12 Functional Packing Hacks for Summer Vacation

by chirpyest

Packing can appear to be the most daunting task when getting ready to leave for vacation. Clothes and toiletries become carelessly thrown into suitcases- leaving them cluttered and disorganized. Not to mention- when you arrive at your destination, it becomes extremely difficult to find the items you packed because of the lack of organization. Airports also cause a great deal of stress with the responsibility of holding onto passports and boarding passes, while also keeping track of personal items and bags. It does not have to be this way!! To prepare for your upcoming summer vacation, here are 12 functional packing hacks.

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1. 7pc Packing Cube Set – Open Story™


This 7-piece set contains 6 packing cubes and 1 shoe bag. Perfect to fit all of your clothing while keeping everything nice and organized! No need to go digging through your entire suitcase just to find one shirt. Also- it comes in a beautiful baby blue. Just perfect! You’ll thank me later.

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2. Small Hanging Toiletry Bag Blue – Open Story™


This hanging toiletry bag will save you time and space. With a built-in hanger, it allows for easy access when traveling from place to place. The bag contains numerous pockets to store everything from makeup to toothpaste to perfume, and everything in between. A must-have.

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3. Travel Smart by Conair Digital Luggage Scale

This is definitely a must-have if you tend to be an over-packer (we’re all guilty of it). Don’t waste your time guessing how much your suitcase weighs. You definitely don’t want to leave it ’til you are forced to open up your luggage on the airport floor to even out the weight of your suitcases! This digital luggage scale is cheap and practical. You need this for your next trip.

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The Container Store

4. CALPAK Hue Laptop Duffel Bag

The Calpak Hue Laptop Duffel Bag is the perfect bag for a weekend trip. Not only does this duffel bag hold your laptop, but it also holds multiple days’ worth of clothing and toiletries. Inside contains organizing pouches, zippered pockets, and a padded laptop sleeve. Practical, lightweight, and comfortable to carry!

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5. Seat Pack Organizer

If you have ever lost anything of importance in an airport, you know the feeling. Save yourself the anxiety- and have everything important in one place. Your passport, charger, medication, contacts, etc. If you are someone who easily loses everything, this one’s for you!

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6. Travelon Bag Bungee

Attempting to hold your personal item while simultaneously rolling your suitcase behind you quickly turns into a disaster. The Travelon Bag Bungee secures your bag with no fear of it falling off while walking through the airport. Carry your items with ease! A must-have.

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7. Bucky IdentiGrip Luggage ID Lime

Not only does the Bucky IndentiGrip Luggage ID keep your luggage tag secure to your suitcase, but it also allows your luggage to be easily recognized. No more guessing at baggage claim when your suitcase rolls out on the carousel! Extremely practical.

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8. Large Tech Case

Tech accessories can get easily tangled in your tote or duffel. This case will make packing all cords, chargers, and gadgets a breeze.

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9. The Centerfold Garment Sleeve

The Centerfold Garment Sleeve allows you to securely protect your formal clothing, without causing any wrinkles. It clips into any carry-on suitcase and is fully waterproof. The perfect way to transport your clothing!

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10. The Everywhere Sling Bag


The Everywhere Sling Bag is the perfect bag to travel with! It is designed for on-the-go, easy access to all of the essentials such as your phone, wallet, ID, passport, and anything else you need. Fitting comfortably around your body, while adding an element of style.

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Stoney Clover Lane

11. Small Pouch


Small pouches are always a good idea when it comes to storing items like chapstick, airpods, and more for quick and easy access. These pouches from Stoney Clover are not only a way to organize but super cute as well.

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12. Classic Backpack


When it comes to organized and easy travel, having a bag with one strap can become uncomfortable. A classic backpack sometimes contains more pockets and is definitely easier on the shoulders.

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