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While white kitchens might always be in – adding a European style will create a timeless feel. Many people have all white kitchens and are wanting a change. Designers have deemed the bright white kitchen trend officially over. If you are looking to add to your current white kitchen without breaking the bank, we suggest this European twist.

The twist of having old and new elements will make it stand out. Adding this into a white marble kitchen will separate it from any other overdone white space. Add some soft neutral tones and antique elements onto your white base.

Below features images from Hanne Gathe’s designs that we think is the perfect depiction of a white kitchen with a European twist.

With a full view from the living room, the minimalistic kitchen pairs well the unique elements in the living area.

Plate | Bowl | Rediscovered Flatware

Divided Lazy Susan | Wine Rack | Lazy Susan 

Utensil Caddy | Small Serving Board | Condiment Pot

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Featured Image by @dactylion_design

Photography by @filippatredal

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Welcome to another essentials blog – todays topic, dinner party. We are going over 23 kitchen accessories that are essential when hosting guests over for dinner. If you don’t already add these items to your kitchen to make you the ultimate host.

1. Apron

Cover up what we know is a cute party outfit with this even cuter apron to avoid any stains while cooking.

2. Dutch oven

A versatile pot that is perfect for larger meals like soup, stew and more.

3. Oven Mitts

Who says you can’t make cooking stylish? Protect those hands with these adorable oven mitts.

4. Skillet

Perfect to cook just about any meal. Sauté, grill and even put in the oven to create your delicious dinner.

5. Speaker

A part of the overall ambiance, have a speaker going with your favorite music to cook to – then change up the tempo for when your guests arrive.

6. Decorative Candles

Another must have to set the mood – decorative candles are the perfect way to decorate a dinner table.

7. Trendy Pitcher

Serve your water (or other choice of beverage) in a cool and trendy pitcher.

8. Neutral Glassware

Clear but fun shaped glassware is the way to go at a dinner party. Perfect to match with any dinner set but still different enough to impress your guests.

9. Timeless Flatware

Be sure to have quality flatware to serve that matches with any and all dinnerware.

10. Placemats

Some guests are messy so take precaution with placemats for those not so neat eaters.

11. Salt & Pepper

Everyone has a preference when it comes to seasoning and spices, so make sure there are some extra on the table to pass around.

12. Matching Dinner Set

Always make sure to break out a quality matching dinner set when serving.

13. Napkin Holders

Always think of presentation when hosting a dinner party. Napkin holders are perfect to help add to that at the dinner table.

14. Napkins

No explanation needed, always serve guest with napkins whether they think they need them or not.

15. Colorful Wine Glasses

Perfect way to liven up the party and also to help differentiate the guests drinks.

16. Wine Cooler

The perfect way to keep your white or pink bottle chilled and easily accessible to guests.

17. Coasters

Make nagging guests about using coasters fun and easy with these cute alphabet coasters to personalize each guest’s drink.

18. Serving Board

You always need a large and pretty serving board to serve your guest with appetizers before the main course.

19. Reusable Straws

For those who love straws, serve these gold reusable ones that are elegant and environmentally friendly.

20. Scented Candle

Aside from decorative candles you also need scented ones to not only help set the mood visually but through the aroma as well.

21. Fancy Hand Soap

Break out the fancy soap for special occasions like a dinner party where things can get messy.

22. Cake Stand

Whether you are serving cake, cookies or pastries be sure to have something to display whatever sweets you have after dinner.

23. Espresso Machine

What’s a better way to end to a dinner party than with coffee to serve along with dessert?

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A bedroom should be blissful, your own personal oasis. It’s a space for you to make completely your own with your style. While every bedroom should be its own – there are certain staples every bedroom needs to make it blissful.

1. Comfortable Mattress

To start off making your bedroom as relaxing as it can be – you have to start off with the right mattress for you. Get a customizable mattress like this one here to fit your sleeping needs.

2. Plush Bed Set

Take it a step further to make your bed feel like a cloud with an ultra plush bed set to make your bed extra soft.

3. Mood Lighting

With every serene bedroom comes with dim lighting to help set the mood.

4. Scented Candles

A part of being completely blissful in your bedroom requires you to be at ease with all your senses – that includes smell. Light up a scented to candle whether it is light and airy or dark and musky.

5. Floor Pillow

Add both style and comfort to your room with a floor pillow. Perfect when you sit down to do your makeup or need a change of scenery.

6. Storage

No bedroom can be relaxing if there’s clutter everywhere. Make extra space by using these under the bed storage containers to free up any extra space.

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Feature image courtesy of @cococozy

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Spring is just around the corner and we are here to predict three home decor trends we think you’ll start to see. While the weather warms up, so will the colors in your homes. Over the past few years now, many have taken upon themselves to redecorate while stuck at home. Continue below to see what we predict will be trending in homes everywhere this spring.

Colorful Tableware

We are predicting colorful tableware this spring. That’s right ditch the boring and basic plates that only serve their purpose. Instead, replace it with fun and colorful glassware and dinnerware. Home decor is becoming more of an art form and has always been a way of expression. While the thought of more as a purposeful area of the house, we think tableware will be the new star of the show this spring.

