place to find vintage or special sorority-related items. You can find vintage t-shirts, rings, and pins from different sororities, including those in the divine nine. 

Forever 21 – 3% cash back

Another place with a bit of everything is Forever 21. They have a lot of dresses at reasonable prices. They also have a big selection of matching sets, rompers, and jumpsuits.

Free People – 7.5% cash back

Free People has so many great dress and skirt options. Their FP Movement one-pieces are super popular at the moment and will likely be a trending item from rush this year as they can be styled in so many different ways.

Gorjana – 7.5% cash back

If you are looking for clean, minimalist jewelry, Gorjana is the place for you. They have a collection of fine jewelry and more affordable items as well.

HalloweenCostumes.com – 7.5% cash back

HalloweenCostumes.com does not seem like your typical rush shopping experience, but it’s perfect for themed events. If you are involved in recruitment or just a member, sororities often have themed events which makes HalloweenCostumes.com the perfect place to find all those fun costume pieces to complete that outfit. 

Hill House Home – 4% cash back

Known for its Nap Dress, Hill House Home is the ideal place to find your coastal or southern bell dress. Their patterns often feature floral or checkered designs, offering modest dresses and fun two-piece sets. 

Kendra Scott – 1.5% cash back

Kendra Scott is a must-have for most rush experiences. Their pendant necklaces are everywhere during rush week, as they are simple yet colorful. Kendra Scott also has great earrings and bracelets that can be matched to their necklaces.

Lululemon – 7.5% cash back

Lululemon is another popular rush stop, especially for those rushing within the SEC. With lots of colorful and neon options, their shorts, skirts, and tanks make a great, more casual, and cute ensemble. 

Lulus – 2.5% cash back

Lulus is home to amazing dresses with great variety. Best known for their more formal dresses, Lulus also has great dresses under $50 and a specific section for sorority rush dresses. 

Pacsun – 3.5% cash back

Pacsun features lots of summertime pieces that would be perfect for rush. They have a lot of fun mini-dresses that range from minimalist to floral designs.

Popilush – 4.5% cash back

Popilush has lots of simple dresses equipped with shapewear. These dresses are a great starting point for your outfit and building with shoes, jackets, and accessories. They offer lots of different colors and fits.

Princess Polly – 4% cash back

Princess Polly has become a rush staple in recent years. This store also offers a blend of Southern chic and streetwear. It’s perfect for those looking for an outfit that steps out of the norm for rush.

Skims – 5% cash back

Skims is another staple for minimalist shapewear looks. Best known for stunning bodysuits and shapewear dresses, these pieces serve as classic essentials.

Show Me Your Mumu – 1% cash back

Mumu has so many amazing dress options, all ranging in price and style. They also have some great western and floral style outfits that are perfect for all rounds of rush.

Steve Madden – 7.5% cash back

Steve Madden is another store with lots of variety in shoes. On the higher end of luxurious shoewear, Steve Madden offers lots of beautiful minimalist options as well as unique shoes to elevate and get attention.

Tuckernuck – 5% cash back

Tuckernuck hosts a blend of coastal grandma outfits and typical southern rush dresses. It’s a great place to start your rush shopping regardless of what rush experience you may have.

Urban Outfitters – 1% cash back

Urban Outfitters is the perfect place to look if your rush experience is a bit more casual or if your style is streetwear. While you can still find floral dresses or sundresses, Urban has a great selection of more unique dresses, along with BDG jeans and tops.

Vera Bradley Outlet – 1.5% cash back

Vera Bradley is another Southern chic staple. Known for their iconic prints, they are a super recognizable brand. Their bags make the best addition to a rush outfit, as they are both cute and functional. They also have cute pajama sets that are perfect for any sleepover-themed events.

No matter what rushing a sorority looks like for you, all that matters is that you are your true self. Finding clothes that allow you to express yourself while being comfortable is key. Best of luck with rush!

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