Curved Furniture

We are predicting an increase in curved furniture this spring. While sharp lines never go out of style, the look of curved furniture is more feminine and soft. Curves definitely became a modern staple this past year and we are thinking that it’s here to stay.

Hues Inspired by Nature

Say goodbye to all things white, and hello to colors inspired by nature. These past few years people have spent a lot of time at home and escaping through nature. The colors outdoors have been an inspiration for many when it comes to re-painting a room. Calming and muted colors like sea blue or leafy green are what we predict to see.

@clarepaint “Dirty Martini”
@clarepaint “Current Mood”

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Featured Image by Ricardo Labougle

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Another luxury versus dupe battle – home edition. When it comes to landing your dream home or living on your own for the first time, do you rationalize the expensive items to furnish and decorate? Where in your home is it okay to splurge? And what items are an absolute no once you hit a certain price? Is overpriced bedding justified or can you find and equally comfortable option for half the price? That is what we want to know from you and what we hope you find out in today’s luxury versus dupe battle.

From decor to furniture and everything in between. We are showing you some luxurious pieces for you home and the dupes you may like better once you see the price tag.

Abstract Art

Luxury – Arhaus

+ 5% cash back with Chirpyest

Dupe – Target

+ 4% cash back with Chirpyest

Bar Carts






Let us know what items you would splurge on and what can be easily duped in your home in the comments below!

Featured by Soho Home

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Festive holiday decor isn’t just for the living room or outside. Kitchen accessories are made to feel like Christmas time too! Don’t forget to make your kitchen feel cozy this time of year. Fill the room with bright hues of red and evergreen. Host a festive cookie jar for all the sweets you bake. Place snowman and reindeer decor all around to feel the festive and joyous while cooking. From your glassware and dinnerware, to knick knacks you add throughout the kitchen. The chirpyest team has curated the perfect kitchen accessories for you to add this season. Follow along to see some of our favorite kitchen accessories from Anthropologie, Pottery Barn and more!

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It’s officially December – Thanksgiving has come and gone and it is time to update your home decor! We have picked out brands perfect to shop festive decor for the holidays. Turn up your Christmas playlist and break out those dance moves as you make your home festive. Light those rich scented candles to elevate the ambiance. Decorate your mantel, tree, kitchen and everything in between. Follow along below to shop from brands like Anthropologie, Pottery Barn and more for decor you need this holiday season!



Pottery Barn

Z Gallerie

Let us know in the comments what your favorite room to decorate for the holidays!

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Looking to spice up your kitchen this season? Olive green hues are the way to go! This upcoming fall and winter are going to be favoring green shades, specifically olive. The perfect color to add a rich and luxurious element to your kitchen. Not sure yet if olive green is the shade for you? Keep reading below to see why it should be along some gorgeous green kitchens!

1. It’s Timeless

A sophisticated and classic color that will never go out of style. It pairs well with neutral tones and will look amazing in any kitchen no matter the style.

2. Add Some Spice Into Your Life

Feeling bored with your neutral colored kitchen? Add olive to make it bold without it being too bright or overwhelming. Spice it up to add a rich warmth and depth to the room. Pair the color with gold accents for a polished and luxurious finish.

3. Be Different

How many people do you know that have an olive green kitchen? Probably not many. Most people have white, oak, or even grey cabinets. All neutrals with little to no pop of color. While appealing, it is also very common and safe. Be different and create a kitchen that stands out in people’s minds with olive that pairs well with other neutral tones.


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We’re finally in the home stretch of 2021, which calls for decor galore! Chirpyest has gathered must have home decor for winter to help you get started. Spruce up your entryway with a beautiful wreath and decorate your house with fun and inviting lighting. Keep scrolling for inspiring winter decor from Chirpyest!

Keep it classy with silver or add some color to your home with fun wreaths like these!

Make your tree topper a show stopper! Use Chirpyest to earn cash back while shopping for beautiful decorations.

Who doesn’t love a good Peanuts mug? Super cute and super festive! Plus a self heating mug? Sign us up!

Never underestimate the ambiance a candle or diffuser can create. They bring decor + mood together in one perfect product!

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Let’s take a look inside actress Nina Dobrev’s modern Spanish style home in Los Angeles. She recently gave a tour of the newly renovated home. Originally built in the 1920’s, she wanted to pay respects to the original architecture throughout her renovation. Nina’s home is filled with warm tones and wood elements. Along with hints of her Bulgarian heritage and European accents.

Inspired by a kitchen located in the south of France, she used that inspiration for her own kitchen. As her favorite room to redecorate, it features warm sage green cabinetry. Along with its original flooring and a cozy breakfast nook.

An exciting place for her to decorate wanting to show off her personality, Nina added a lot of warmth to her living room.
Nina posing with her dog Maverick
With a view to her yard through French doors, Nina has a serene room to exercise in.
The most exciting room to renovate for her, creating an “adult” kitchen by adding more functional features such as new and durable countertops.
While renovating, Nina created a more open space to entertain guests by knocking down the wall separating the kitchen and dining room.
The actress describes the guest bedroom as receiving a “facelift”. Decorating with both modern and vintage pieces to create an antique farmhouse aesthetic.

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Photos Courtesy of Architectural Digest &  Ye Rin Mok

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